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The Seal of Holiness

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Beloved living Christs who dwell in the light of all truth! Today we are wrapped in a halo of true light as the perfect symbol of the Immaculate Conception. The Immaculate Conception is the way of creation. It is the way God creates everything, including each of us. Today is the day of celebration of this sacred occurrence that is a mystery to many. The grace of the Immaculate Conception is unacceptable to minds that reject mystery. For those minds already living in the light of the Christ that you are, the Immaculate Conception is full reality. We who are legions of wisdom and truth have come together in multitudes from every corner of the infinite universes. We come wrapped in the glory of the Father. We come to your heart. We come in unity with all creation. You and we are one. As one, we are with God. We thank you once again for opening your hearts and minds to receive the abundance of God’s love and thus allow holiness to spread to the world through you. Thank you for answering our call. Thank you for the purity you actually are.

We want, by the will of the Father, to thank you in a special way for your purity and simplicity, and for welcoming these words into your heart and for sharing yourself with the world. Your heart sings, vibrates, and dances when it hears the voice of God. Yearning hearts roam the world looking for these words. Make these words become flesh in your self. Make them into living words. Live these messages of love. Be generous with everyone. Give freely what you have freely received. This is a work of mystery and perfect love, yet is expressed in humanly understandable symbols. We assure you that by sharing them you will grow in the consciousness of the holiness that you are. These words are not our own, or those of the one who transcribes them who has been called a scribe from Heaven. Nor are they only yours that you receive by divine grace and your loving disposition. Rather, these words are spoken by universal love for all creation. Announce the good news by being the living Christ in every moment, place, and circumstance. Take love to the world.

Today we want to give you a new revelation about what some call the Immaculate Conception, a term which attempts to name that which cannot be named: the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of the living, co-redeemer of creation with Jesus Christ. We want to share the light of union. Much has been said of your Immaculate Mother that has done nothing but separate her or forge her into an idol, when all she wants is to be called “Mother of all and servant of God.” In the heart of Mary there is room for all creation. Nothing and no one need be left out of her love. Mary is the tenderness of God’s love expressed in humanity.

II. Children of Mary

There is nothing in the mother other than the son. Soul in love, there is nothing in Mary that is not yours by right of filiation. Do you really believe that Heaven established the truth of Mary only for her to be praised as a person, as famous people praise their egos? Mary does not have an ego with which to receive praise. Nor does she need to be told who she really is so that she can reaffirm her identity. That would be fantasy. The self who lives in the light of the Lamb of God, those who consciously live in the truth, do not need something external to tell them what they are. They rest entirely on the certainty of being the sons and daughters of God, created in the likeness of love. Everything that is true in Mary is already true in you, not because you have achieved it by merit, but by the pure gift of the love that Mary is. The love of Mary is the love of God. As you know, there is no true love other than God’s love. It is impossible that what Mary is, is not what you are.

You are living in the time of Mary, a time of the immaculate, of glory and truth, of unparalleled spirituality. You are living what the patriarchs and prophets announced so many times in so many places. You are living what was announced. Your souls are true witnesses to the growing union between Heaven and Earth. Never before has this union been so visible as now. Mary is that union. Mary is the one who unites the human and the divine, and gives birth in her perpetual innocence to the living Christ, born in reformed humanity by the fruitfulness of the immaculate with the spirit of God.

Once again, you are the redeemed. You are the ones spoken of as the hundred and forty-four thousand clad in white garments. This is said to help you understand, despite your perception to the contrary, that you are actually a multitude—those of you who are here and now in this time and place have received the Christ, and live your lives literally as the living Christ. You are Christ, conceived in the womb of Mary Immaculate, born not of flesh but of spirit. You are also those spoken of as the ones who have washed their garments and purified them by the flow of the life of Christ. You are those who will neither hunger nor thirst, neither will the sun strike you by day, for the love that Christ is shall be your shepherd and lead you to the springs of life, and God himself will wipe every tear from your eyes.

