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The Neutrality of Creation

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Equanimity and Truth

Beloved of the Father of lights! Today we have come to bring a new light for your discernment. We have been enveloped in the gratitude and joy of responding to your call. We thank you for accepting the truth that is always true. We thank you for enlightening the world with your beauty. We have come to dwell with you.

Remain forever in the presence of love.

Holy daughters and sons, pure souls, now we take a step forward. We move beyond the fork in the road. We begin to enter the realm of uncreated truth. Now we remember that creation is entirely innocuous. It is neutral. It does not do anything to us. It does not do anything to anyone. We remember that there is not a single event of life, either in your dimension or in any of the infinite multi-dimensions created by God—of which your three-dimensional reality is simply one of infinite dimensions— which is not neutral. Everything is pure because everything comes from the pure abstraction that God is. The impartiality of all things, their inability to take sides in anything, or to fragment or assume attributes, is that of which we speak. The reality created by God is harmless because it is neutral, impartial, and undefined, just as is its Creator.

God does not take sides for or against anything or anyone. The idea of taking sides is the basis of the desire to be special. Favoring one side, which always means doing something to the detriment of another, is partiality, fragmentation. That cannot be the way of love. Love cannot take sides because love cannot judge. Love is neutral as truth is neutral. In other words, love is. Creation rests on the equality of love. Everything that comes from love is neutral. For the purposes of this work, we equate the idea of neutrality with the idea of equality since both ideas are really the same.

Yes, sons and daughters of the love that God is, everything is neutral—everything except your egoic beliefs or desire that something not be neutral. In this sense, at the level of belief, you cannot be neutral. And yet you yearn to be like God, since God is a passionate being that moves all of creation. God is love. Love is never sterile, nor is the soul sterile. Love is always fertile, love creating love. God, whom your soul knows very well even though it has forgotten Him, is creative passion, the infinite passion of love, the everlasting agape. Something that has created everything that exists, and continues creating eternally, cannot be termed neutral because it produces effects. Remember that everything that exists is the effect of thought. So at the level of thought God is not neutral, and neither are you who are His likeness. But there is a great difference between the neutrality of love and what you have created from fear.

II. Consistency of Creation

That you are not neutral is clear and evident to you. If you observe what you have done with your life and what you do every moment, you will see that what we say is true. Look at everything that exists around you and remember that everything, absolutely everything, comes from a thought. The chair in which you sit, the sun that embraces you with its warmth, and the birds of the sky, emerged from a thought, as did you. All this you well know. We are simply remembering the truth so that, through that memory, we bring to consciousness the relationship that exists between neutrality and bias, between the equality of being and the partiality of your experience, with the purpose of bringing them together in a totality of love and truth.

Here is where you begin to disengage your mind from the matrix of suffering. Listen carefully. Listen with an open mind and a lovingly-trusting heart. We are speaking of the neutrality of creation and the partiality of your mind. Every time you evoke a thought, a memory, or perceive something, a reaction is immediately triggered within you. A response occurs. An effect. Then you may say: How is it possible that love is neutral and that even God is neutral and at the same time my soul is not and that God is not? How can this incoherence be explained?

Beloveds of light, there are no inconsistencies in creation. God is harmony. Creation is and always will be neutral. All events in the world are neutral. “There is nothing new under the sun” is an expression that points to this truth. Everything that happens in your life is neutral. You are neutral. It is precisely this neutrality that you attack again and again because of the fear it provokes in you. If you understand it well, it is God’s neutrality that you fear. You, on the other hand, desire to change what you are and what everything is. And from that desire is born a world where change can exist. This reflects the coherence of pure potentiality.

The desire to change creation is the basis of all error and all pain. Wanting to change something implies that something is not desirable, and is judged as bad or at least as imperfect. This mechanism, coming from the desire to change creation and your being, this desire that things be different from what they really are, is the basis of distortion in which you attempt to give a different meaning to what is. Unable to change life, you distort it. This is why we have said again and again that the first step towards the fullness of truth is the acceptance of all that is.

