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The Living Christ

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Beings that enlighten the world! Pure souls, we thank you once again for opening your hearts to the flow of divine union, a flow in which we bring wisdom that is not of the world. We do it by the will of the Father who loves you with infinite love. We do it in response to your loving call. We do this by means of this chant of praise from our Heavenly chorus that your self recognizes as the voice of truth. We are a multitude of love. We are one and many, united in light that will never wane.

Please understand how invaluable is the beauty of your soul. You cannot imagine how beautiful you are, nor how much joy you give us by the simple fact of your existence. Your existence is a joy for all creation. By the mere fact of being you manifest the wonders of God. For that is what you are: the living miracle of a God who is infinite love. Meditate on the value of your soul. Free your memory to recollect the glory of your divinity. You are souls made by God. You are human spirits fused to divine essence. You are one with God. Think about this truth every day, for in this truth lies the infinite mercy of you who are, the resurrected of God. Meditate on this unfathomable mystery, the mystery of infinite love that no angelic or human mind could ever fully comprehend. We assure you that your joy will be complete in the contemplation of this mystery of Divine Mercy.

Souls who have found the true love that is the living Christ! The time has come to begin to live now and forever as you are in truth. We speak of walking on Earth as the living Christ is that of which we speak. You are Christ. The Father created all that is true, all that is love, all that is beauty. This truth will set you free. This truth will give you a joy that is not of the world, a peace that cannot be obliterated, a sense of being that you have never achieved in your vain attempt to be what you could never be.

Christ is the attributeless self that God extended to his creation and that we share. Christ is that with which, in His divine grace, the Father has given. Christ is a gift. Christ is the identity of love. Christ is the expression of God’s will that you be a radiant soul shining with pure potentiality. Keep this truth in your hearts joyfully, and in the twinkling of an eye all the magnanimity of God will be present in your life. To firmly believe this, to understand it well, and to accept it as your salvation and total liberation from pain is what will bring the Second Coming to you.

II. The Incarnation of Christ In You

Soul of God! The angels of Heaven rejoice. You have been chosen in the plan to embody the living Christ. The path you’ve traveled has taken you exactly to the point here, receiving with love this glorious manifestation of truth. Here, now, where you think you are, you step forward from the fork in the road. It is important to remember that everything has contributed to this point in a mysterious and yet observable way. You are in the perfect position to accept that you are nothing other than the Christ of God.

The Christ within is how you bring love to Earth. Accept and live the truth that you are the incarnate Christ fulfilling your purpose in physical creation and living in harmony with God’s will. The Second Coming of Christ is not a theatrical spectacle. It is not a cosmic revolution to report. The Second Coming is a term that expresses a fact pertaining to individual or personal consciousness—something that very much concerns you who receive these words.

This voice from Heaven was scribed by a friendly hand who— in union with God’s plan—is consciously transforming himself into what you are each called to be: a pencil in the hands of love. In this joyful expression of love, expressed in human words, we will go beyond all the symbols that have previously been used to try to describe the indescribable, the Second Coming; beyond the allegorical language used to imply what is beyond all understanding and all learning. In this body of revelation we leave all that behind. In other words, we’re not interested in going beyond your self. You are a universe in yourself. Remember, this work is expressed from a triune heart to a triune heart. We communicate in the fullness of communion, which is the true language of love. We don’t speak to the world. We don’t speak to a group. We don’t speak to the universe, at least in the sense that the world understands that term.

These words are addressed to you, soul of God, you who the Father of lights calls true light, which is to say, your indefinable self. Everything revealed here is ineffable revelation put into words to reach your human understanding. These words will resonate in your soul. They are yours. Allow them to come alive in you. Do not read with your mind, or with that part you may call “heart” but that is actually the emotional body. Let these words enter unfathomable depths, into the abyss of consciousness you are, to be immersed in the ocean that is your true heart. Remember, nothing can hold you back. Nothing can limit you. You are free, eternally free, forever unlimited. This cannot change. In this impossibility of change lies the immutability of the truth of you. In the absolute impossibility of limiting your freedom lies the truth that sets you free.

III. To Co-Create and To Be

You are a co-creator. You know that. You have co-believed, or co-created, with the ego. You can co-create or co-believe with God. Creation at any level is an act of union. You cannot create in isolation. In the world there are acts that you call “creative”—although they are not truly creative in the sense of divine creation but rather are ingenious—having been developed from something else. Inventions in your world build from a basis, a starting point. You can’t invent an automobile if you haven’t first invented an engine. An engine was necessary even to conceive of the idea of being transported by a machine.

