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The Flight of Freedom

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Beloved soul in love! Once again we are present, being at the same time a multitude and a unity at all times and in all places, with you and with everything. We thank you for opening your hearts to the flow of divine union, and for the generosity of giving freely what you have freely received. These words will be a balm for hearts thirsting for peace, rest, and love. They will be ointment for wounds. They will be a song of praise for souls that yearn to return to the awareness of their indescribable beauty. They will be a source of joy. They will be a song of hope that does not disappoint. They will be a blessing for many and a joy for God.

Sons and daughters of purity, if you were able to know the joy of our hearts to be at your side and in you, you would cry with happiness. The Mother of God and the whole of Heaven extend to you in this holy hour of union, truth, and holiness. A multitude of spiritual lights radiating divine beauty surround you everywhere, and not only to you who receive these words at this moment, but to each and every one of your sisters and brothers and every aspect of creation. Each of you has an angel by your side—not just one, but several. A myriad of seraphs surround the Earth at this time in history. They are the custodians of the Second Coming. They are your guides in the light of the Christ. They watch over you.

If you close your eyes and remain in the peace of Christ, resting in the presence of love, you will hear trumpets of joy that the cherubs of God intone, announcing the coming of Christ. And you can also see the same living Christ coming to meet you. This is the time of the union of the divine and the human. It is a time of the union of Christ with your human nature to a degree never before on Earth. It is time to move into a new state of consciousness: full awareness that the Christ of God has descended from the Heavens in response to your call and has merged with your soul. Now you are joined. You are the living Christ who lives in you.

Redeemed humanity, feel the beating of the wings of your angels of God, those that have been given to you as an invaluable gift of the incomparable love of the Creator. Speak to your angels. They await you always. They are at your door and are knocking. If you make a peaceful space for them in your minds and hearts, they will enter and prepare a feast of love. Remember that wherever they enter, the Mother of love enters as well. And where she is, there, always, is Christ. In union with the holy, the beautiful, and the perfect, in union with ineffable love, the angels escort you to the Heavenly banquet where your soul delights in the love that God is. Delight and joy is experienced in the silence of your heart, in an ecstasy of love and contemplation.

II. You Are Free

Beloved of God, let your soul be in the rapture of love. Surrender to God. Release all ties. Leave behind all defenses. Abandon yourself completely to the merciful love of the Father. Those ties that once oppressed you no longer exist. Now is the time of freedom, the time of the Second Coming, a time of joy for you who receive these words and for all who wholeheartedly desire peace.

Daughters and sons of light, do not deny anyone the invitation to the banquet of life. Let everyone sit at the table of love. You are living in the time of freedom. You are free. Sing along with the creation of a new song, the song of freedom. Nothing will be able to oppress you any more unless you so choose. And you will not choose it for long, for you desire freedom as a child of God. What was previously impossible for humans is no longer so. Material creation, and with it human nature, is not the same since the resurrection and the assumption of the glorious body of the Mother of Christ. Everything changed from that moment on in this three-dimensional plane of space, time, and matter. Remember this often.

Today we have come to propose a simple path on which to walk together, a short path that will allow you to free yourself from the last tiny bonds that remain in your minds. In truth they are not real attachments, but rather they are something like habits that act as chains. They are customs that no longer fit with the truth of the freedom in which you live.

There is an analogy in your world that will illustrate this. In certain cases, for the domestication of animals, the tamer places a chain around the neck of the animal and attaches the chain to a stake, a wall, or a strong post. The animal cannot move beyond the chain’s length. In this brutal form of domestication, the chain may be attached to the animal for several years, usually from a very young age. Then the chain is released from where it was attached, but not from around the neck. The animal, despite being “free,” still feels the chain on its neck and considers it to be secured, so it continues to not move beyond the length of the chain.

So is it with your mind: Many years of captivity have consequences for your mental and emotional habits, a submission to laws other than the law of love which is only freedom. Submission to human laws, the laws of survival, have led you to greater captivity than even those subdued animals. Such habits and limiting memories will be gone forever. We will let them go all at once through this short path that we have come to propose, a simple path that may cost you a little at first, but that difficulty will not last long.

Here you have a safe path to the experience of true freedom. And once you experience freedom you will become aware of truth that is not of this world. Truth will set you free just as freedom will bring you truth. You will become fully aware that love, truth, and freedom are truly one and the same. They are what you really are—a being of love, a real being, an eternally free being.

III. The Decision To Be Free

Beloveds of God, give yourselves freedom. There never was, nor ever will be, anything or anyone that can snatch it from you, just as nothing can take love away. In your will to decide lies the door to the experience of full freedom. Towards that door and beyond we now go. Here we find the way to open it. We see new horizons and walk beyond that to which we are accustomed. And we ascend into the unfathomable heights of freedom without limit.