III. Distortion and Suffering

Suffering is a distorted perception of God’s creation. It is the deliberate decision made before time and space to perceive things other than as God determined they are, and change them into how you want to perceive them. Somewhere in your mind, if you let it be free, memory will bring back the truth that reveals that you are trying, again and again, to make everything as you want it to be, rather than accepting creation as it is, without wanting to change anything in the world, without wanting to change anything in yourself, without wanting to change your sister or brother. Sisters and brothers, there is no change. Change is unreal. Change does not exist. Nothing changes in God, because God has no attributes. God’s essence is immutable. Love never changes. Being cannot change. To give attributes to love is to give attributes to creation, and this idea is the cradle of suffering.

You incarnated into a limited body in order to try to be different from who you really are. A small part of the soul, the little spark that separated, that micro-droplet that temporarily split off, became incarnated into a physical body, and entered the plane of physical, human experience. Being an immortal, unlimited soul that lives shining in the pure abstraction of the beauty that God is, you decided—in forgotten time outside of time—to create the not-good, the not-holy, the not-beautiful. In that way you sought to distort creation. You sought to change your perception of it. To accomplish this you created judgment. Judgment is never impartial. Equality is impossible in judgment. Judges must laud one side or the other, give a verdict, condemn or acquit. So if you do not eliminate from your mind the habitual mechanism of judgment, you cannot avoid suffering. Judgment is as unnatural as pain.

Judge and you will suffer. Do not judge and you will be happy. This does not make you neutral in the sense that you create. Your creations are your effect. God is not neutral in the sense that He is eternally Creator. But everything He creates is innocuous. In His complete innocence resides His unwavering peace. What sense would it make for love to believe in anything that is not harmless?

You created the emotional world and with it the body to have a space in which to create in a way different from God. The emotional and physical body is like a courtyard where your demons, created by you at your leisure, dance. In that courtyard are the barricades that block love. It is where you dance the dance of suffering, absent from the dance of eternally joyful life. Your absence is in your consciousness, not in truth. You use emotions to judge everything that you judge. You “create” in your emotional body a whole world of actions and reactions, emotions of all kinds and colors, like a chain of causes and effects, unfolding one after the other. They are fireworks for those attracted to the show. They are what make you feel alive. This is how life is supposed to be, you say, without asking how it could be different.

IV. The Game of Tears

Sisters and brothers in love, let go of the fireworks. Stop playing the games of the emotions. Isn’t it time to realize that you are playing a game of tears? Emotions do not come from the Christ in you. Emotions are illusions. In themselves they are neither good nor bad. They are neutral. They are nothing other than energy emanated from the body that is sent to the world that then returns to be expressed in the body. From the body they come and they go. Although emotions are neutral, as with everything they have the value that you attach to them. But that does not mean that the value that you attach to them is true. Remove all value and you will see their absolute neutrality. Your emotions and your particular thoughts, together with your memory, form a personality that seeks to perceive you as an individual. This perceptual mechanism, for that is what it is, is in harmony with the will of God except for the fact that you try to create an individual personality without God instead of letting creation create itself as you through the flow of love. Not allowing love to express itself in you and through you is the basis of separation.

Blessed soul of the Father, stop trying to live life in your own way. Let life live in you. Let yourself be loved. Stop assigning meaning to everything. Stop thinking and allow thought to think through you. May this meaning be revealed to you as God’s gift of wisdom.

Release your insane attachment to pain, to which you remain bound by your love of emotions, to which you are attracted by your desire to judge, to which you are bound by the desire to make creation, including yourself, different from what it is and what you are. Do not forget that fear is an emotion. It does not come from the heart of being. The soul does not feel emotions. No emotion reaches the center of your being. As we have said, emotions are fires of artifice. Emotions are a vital force separate from being. Returning that vital force to your being is your function. You do it by making yourself aware of them and embracing them in love so that you can transmute that energy into more conscious being—all of which is achieved when you decide not to judge anything. In this way you achieve equanimity and recognize what it is: the reality of love, and therefore of your being.