You are the co-creator of your desires, your feelings, your thoughts, and your emotions. You are also the co-creator of the interpretation you make of all things, and with that, your experience. This is how it always has been and always will be. In other words, you create the interpretation of reality—but not the reality itself, for reality is only created by God. Only pure love is real, since He is love and nothing but love. Since reality does not need any interpretation but simply is, by creating an interpretation, you make reality different for you, at least in your experience. That’s what you do every moment: co-create interpretations that lead to a particular experience. But to do that you must join something or someone. This is why the egoic identity is a set of complex mental constructs developed by generations upon generations of minds that preceded you. That is what you call learning. Never is anything co-created in solitude. What options do you have to co-create? You can either join with fear or with love. And your creations, both physical and non-physical, demonstrate the basis upon which you co-created.

God is the only Creator in the sense that God creates all things. Things did not create Him. God is a creative source that creates love and nothing but love. Yet even God cannot create outside of union. Joining is required to create. Creation is extension. If the one who creates does not extend “something” to which it is attached, then one is not creating. God creates from Himself because He has no basis except Himself of pure love. Love is the only thing that can be created because it is the only basis from which anything can be created. The Father cannot join anything other than love, for only love is real. In truth there is no such thing as the absence of love. This is what we mean when we say that God is the alpha and omega.

Even though God is the only Creator, you are not excluded from the creative capacity of God. God can create only love. Similarly, only in your union with the living Christ can you extend the Kingdom of Heaven. Christ is the Kingdom. Only in Christ and with Christ can you be who you really are because only your Christ identity is true. Only in union with your Christ identity can you create the good, the holy, and the perfect, for Christ is the good, the holy, and the perfect. Christ is your true self. This is why you are beauty, holiness, and perfection personified.

IV. You Are In God

For Christ to live in you is to remain in the unity with God that you are. Your resistance to accepting this truth is what has caused the drama of your experience and the drama of the world. Yet this has been your choice before time and must be respected and honored. Remember that you are always free. Reversing this mechanism of rebellion is the solution to every problem in the world. Living as the Christ you are in truth is your only function as worshipers of the Second Coming. There is no need to wait for the Second Coming. There’s no need to go anywhere or do anything.

The most radical revelation that this manifestation expresses is that you are, now and always, the Heaven in which the Christ of God dwells. Christ doesn’t come. Christ never left. Christ never left you. If you want to use the symbols of the Second Coming it must be said that Christ comes, but it comes in you, for there is no other place where it can dwell but in your heart, which is the center of your self, where it has always been and always will be. If Christ did not live forever in your heart, you could not exist. Love is the foundation of your self. Remember that Christ has a single abode, and that abode is your heart.

The love that Christ is inhabits all hearts, not only yours, and not only in what you call humanity. Christ is present in everything that exists. You have heard this many times. You know about God’s immanent presence in all things. However—and in this lies the revelation of this work—dwelling does not mean to manifest. Christ dwells in everything, but manifests his glory only in the docile hearts that welcome him, in the humble hearts that are carried away by love, in the hearts of lovers of truth. Christ is the pure potential of the self that is love. Love is also his expression. In a sense we can say that love is like a seed planted in the Garden of Eden that is your heart and from where all creative potential can manifest in holiness. There is no abode for Christ other than yourself, for Christ and yourself are one, just as it is in us. The Second Coming is the actual expression within form of the fullness of the living Christ. If you realize this truth here and now, you are yourself the Second Coming—the living Christ. You are love.

Beloved of Heaven that you are in truth! This is a great revelation. Rejoice with all your heart. Wait no longer for the coming of Christ as an outward fact in time. That would be like waiting for Heaven after death. That misguided way of thinking has already been left behind. You live now in the resurrection. You are the resurrected. You are the redeemed. You are the Second Coming. You are the living Christ.

V. Your New Humanity

It is not enough to recognize that you are the living Christ. You have come far along the way to truth and you know that you no longer live alone, but that Christ lives in you. Since you are already well grounded in this wisdom that is not of the world, your mind does not resist it any more. However, that spark of light that is the love of Christ must be extended, made known, and be manifested, as that is the only way for you to know yourself. Knowledge is manifested in an act of sharing. Christ must be shared to be known. This is what true sharing means: to allow Christ express itself through you. This is not a matter of following a new commandment, but it is the only way for you to manifest, or share, yourself in the truth of who you are and thereby abolish suffering. All suffering has its root in a rebellion in which you limit the expression of the love that you are. This is what causes the tension that you constantly feel and is the source of all tension in the world.

