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The Abode of Christ

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Daughters and sons of the purity of love! Today we have come once again in all the glory and splendor of the Creator that is ours, as it is also yours. We come to spread love. We come in answer to your loving call. We come by the will of the Father. Our joy is immense, and our gratitude, too. Both come from our giving of joy and our expressing gratitude. We live in the pure potential of love that we truly are. That is why we are the pure abstraction of truth.

Beloved of God, once again we remind you that you cannot be separated from love because if you were, you would cease to exist. Likewise, you cannot be separate from truth because you would cease to be. You cannot be separated from us because we are in undivided union with the Father, just as your true self is. We are perfect unity.

We have come to give you a new message. These messages, concatenated one after another, constitute a perfect chain of links of light and holiness that, together, constitute the perfect means for you to become aware of the holiness that you are in truth and that every created thing is. We thank you for answering our call.

We thank you for receiving these messages from Heaven, an invaluable treasure for the world because of the wisdom from which they come and the love and truth that they are. We thank you for listening and following the voice of Christ.

Daughters and sons, dear of all that is holy, share these messages with your families, with your loved ones, with your communities, your peoples, and your nations. Shout to the four winds that the Lamb of God is here. Use these messages to proclaim to the world that Christ has come in all his glory and magnificence. Make these messages yours, for they are. Become the new shepherds of the annunciation. Go around the world announcing peace.

Today, because of the Second Coming, to all those who receive these words of love and truth we say again as we said two thousand years ago: “Men and women of the world, fear not. We announce to you a great joy that is for all creation: You have been given today the Christ of God. Glory to God in the highest and on the Earth Peace for all.”

What else can this work that we give you for love be but a perfect way for you to remember how to live in the world as the living Christ? What else could you possibly need but this?

Today we have come to remind you of something that you know very well, for the wisdom of God dwells in your hearts. We’ve come to talk to you about the word, about the language of love. We’ve come to talk about communion.

II. The Abundance of the Heart

The word is powerful, because it arises from the abundance of the heart. Your hearts are like an unfathomable treasury from which you create countless universes of ideas and nuances in the expression of those ideas. Your treasury never runs out, for you are unlimited. Your word arises from the depths of your hearts. It is your symbolic expression, your language, which manifests not only in the spoken word but also in your body, in every gesture and movement, as well as through your emotional body in all that you do or stop doing, Your lives are a constant communication .in all that you attract to yourself or reject from your consciousness.

The word is thought and thought is always powerful, much more than you recognize. Therefore, we ask you always to speak with love. Children of God, do not complain in your hearts when we ask you to speak more and more as Christ speaks. Rather, enjoy it. Feel the embrace of the love of the Mother of God who wants her children to remember how to live as a blessing through the holy use of language, just as Christ does. Enjoy this simple path of living as a blessing and thus dive more and more into the depths of the Heart of God, and dwell there. Grow day after day in blessings. Remember that your function is to bless creation. What else can that mean but to speak with love on your lips, in your expression, in your hearts, and in your whole self?

Cleansing your hearts of all feelings that do not come from love will purify your words and illumine the Earth. Then the abode of Christ shines. Keep your hearts sparkling like the pure crystal castles where Christ dwells. You are the abode of Christ, never forget. You no longer live, but Christ lives in you. He is always comfortable in you, just as you are.

What we speak of is loving God, enjoying every moment of keeping your abode of love resplendent. Many of you dedicate yourselves to keeping your houses clean, even to the last corner. Others do similarly with the body and its appearance, or with the things you love. Yet many devote little time to keeping the heart clean of everything that does not come from the purity of love.

III. Love, Happiness, and Harmony

All happiness lies in harmony. That’s why it is so important to maintain the harmony of your hearts, which is where the security of the soul resides. All fear comes from disharmony. All love lives in harmony since love and harmony are truly one and the same. Pure souls, exercise right speech, grow in right action, and thereby live in right being. When speech, action, and being are harmonious, integrated with the beauty of your hearts, in the sanctity of your true identity, you will be living a perfect expression of Christ on Earth. You will be the living face of God’s harmony.

Keep your hearts clean of negativity, of all that says that you are not worthy to be loved. Stay in the presence of love. Sing a new song. Go around the world announcing peace. Be the shepherds of the new annunciation.

Blessed souls, preserve the purity of your hearts. Give the world your noblest feelings. Live united to virtues that beautify your souls, for all virtue has its root in love. Fly with spirit, yet keep your feet on the ground. Raise your gaze to the mountaintop of holiness. Embrace in your hearts everything that is. You will see that living in the world does not mean being of the world.

Avoid the pollution of things that don’t come from perfect love. They were never necessary. Let the living Christ that dwells in you take form and be happy, for in that way you are what God knows you to be: God-humans. It is not necessary to dwell with worldly concerns, the conflicts of human experience, the fondness of debate, the heated movements of humanity’s passions, the challenges of the world. All that—the world of humans, a world so distorted that it has ceased to love—is unnecessary and always was. You can go that way, but nothing will change in essence if you do. You will continue to create pain, for that path is governed by the laws of men, created to defy the laws of love. By its nature it is a path of suffering. It is not necessary to continue living your life as you were, because you are not what you once were. Nothing can prevent you from following a little more the world that you have wrought inside. You are now the humanized Christ of God.

IV. Everything Communicates

Perhaps you ask yourselves why we speak of the “laws of humans” and their rebellion against the “laws of love” when we have told you that we come to speak about the word. We do this because there is an inseparable relationship between language and identity. In fact, language is identity and vice versa, in such a way that just as God is the word of eternal life, you are a manifest word. Everything is word because everything is thought. Everything in you communicates and cannot stop communicating. Your life is a trustworthy testimony to what you communicate. You communicate union or separation; you communicate fear or love; you communicate illusion or truth.