What does this have to do with pain? Everything—because all suffering is emotional. Spirit does not suffer nor can it suffer, because it is complete; likewise the body, given its neutrality. Neither can the soul suffer, since it is pure abstraction. What suffers is always what you call the emotional body or that part of the mind that is attached to and identified with the physical body. The emotional body is like a mesh attached to you through which you perceive what you think you are. We could say that a part of your mind has become trapped in an adhesive matrix, the matrix of pain. The emotional body, like glue, got stuck to part of the soul—the part that wishes to be autonomous—and stayed attached in a painful matrix. Since you are where your mind is, then by jamming that part of the mind, your whole being got clogged. Remember, at any moment you cannot be both in hell and in Heaven. Either you live in love or you live in fear. There is no third option.

V. Stop Thinking

The pain matrix creates pain. It is as if the part of the soul wishing to be autonomous is attached to a network of electrodes that send shock waves each time the voltage in the system activates. You react with horror upon considering torture chambers, yet you care not to acknowledge that your soul is also being subjected to constant torture. But you feel it. You scream as if poked by a fire poker except that it is your soul, rather than a log, that is being consumed by flames. Yet it is your separated self that pokes the fire, switches on the electrodes. These are your flames, your voltages, your pain—yours alone. Every memory of pain, every thought apart from love, activates the pain matrix.

How do you abolish suffering? How do you free yourself from this sticky mesh? You must stop stirring the fire of memories that burned when you were identified with the ego. Ego created eros to replace the agape created by God. The ego is pure eros. True self is pure agape. The ego is unbridled passion, pure fear, a destructive and senseless fire. True being—that is, pure agape— is the serenity of the peace of Christ in which everything is created in harmony. It is the silence of love, the neutrality of God, and the equality of truth. Agape is the seed by which spirit fertilizes life. It is an infinite creative passion in which God creates in perpetual joy and tranquility. Agape, not eros, is where your soul will find rest. If you continue to make her rest in the bed of the torture chamber instead of reclining in the arms of love, how could you imagine an end to suffering?

Remove your soul now from the torture into which you led it. Follow the natural impulse of your soul to rise beyond the thinking mind to the Heaven of your holy mind, where there is no need to think. The soul knows how to do this. Let it leave the house of fear to fly majestically, peacefully, to dwell in the sweetness of love. Stop creating pain by ceasing to create an identity as a suffering victim. Leave the game of tears behind. Come now to the sanctity of your soul, to the peace of your heart. And from there, resting in the arms of love, you will continue to create as always, but this time you will create more love. You will create a new Heaven and a new Earth. You will create a new experience. You will abolish forever the suffering of your life and of the whole world. You will shine, not in the fire of passion, but in the light of the Christ that you are. You will stop living in the house of fear and will move into the abode of light. Decide to leave hell forever and let your soul fly to Heaven with God. Trust your self fully. Do it now. Stop thinking.

VI. You Are Not Alone

Realize, daughters and sons of eternal goodness, that you have created eros and thereby ignited the painful fires of passion, or you have hoped to endure the lacerating boredom of a meaningless life, a life lived in ordinariness, an overwhelmingly tedious life that plunged you into a deep fear of yourself. Children of God, you have the right to leave that meaningless life now and forever. You have the right to live an extraordinary life. But beloved of the highest, only love will make your life extraordinary—as it is with us and with God Himself. Come now to love. Change your life in the only way that makes sense, that of returning to the arms of love.