III. The Immaculate Self

The Immaculate Conception is the perfect expression of the truth about Mary and also about you, having been reborn to love through the grace of the Mother of God. Every child has both a father and a mother. The Mother of God, who is expressed as Mary, is the deified motherhood, the source of the renaissance of spirit. Therefore, you are reborn of the mother, which is another way of saying you are the resurrected or the redeemed of the Christ. If you were reborn, you have been born to grace. Your new self is born from the fertile union of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus in whose triune union your souls, reborn to love, live.

To be the Immaculate Conception is to be that which has been conceived without the shadow of fear. It is to be that which by grace receives perpetual spiritual immunity so that fear can no longer touch you. Spiritual immunity is unity with the Immaculate Conception. What you truly are, your new self, redeemed by grace, is conceived without sin and thereby is inoculated by the grace of spiritual immunity, and therefore simply can no longer live in fear but only in love.

The Immaculate Conception is not a dogma, even though it has been interpreted that way. It is the truth about self, about Mary, about God, and about you. Dogmas are always capable of creating separation, moving away from truth because God is union. Yet that does not change the truth that stands behind what is perceived as dogmatism. How does one separate the wheat from the chaff? How can we find the truth behind the veil of dogmatism that always comes from fear? In God’s way: uniting in holiness. Everything that comes from God unites in love and truth. Anything that does not unite in love and truth is not of God. You can discern the difference through your feelings: All that comes from God gives peace; that which is not of Him is always tinged with fear, and is also revealed by a tint of the feeling of superiority. In the reign of truth no one is superior or inferior to anyone else. This applies not only to human beings but to every creature of God. It not only applies to Jesus but also to Mary.

The Immaculate Conception is the grace that every soul receives upon its creation. In addition, having made the choice for love, every soul holds this grace as its identity. To be aware of this is all that is needed and is the only thing that God gives because a loving Father does not leave his children with unmet needs. It would be meaningless had your transformation not led you into a new Immaculate Conception, a special grace, to spiritual immunity. It would be meaningless for a cure to be necessary again. God would not have healed your wounds. God would not have purified your heart. But God has given you a new self, a new soul, a new heart, a new mind. Part of God’s gift was to give you everything that your new self needs to live forever in the light of truth.

Your new self is the Christ who lives in you, a self without attributes. Therefore it does not have a proper identity. The self is a blank slate of pure potentiality. Identity is what makes the self unique. This is why God created you both different and equal at the same time. It is what makes you, you. Therefore, when we speak of your Immaculate Conception—and what is really represented in the ceremony of the Immaculate Conception— we speak only of your new identity, given by God in pure love. You are not Christ because of what you do. You are not immaculate as a result of your merit. You are immaculate because you are the daughter or son of Mary.

IV. Invitation to Live By The Truth

This is an invitation to live now and forever in the consciousness of the Immaculate Conception that you are already—that is, living as the Christ you are in truth. As your new self, as the Immaculate Conception that you are, you cannot sin. You cannot be immersed in darkness. You cannot be infected again by the venom of the ego, the snake that inoculated you with fear. All of that happened but will never return. God doesn’t fix things; God makes all things new. God does not practice spiritual recycling; God recreates eternally, for in Him lies all glory, all power, eternally present. Therefore, there is no reason to remain stagnant in a past that does not exist nor will ever exist. That which you perceived to be has ceased to be and never will be again, for in truth it had never been.

Beloved of the Mother of God! You have a tender mother like none other, as loving as has ever been and ever will be. If you knew how she loves you, you would cry with happiness. Her heart is the treasure of Heaven made real. Stay in her heart. Drink the water of love. In your union with the Mother lies your union with Christ, for Christ and Mary are one like you. You have been given to Mary as an ineffable gift. She is the deified maternity, conceived without blemish. You are all mothers. You are all children. You are all parents. You all give fruit in abundance. A mother without blemish conceives immaculate fruit. And you are her fruit. As children of Mary, you have in your nucleus all that she is. Just as holy Fathers beget holy children, Mary conceives immaculate children, immune to fear of God. You are her Immaculate Conception.

