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Life in Fullness

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Souls who have found love! In this time of Advent, in which part of the world celebrates the feast of the encounter with the living Christ, in this time of unparalleled grace, we have come to bring you new lights that shine within your ancestral memories, that come from your remembrance of Heaven. These words are intended to activate divine memories in you to remember who you truly are, and thus remember your Father and live in the fullness of love.

We thank you for taking time for us to dwell with you in these dialogues of love and truth. These dialogues that you receive by pure divine grace, and that you anchor by your love, are miracles of love made real in form. All true dialogue is creative because creation is an eternal dialogue of love with love, of the Creator with the created. Everything that was created by God emerged from a dialogue of infinite love. A whole world of infinite worlds, grounded in truth, is created through your souls from these dialogues of perfect love and your love of truth and spirit.

We assure you that nothing remains the same when you join us in these dialogues, for your union with the Christ in you is the source of all miraculous transformation. Christ is the miracle and the source of miracles. In every moment you pass together to Christ, the divine essence of love and the grace of Heaven extend in each of your souls. And as an infinite stream of light and beauty, the Father’s love is expressed more and more in all creation. There is no human soul that is not touched by these dialogues when you love with simplicity of heart.

This is not a literary work. Nor is it a doctrinal body that provides advice or imparts a wisdom that you do not know. This is, rather, a play of grace and a gift for you. From all eternity, the Father conceived these dialogues and created them in His incomprehensible thinking so that the time would come when these words were received and given, spoken and heard, written and read, all in one action. By design of divine wisdom all minds and hearts in unison will be touched by these words in a mysterious movement that transcends all human reason. And when touched, the whole universe is affected. No aspect of creation is left out of the scope of the flow of holiness of these writings. Once more the word of God is mysterious—a mystery of love.

II. The Voice of Your Heart

Without each of you who receive and share these words, this work would not exist because it would not have a purpose. Once again, these words were written for you. They are yours, literally—you, yourself, the soul who receives these words. You created them yourself in the oneness of the self, in the one mind that we all are, in the one heart that we all are. Verily, verily, we tell you that this work has been created by you, for everything is created in unity and relationship. Do not think that anyone gets them before anyone else. That may happen in the illusion of time, but these words were created out of time. They are given and received by all, at all times and places, in the one heart because we all are the unity of self. We are the light of the world.

This work is a vehicle for freedom from all illusion. It is an effective means for you to return to conscious recognition of your unique and true identity created by God, the Christ in you. It does not lead you to truth, for you already live in truth. It simply makes you aware that you have already reached union with Christ. And it helps you lovingly live this truth here, now, and always. Nothing and no one can take you fully to the truth. There are no books that can take you there, no outside authority can do so, nor can advice from good friends or loving relatives. There are no teachers to take you to the truth of who you really are, nor can they teach you to live that truth in everyday life. There is no ancient technique whose hidden wisdom, accessed by a few, can lead you to the happy recognition of the glory of your self. Only you, in the unfathomable vastness of your soul, can do so. And you do. You know the way. You know it very well. This is not a declaration of loneliness, but of deliverance.

The knowledge of who you really are lies in your heart because it cannot reside anywhere else. You are not being told here that books or teachers or structures of any kind are bad or that you should abandon them. Rather you are being told that all those things have simply been loved rungs on a staircase of light that you have already ascended. All were useful. All fulfilled their purpose in time. Now they are no longer necessary, although they can continue to serve you if, as the Christ child you are, you wish not to leave them. We are not advocating sacrifice or deprivation of any kind. We are advocating truth. We are advocating true freedom for the children of God.

III. Fullness of Self

Souls beloved by the Father! We have come once more today, full of joy, to talk to you about the fullness of life. Let us remember together that fullness of self is the ultimate aspiration of every being. So today we are going to bring to consciousness the purpose of your life so far. Ultimately we will remember the blessed purpose of the physical, temporal world, of this three-dimensional realm in which you so often find conflict. Conflict arises not from wickedness but from ignorance. Is it not true, child of God, that you have been living your life, most of the time, as if physical creation were your enemy and you were an enemy of creation? Is it not true that you feel that you have lived most of the time with a sense that God had unjustly sent you to a world where your suffering could not cease?

How difficult it seems to get out of that web of pain! A web that seems to trap everyone in a system of suffering, in which the dream of Adam seems to have become a nightmare! And yet, even in the midst of that apparent truth about how things are, here we are, united in love, speaking of life in fullness. Yes, daughters and sons of holiness, we have come to remember together the maximum aspiration of the human soul: to attain and sustain the state of consciousness of fullness of self. And since the true self is love, then what we speak of is reaching and living eternally the fullness of love.

In order to keep remembering the truth of your self and thereby embracing harmony and abandoning suffering forever, it is necessary to remember that Jesus Christ is the fullness of love. Therefore, now we will speak of the only begotten of the Father and the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the depths of your mind you have wondered, throughout this work, what is the reason for us to talk about Jesus and Mary. This question is of great importance. We ask you to stay with this question, in the feelings that this question raises, and in the memories of your relationship with the name Jesus. Especially we ask you to remember the times when you have wondered “Who is Jesus”? not only during this work but all along your spiritual path.

When you think of Jesus, the God-man, you can’t help but marvel at how popular and famous his name is. There is practically no corner of the world where something about Jesus and Mary isn’t known. Has there ever been anyone who is spoken of as much, or anyone who transformed both history and hearts as he did? Why? What does Jesus have that provokes so much rejection for some and so much attraction for others?