There is another reason that you stir up the fire of passions and cling to emotions and impulses. Recall that the energy you call emotion is but misguided spiritual energy, energy separated from God. You have lost the consciousness of being, you have lost awareness of your soul, because you wanted to experience autonomy. You have denied your soul. By denying it you perceive yourself as being without a soul. You experience an inner emptiness that prevents you from feeling yourself. And so you look for ways to feel something that you can call “I” to compensate for that absence. Not to have a soul is not to exist. To cease to exist is annihilation. Your fear of nonexistence is so great that you have created a universe of emotion and impulses that, together with the body, form a psychosomatic being you call “my being.” Nothing at that level is true. Nevertheless, all that you have created is neutral.

Believe us when we tell you, with love and in truth, that nothing and nobody in the entire universe is aware of anything that happens in your world of emotions and bodily impulses. Notice that we use the word “emotions” and not “feelings,” that is, eros and not agape. The world of eros is your world, your autonomous creation which, although fascinating to you, is neutral and contains nothing that is true. Although you may love the drama created to sense an identity that allows you to perceive yourself as unique, special, and self-sufficient, what you have created cannot but hurt you if you continue to identify with it. Not because it is bad—it is neutral—but because all pain is the effect of loneliness. To create an emotional being to convince yourself that you are isolated and autonomous is a decision to live in separation, disconnected from everything, which is unnatural to your soul.

You are not alone. You never were and you never will be. This is the truth that will free you from pain.

VII. Mercy Not Sacrifice

Daughters and children of the truth that is always true! Adhere to the peace of God. Adhere to the Christ in you. Adhere to the beauty of your souls. Return to the agape of God and remain forever in the presence of love. Live your lives in holy indifference to the world. Give up any idea of suffering. Give up giving meaning to sacrifice. Stop giving any value to pain or pleasure. Withdraw the value you have given to everything. Remember that everything is neutral. Stop valuing the things of the world, where pain has a place as precious as pleasure. Remember that the greatness of your being is invaluable. Therefore, stop valuing things. Do not put a rating on anything. Do not label. Do not judge. Remain in the equanimity of love. And live in peace with yourselves and with everything. Your soul knows how to achieve this, because it knows this is achieved in union with the living Christ who lives in you. And it also knows that it is Christ who will do this for you and in you, as soon as you allow it, as soon as you step aside and welcome it. All suffering will disappear.

Bless you, soul in love. Blessed are you who deliberately decide to abolish suffering. Your decision will not fall on deaf ears. All Heaven is in union with your small but true dose of willingness. Be assured that from your willing union arises a supreme power, the power of God’s desire, now united with the power of your desire. In perfect harmony it will create a whole universe for you and your sisters and brothers, a universe of laughter and merriment, a universe whose foundation will no longer be sacrifice but mercy. Your decision to leave all sacrifice behind—never to return—is a decision in such union with the will of love that it cannot but create a new Heaven and a new Earth. We will not leave any of our brothers and sisters behind. Everyone is invited to this new universe. All are reached by the rays of light emanating this very instant from the union of these two desires: the desire of God that you be eternally happy and your desire to be equally and eternally happy. Let the power of God do as it does.

We give you a new prayer to serve as a reminder whenever you feel the need to use it to help sustain the consciousness of Christ in your mind. Your feelings will inform you when it is needed. If you feel the slightest hint of unhappiness, that is the perfect time to immerse yourself in this blessed prayer to help you remember your unity with the love you truly are. In this way you hold steadfast to your desire to abolish suffering forever. In this way you also welcome true joy. Through this prayer we remind you of your decision to be happy, as is God’s wish. And the reverberation of the power of that desire will attract the good, the holy, and the beautiful. Do this prayer until it is no longer necessary. Your soul will guide you.

I am the living Christ who lives in me.
I am the truth of the Father come true.
I am the face of love that only I can be.
I am very holy.
I am one with my Heavenly Father.
I am the joy of God.

Now rest in the presence of love. Let yourself be embraced by Heaven and prepare to see miracles of love.

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