At this point—and we assure you that you have come much further than you imagine—you may ask, how can I live in the world as a being from Heaven? How can I live on Earth as a God-man? How can I live life always being the living Christ in all times, places, and circumstances? How can I express the love that God is in a world without love? How can I live uniquely and exclusively in truth, regardless of the apparent events of my daily life?

These important questions reveal a confusion that we have come to clarify. You know the answers, but the world makes you easily forget. Keep in mind that you are starting to remember. Your memory, which comes from the vault of divine memory, is still like a beautiful bud, green and freshly sprouted. Such an outbreak full of beauty and potentiality must be cared for, cherished, and nourished. The Christ child who lives in you must first learn to crawl, then walk, then run, and finally fly. Once you feel confident that you will be able to fly the flight of the soul, then your Father will help you. But there is time for that. There’s no rush.

Everything is easy in the way of God. Everything is fluent, free, malleable. It’s all joy. Everything is included in love. Sisters and brothers in love, you have a perfect example of how to live on Earth as God. Jesus has given it. His teachings and exemplary life are more than enough to know how to be here as the living Christ. But what is often forgotten is that Jesus of Nazareth, the historical Jesus in whom the consciousness of Christ manifested itself in fullness—as it did also in his mother Mary did not come to advocate the creation of an ideal self, a mental idol, that you must follow as if you were so unworthy that you must abhor yourself and imitate that ideal. Christ cannot be cloned. Love cannot be duplicated. The unique expression of the one and only love that each of you are cannot be copied. You are not called to imitate. You are called to be what you truly are, just as God created you to be. There will never be two identical souls. There are not and never will be two identical beings. There are not and never will be two identical ways of expressing love. Even in your own life you don’t express love in the same way as when you loved as a child, or when you love as an adult. Love makes all things new, always.

VI. Jesus and Mary, the Way to Follow

You are mistaken if you think that Jesus came to create a structure of rules, dogmas, and rituals. Although he gave fullness to the law, submitting to and melting with the law of love, nowhere in his teachings is there anything like an instruction to create an ideal self. Jesus is the one who gave a face to love, just like you. That is the truth about Jesus and Mary, and what their joint will is for you. This is what we intended when we brought to you the devotion of the union of the three hearts. If at all times you were to refer every question to Jesus or Mary—thinking like them, feeling like them, acting like them, and finally loving like them—then you would be like them, not in form but in essence, in the consciousness of Christ that moved them both. This means that the only thing you should do—not only you, but all creation—is to be authentically who you are in Christ, living always in the truth and nothing but the truth. The rest will be added unto you.

Your function is to give a unique face to love. That’s what it means to be the Christ living you, here and now.

You may keep asking yourself how to do that. If that kind of question still exists in your mind, remember that it does not come from the true self but from an old pattern of thought that still believes that self is something that has a cost—that some kind of effort must be applied to change yourself. That pattern of thought is what will fall away forever and you will experience the joy of simply being without adding attributes to the self. You will begin to detach yourself from the false hope of being more than you are, and the false belief that to do so is necessary, possible, or desirable.

VII. I Am Who I Am

This work is not asking you to be saints, nor to be enlight ened, nor to be Christ. The goal is not to look for anything, but simply to be what is in every moment united to the living Christ. Labels are not of interest because our consciousness holds what is unspeakable.

We, together with you, are ineffable. We no longer seek to predetermine anything about the self. We abandon self-esteem. We abandon every definition we’ve ever had about ourselves or others. We just are. We rest in nothingness. We rest in the arms of attributeless love. We rest in the certainty of being who we are. We don’t want to be anything in particular, or anyone special. We just are. We don’t have a name or words to describe ourselves. We live in the world with heart and mind in our God. We recognize that we are where the mind is. We recognize that if the mind is joyfully thinking of God, then we are with God. If our treasure is love, then that is where our heart will be. We accept that we are the inexpressible of God. We abandon all labels, every name, every judgment, and enjoy the sheer abstraction that is our soul. Through observation without judgment we rejoice in the immensity of our self. We simply are. And because we are, we do God’s will, because God is.

Now we are immersed together, you and we who are divine unity made reality, in the unfathomable realm of holiness.

Beloved of God, feel the embrace of our love. Feel the music of the harps that in the Heaven of your holy mind is heard as a harmony we sing together for all who are the living Christ. Stay in the presence of love. Be accompanied by the truth that is always true, repeating in the silence of your soul, as often as you feel the need to do it, this declaration of freedom:

I am who I am.
I don’t have a name.
My brother is what he is.
He doesn’t have a name.
Everything is what it is.
Nothing has a name.
I reside in the nothingness of God.
I am the pure abstraction of love.
I am the pure potential of self.
I am.
This is the truth.

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