What makes you search so much for God? What leads you to devote years, centuries, even millennia to giving mind and heart to one who two thousand years ago walked the Earth as God? What leads humanity to build cathedrals, monuments, and images all kinds to celebrate the name of the resurrected? How many symphonies and works of art have you dedicated to him and his Holy Mother in order not to forget their names? How many churches bear his name? O holy humanity, how many times have you celebrated and will continue to celebrate his memory, that glorious last supper which saw him take the bread with his purest hands and raise that chalice with wine that was made miraculous?

IV. The Attraction of Your True Self

Beloved creator of the holy, beautiful, and perfect! That irresistible attraction you feel in the depths of your soul to Jesus and Mary is nothing more than an accurate echo of the attraction you feel for your true self. It’s a memory that lives inside you by which you remember who you really are. It is not the historical Jesus, nor the historical Mary, with whom you seek to join, but your real identity. Not only do you do it collectively as humanity, but also as individuals. Not only do you seek to identify with their figures, but with any figure that somehow you know intuitively can lead you to recognize your self. You feel it even though you can’t name it.

That which you do not know with your mind, you can nevertheless feel, because Jesus is the representation in form of the only true identity that you and all your brothers and sisters share. Plainly said, Christ is your self, your real shared identity, what you really are. An easy illustration of this is with certain works of art. Some works are recorded in the collective memory for posterity. That happens because somehow these works—and this includes certain events—touch a very deep and universal cord. They touch your heart. They touch you in what you are. This reveals something important. Jesus Christ is nothing other than what you are—not in his form or personality, but in his essence, in his content, in what makes Jesus, Jesus.

Purity of love, accept these words. Accept them with filial trust, for in them you are given a great revelation. If you understand them well, in them resides true deliverance. In them is the end of seeking and an encounter with holiness. Immortal soul, in the depths of your self, you know that you and Jesus are the same. That memory is in you. The true knowledge of yourself is what binds you to Jesus Christ. There is that in you not of this world and not given by anything or anyone in this material universe, in which you recognize a perfect identification between you and Jesus. When you find Jesus, you will have found yourself. When you identify yourself with Jesus you identify yourself with your true self. When you hear, recognize, and follow the voice of Jesus, you hear, recognize, and follow the voice of God, your pure soul. We speak here of the consciousness that makes Jesus what he is. Remember that your identity is a shared identity.

Let yourself be carried away by the feelings you felt when you encountered the resurrected. You felt this; you know whereof we speak. What you don’t remember is that the one for whom your heart calls from the unfathomable abyss is your self. It is the name of Jesus of Nazareth that shows you in a clear and observable way what you really are. We ask you now to leave behind any association with the doctrine or personality of Jesus and go beyond his form to his content, toward what makes Jesus what he is. Towards that which you can feel even if you cannot put it into words. Go back to that feeling. Join it. And in that union, begin to accept joyfully and peacefully the truth that in Jesus it is not another man you are joining, or another woman in Mary, but your self. That which you feel in Jesus and Mary is you.

V. The Embrace of Your Self

Beloved of Heaven! Today is a day of glory, a day of Advent, a day of your holy encounter. Today is the day you accept forever that you have found your self! Today you realize, you remember, that everything you did on the physical level was nothing more than looking for yourself. That’s why you came into this world: not to suffer or create suffering, but to find the hidden treasure that is your true self—the treasure of inestimable value that is your soul of ineffable beauty and holiness. And you’ve found it! You’ve found yourself! This is true, and is cause for unsurpassed jubilation. Today is the day when you accept that all the greatness you see in Jesus is exactly the greatness you are in your self. All the purity you see in Mary is exactly the same purity that resides in your self. Now happily repeat in the depths of your soul:

Now I know who I am.
My Jesus and I are one.
My Immaculate Mary and I are one.
My Christ and I are one.
Now I know who I am.
I have found my self.
Now I know who I am.
I am Christ.

Now you know the purpose of your journey in time, and even before the beginning of time. Now you will remember the truth you’ve experienced, of all the paths you have traveled, and realize they were perfect, designed by the Father of perfection, in union with you, so you could find your true self. You came into this world a blank slate, wrapped in a cloud of amnesia, not remembering who you are. You came looking for yourself. You lived through many circumstances in the physical plane, all of which you created in union with God. You created the contexts, processes, and situations that allowed you to reach this point.

Now physicality can be used in a new way: as an intermediate state in which you will know yourself in an observable way. Or rather, you will recognize yourself and find your self. Is it not easier to show you in a clear, observable, and identifiable way who you are, rather than spend centuries trying to discover your identity through thinking? This is what form is for: to let you observe yourself so you can know yourself, and once you know yourself, to transcend the form.

VI. To Be, Just To Be

Can you begin to see how sacred the world is? That it is an ineffable wonder of God? A perfect creation within which you begin to remember? And to escape forgetfulness and return to the knowledge of who you truly are in such a way that you return to the fullness of the self?

Beloved of the three times holy, this world is indeed sacred. This universe of space, time, and form is holy, for the world is the means by which the true self that you are can be observed and in that way remembered, and when remembered, recognized. What is left now that we have already achieved the purpose for which we came into the world? What is ahead, now that we know who we really are?

To be. Just to be. And to let that which we are extend naturally; to let the living Christ who already lives in us, and with whom we have identified in perfect harmony, live through us the life of God and extend love to all creation. In that way, as the one we are in truth, we live life in fullness forever. We rejoice by giving a unique face to love. And we recognize joyfully, in union with legions of angels of God, that there is no greater joy for the mind than to live in truth. Likewise our hearts could never find greater joy than to make their Creator known. The soul yearns for one thing only, like a holy prayer from the depths of self that says in an ecstasy of love:

“My Father, when you are known, in you dwells all my joy and contentment.”

This is how you return to your sacred role in creation: showing who you are in truth in order to make God known.

This is how you serve the cause of love. This is how you return to knowledge. This is how you live a life of fulfillment, now and forever.

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