To launch the flight of freedom, first rid yourself of the chain around your neck. Feel the tension in your shoulders. Feel the tension of your body and the restlessness of your soul. Become aware of the fear of freedom. We assure you: The fear of freedom is the basis of all fear, and the foundation of the entire physical universe. The tension you feel as you read these words or as you sit quietly and become aware of the unlimited magnitude of your being, of the immensity of life that you are, is due to the deep feeling of slavery that you have felt throughout the history of humanity from the beginning of time and even before the beginning of time. That chain that seems to enslave you has its foundation in the desire to possess, in the desire to hoard. Today you will be freed forever from that desire. Through the grace of that liberation you will begin to soar in the majestic flight of the soul, the flight of freedom.

The desire to possess is that which binds you to the past, to the Earth, and also to hell. It is what prevents you from taking flight. You cannot fly with such weight on your shoulders. Children of light, until now you have walked a long and winding path. Sometimes the road was safe and easy, and even full of beauty. Other times you have traveled steep and difficult parts. You have left behind many “belongings” which were actually trifles that you accumulated from your desire to possess. You traveled like a nomad wandering in the desert, carrying your belongings, habitually moving, because that was your experience of freedom in the absence of a place to call home. Thus you wandered from place to place, neither here nor there. Such was the price you paid for that “freedom.” Others ventured not into the unknown; they made their living staked in one place, a refuge where nothing changed. They called it their security.

We come from Heaven and invite you to decamp, to live life right now in the opposite way. And we assure you that you will get an opposite result. Abandoning what made you a slave will begin to bring freedom. Divest yourself of the desire for, and the attachment to, everything. Do not want to own anything. Give everything to everyone, always. In that way, without wanting to retain anything, neither material nor spiritual, you will live like the free being that you are in truth.

Live from now and forever in the key place of giving, not accumulating, not hoarding. Do not worry about how to do this. The universe will conspire in your favor and show you opportunities to give from the abundance of your heart if you wish. Thus you can experience freedom in the absence of need. And from that absence of need you will recognize that wealth is not with the one who has more but the one who needs less. We invite you to live in the consciousness of abundance, which means to live in the consciousness of the complete absence of need. The perception of deficiency is what has led humanity to accumulate under the false hope that accumulating, whether of physical things or otherwise—such as fame, prestige, or being right—can fill the void of being, the emptiness of love, which is the source of all deficiency.

IV. Love Fills Everything

Beloveds in the light of Christ, love fills all lack. Love satisfies all needs. Love takes care of everything, even in the physical world. Did you really believe that you could ever create a world in which God is not? Did you ever believe that you were alone? Did you really believe that you could ever hide from love? Rejoice in this truth: Your Father and Creator, who is also ours, foresees all the needs of your minds, your hearts, your souls, and your physical and emotional bodies to a degree far greater than you could anticipate.

Your heart cannot beat without there being an echo in the Heart of God. You never need ask for anything because He always knows ahead of time. You are never helpless. You cannot be. Helplessness is a state of the ego, for the ego is the substitute for the self. Getting rid of being, or self, was what led to the experience of looking for a mechanism to fill that void, trying to be more than what it was. You have no idea how the deprivation of happiness causes your desire to possess. If only for a moment you could renounce that desire, you would remember the divine memory of freedom as a child of God.

The desire to possess led to the condensation of consciousness because the desire to possess is unnatural to being. There is no such thing as possession in the realm of love. Love does not possess. Love gives. Condensation of consciousness is what this physical universe is. Simply put, the body is a part of consciousness that has been condensed in such a way that a part of being separated from the totality of being, condensed, and was trapped inside the form of the body as a bundle of fearful thoughts. This is why the body is always afraid. Once consciousness is condensed into a bundle of fearful thoughts, which are themselves in the physical body and all matter, then those thoughts, which are actually a single totally fearful thought, the thought of separation, is trapped, imprisoned.

This is the source of the oppression of your will, your desires. Everyone feels hindered in their feelings. You all feel the oppression of limits that the body and mind impose. Such limitations cause you to live in a limited fashion. Again, it is the desire to possess that limits you. Renounce it and you will see the Heavens open wide. Give up the desire to possess and you will cease to walk on the path of life and begin to fly through the firmament of love, the majestic flight of freedom.

Daughters and sons of God, to the extent that you possess or wish to possess, to that extent you obstruct your freedom. To the extent that you release everything—and when we say everything, we mean everything—to that extent you will be free. You and only you determine the degree of your freedom. But do not try to fly alone. The flight of spirit is undertaken in unity, that is, in God. Surrender yourself completely into the arms of love. Surrender to God, and let Christ teach you to fly the majestic flight of freedom. Simply say with all your heart, if necessary every day:

“Eternal Father, I trust immensely in Your mercy. I know that You are watching over me. I know that I need not worry about anything, nor procure anything. I give You control of my life, of my desire to possess, and of my whole self. I do not want to possess even my soul. I do not belong to myself. I am only Yours. Your will and nothing but Your will be done in me. Heavenly Father, You who gave me life and sustains my existence, allow me to abandon everything in You, and to rest eternally like a newborn child in Your arms, in the arms of love. Amen.”

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