A language that does not come from union is a language that separates, as it is inevitably the perfect manifestation of its source. A language based on the union that is Christ is a language based on love, and therefore unites. The language of separation is harsh, inflexible, and leaves little room for compassion. The language of union is easily recognized by its sweetness, always inclining toward bridges of friendship and reconciliation, integrating rather than nullifying the parties involved. Its tenderness is evident as well as the certainty coming from its perfect wisdom. The language of love has no room for fear, because it has no room for judgment or punishment. The language of love has room only for truth.

You have experienced both languages clearly. Each is known by its fruits. Each is a system of thought. One is the language of the world, which always speaks of superiority and separation, and causes sadness and confusion. The other is the language of love, always coming from truth and equality, and brings joy and peace because it dwells in certainty. You can access either flow. With every thought or word, you are manifesting something from the deep cavern of your pure potential, from the abundance of your heart.

We have come to invite you to express yourself now and forever in the language of love, a language that, although beyond all words, embraces with tenderness and beauty all that is part of you. Your body absorbs love. Your voice absorbs love, as does your mind and heart. Likewise, the Earth absorbs love. The whole material universe absorbs love. Even unconsciousness, the source of separation and fear, can absorb love. Therefore make your words and everything you express be the living manifestation of love. All that is required is your willingness.

V. Differentiation and Communication

Beauty of God, your souls are like a spotless canvas on which is a colorful painting. The palette of colors you use, in their combinations and nuances, gives color to your self, your personality. Imagine your personal self as a rainbow that you, yourself, are painting, combining different colors from the available palette, different shades of intensity and saturation, in different relationships with each other. First one color here, then another there, and yet another. That is how you paint your painting, creating your work of art, the self you want—your identity. This is why each person is both like others and at the same time different. All have the same colors, but combined in different ways with different intensities. The picture that each of you is, your self, has its source in the available colors. None of them match in exactly the same way, nor can they, even though they are all beautiful. None is equal to the other and never will be. Daughters and sons of truth, we are revealing the essential process of the differentiation of self, which reveals itself through language. Change your way of being and see how your language changes. As it is inside, so it is outside.

Beloved of the Creator, this is an essential revelation. As we have reminded you, the self has no attributes. The self, what you are in truth, is pure potentiality. Giving attributes to the self is what form does; that is what form has been created for. Thus form is sacred. The realm of form is the perfect Kingdom in which to give attributes to your self. By giving attributes to your self, you acquire a differentiated self. With that differentiation, you know yourself. Knowledge is only possible within differentiation. Without it, nothing could be known. That is why it is so important that you differ from each other. Without differentiation you could not be known.

God doesn’t want to be just like you and you don’t want to be just like God. Nor is that necessary. You are you. God is God. The wind is the wind. The sun is the sun. The cheetah is the cheetah and the birds of the sky will always be birds. “You shall be as gods” is what the serpent said in Eden, as expressed in the myth of temptation. That’s exactly what you never wanted to be, even though you thought you did. The fall was not a matter of morality or sin. It was a matter of identity. Does that deserve punishment? Is it reasonable to think that a loving God would punish you eternally for the simple reason that you did not know who you were? And that you began to seek to know yourself arising from an inborn and irresistible impulse to know and express yourself? No, the identity crisis is not cause for guilt or punishment. It never was, and never will be. The identity crisis was just that: an attempt to know yourself in your own way, instead of knowing yourself in God’s way. For this you invented a system of thought and language to accommodate your purpose of knowing yourself in your own way rather than in God’s way— to differentiate yourself by yourself, rather than differentiating yourself as God would differentiate you. Christ is the way God differentiates you.

VI. The Language of Unity

As a result of the rebellion, which replaced knowledge with perception, the language of love was replaced by unintelligible languages that increasingly reflected separation and caused confusion. This is symbolized by the Tower of Babel. Likewise, the story of Adam and Eve symbolized knowledge being replaced by perception—the apple of the tree of good and evil. This is not what was planned originally. While the languages of the world are languages of separation, it need not be so. Language need not divide. Knowledge need not be misrepresented by interpretation. In other words, just as you have been called to return to the direct knowledge of God, abandoning all learning and desire to learn in order to return to direct revelation as the means to access wisdom, now you are also called to manifest within yourselves the language of love. Allow your memory to begin to recall divine memories and thus remember the language that is a living expression of your true identity.

Love is the language of unity. It is the language that recognizes your heart because it is the language of communion. When living in communion with all that you are and with everything that is around you and beyond, you are living within love. To live in love is to drink from the waters of eternal life. Drinking from the waters of eternal life nurtures your self with what God created to be your true identity, giving attributes to your self just as His wisdom has arranged. In this way you allow love to be the painter who colors your soul, not your autonomous self.

Masterpiece of God’s love, give the paintbrush of your soul to Christ. Let him and only him express through you. That way, and only in that way, will your self be the living expression of the language of love, for it will be the living expression of the divine truth that dwells in your heart. To let Christ color your soul is to let the beauty, holiness, and purity you truly are paint his masterpiece as you. That is how you become a melody of love, a note in the hymn of praise of creation—a song that, though forgotten, is loved. This is how your whole self will express love and nothing but love. Your heart will be the word of eternal life, a language of communion. Now Heaven itself joins Earth and becomes one with it in you. Now the human and the divine are joined. Now you become aware of being a human expressing in unity. Now you are the communication of love. Now you are communion. Now you are the language of love.

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