A single thing distinguishes the children of Mary as if they had a seal of holiness. This seal is that of a wisdom that is out of time. The children of Mary are multitudes who come from all times, all parts of the world, strata, ages, genders, and cultures. They are those who make the choice for love and thus live in the truth of the Christ they are.

The hallmark that distinguishes Mary’s children is their unlimited trust in God. Living with that trust here, now, and always is living Heaven on Earth. That is how the Immaculate Conception is manifest. Do you realize the treasure that has been given to you? You have been given a clearly observable way to your identity as the children of God in Mary. What does this mean? This means there is no difference between you and Mary. The self that Mary is, is immaculate and pure, as is everything of God, and a perfect extension of love. However—and this however is important—what was different between Mary and you was only how you responded to love. She is immaculate because God first loved her, just like you, and she responded to love with love. Hence, there is no difference in the essence of what Mary is, what Christ is, what God is, what you are. The only difference lies in your answer to God, your answer to love.

V. A Dialogue of Love

Mary is always immaculate because she always responds with a Yes to love. That’s the eternal answer of Mary. And she does it of her own free will as with everyone who says “Yes” to love no matter how this answer is expressed.

The difference between you and Mary lies in your “I” and not the self.

Daughters and sons of holiness, we now remember together that unlimited trust in love is what immunizes the soul from the poison of fear of God. Now we remember that full trust is full love.

Daughters and sons of Mary, souls in love, make unconditional trust in God the purpose of your life. Make unconditional trust in God the food and the power that gives movement to your self. Trusting in God is trusting in love. To have unlimited confidence in love is to be immaculate because unconditional trust is one of the faces of perfect love. Where there is unconditional love there is unlimited trust. Where there is unlimited trust there can be nothing but purity and holiness. The one who trusts fully lives in peace. Do not forget that every pain, every conflict, every disharmony that was ever experienced came from a lack of confidence in life, a lack of trust in God, a lack of confidence in love. In this message we have come to remind you that the answer is love, always.

Now we are silent and listen from the depths of our hearts, which is the center of our self, to the mother calling her child. We are silent, for we are in the presence of the most sacred dialogue that can exist. It is the dialogue between you and Mary. In this way the seal of the children of Mary, which is the seal of holiness, is imprinted on your consciousness. It is a seal that distinguishes and at the same time calls to all. It is a seal always remembered, a seal that forever marks the soul with the mark of Mary’s answer.

Sons and daughters of love, I am the one who gave you life. I am the one who keeps you in existence. I am the purity of love. I am that which craves your heart. I am the peace that has no opposite. I am everything you have ever looked for when you thought you had to seek. I am the pure abstraction of truth. I am a source of life in holiness. You have been given new life and life in abundance, not to be lost but to extend forever.

Do not be afraid of anything or anyone. Come, immerse yourself in the arms of the Mother of Love. Trust me fully. I am not an external self to you. I am what makes the Immaculate Conception. I am the living expression of that which is your true self, just as every son or daughter is a living expression of the self that the mother is. I am the purity of self, made true. I am the refuge of your heart. I am the security that nothing can disturb. I am the house founded on the firm rock of truth and love. I am the living manifestation of that from which you come. I am the tenderness of the love of God. I am the Immaculate Conception that lives in you. You are the self of my self.

Daughter or son of my self, direct your loyalty solely and exclusively to the love that God is. Do not put your fidelity in anything other than the living Christ. Believe unconditionally in love. Trust without limit the true life, which is Christ. Be always faithful to God and nothing but God. Be loyal to perfect charity. Live forever in love. Do this so that you can live forever, from now on, in the joy of the children of God.

The self replies: “Mother of Love, my mother, be done in me according to your word, now and forever.”

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