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Unparalleled Love

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Blessed Soul of the Father! Once again we come to deliver, with love, a message from Heaven, through the voice of this angelic choir, to you and to everyone. We are legion and dwell with you in the abode of light. We do it in the service of this work of holiness because we are messengers of God who being incomparable love, has wanted us to be in the service of your soul, your self, your heart.

Beloved souls, we’re not here to intrude into your lives. We’ve come for the simple reason of love. We do it in response to your call and as thanksgiving for your Yes to love. Whether these words are received or not does not add or subtract anything from the glory of the Father or your true self. However, the Father, in His infinite kindness, and in perfect harmony with the true desires of your hearts, has wanted you to receive these words in these times when for many reasons the world has been immersed in great spiritual confusion and hence a confusion of its identity, a confusion that is the precursor of light.

Perhaps some of you will ask yourselves: What is the reason for so many words? Why so many encounters now between Heaven and Earth? You may know of the enormous number of Heavenly manifestations that exist at this time in history. You may notice that they are many and varied in form, and yet are the same in content. They all talk about the love that God is. They all lead you to remember the existence of the spiritual world. They all lead you to the memory of the love that you are in one way or another. The answer to your question is simple. It happens for the Father’s sake. Your Father loves you with a love that has no opposite. Unparalleled love. Because God never forsakes you, you cannot be apart from Him. Wherever you are, there will always be the love of God. God creates everything by being one with Him. Meditate on this.

We have spoken to you about the fork in the road of your life, the conscious choice to walk the path of fear or the path of love. Together we have remembered the laws of creation. All creation comes from pure thought, pure abstraction. Everything is thought. Life is thought. We create every time we think. And since you can’t stop thinking, you are constantly creating. If you analyze this matter of choice between fear and love, you will find it not to be as difficult as it seems. It is not as extraordinary as you think. There is always mental activity inside you. Your soul is like a great “agape” or an “eros” that desires and creates that which satisfies. You can create from agape or from eros. You can create from love or from fear. But you always create.

II. The Power of Desire

True desire, if you understand it well, is the force that gives movement to creation. Nothing can be created without desire. You exist because God desires you to exist. You cannot fail to desire because you would cease to exist. Everything that exists does so because God wants it to exist. You are the delight of a God who is love. You are His joy and His happiness. This is eternally true. God desires you with all His strength, all His love, all His passion, as well as with all His benevolence. Love, passion, and desire go together because they are one and the same. There is a depth in you from which you want what you want. To desire wholeheartedly is to create. Consider this throughout our time together.

To abolish suffering is an act of will. It’s a desire made real. This is always true. The reason this is true is that you are a creator of your own experience. You did not create the world you see, nor the Earth, nor the planets. Neither did you create your soul, nor your heart, nor your immortal spirit. You didn’t create yourself. Nor did your sisters and brothers. Everything is created from the same creative substance, namely, Abba or God. God is God and you are the immortal soul created by Him. So now, while it is true that you are not God and never will be, just as we are not God, we are of the same substance as the Creator without failing to be what God has wished us to be forever.

In this sense, we are creative because the creative potential of the Father has been given to us. There must be space for us to create. That space exists: the unlimited space of creativity where you believe your soul is. Within your soul you create infinite worlds. Within the unfathomable vastness of your soul, which is pure potentiality, you constantly create waves and myriad universe systems, systems of thoughts that are whole worlds. Every universe is itself a system of thought.

Your soul is the source of the creation of worlds. They are your worlds. They are your creations: worlds of worlds and more worlds. Within your soul anything is possible. There is an expression that says: Each person is a world. This is why a beautiful flower created by the Father for your joy, extended as a loving gift from the Mother to her children, could mean nothing to you. It can even mean something deceptive, harmful, or fearful. If so, is it not true that you fear the world?

Children of pure abstraction, suffering is a creation, not from God, but from you. Believe this. Hold this truth in your mind and you will free yourself from pain altogether. Desire is powerful and you are liberated by claiming your power.

III. The Voice of Truth

Today is the day that we bring to awareness the divine memory of the truth of what you truly are. You are the only creators of your own world. You are the ones that give meaning to everything. Creation is neutral; everything in creation is just energy. Fear is energy, as is love. Suffering is energy, as is harmony. Truth is a system of thinking and therefore it is also energy. Therefore illusion is just energy as well.

If you do not accept your soul, you cannot accept who you are. Acceptance is the escape from pain. This is why we have spoken so much of acceptance in other works that are part of this revelation. To say that your function is to love everything that arises is to say: Accept all that you are, at all times, places, and circumstances, including whatever you think or perceive you are.

Now we take one step further. We diverge from the path of fear and enter the path of love. We have already taken the first step. We’ve taken several little steps and arrived at the fork in the road, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You have taken the plunge. We took it together, holding hands. Never forget, blessed soul, that we always travel together as a countless multitude of selves of love, friends of the soul. From the dimension of the Kingdom of love, in union with Earth, we have come to dwell with you now and always. You are not alone. You never have been and never will be alone.

The abolition of suffering requires only one thing: it requires you to assume responsibility for your life experience. It requires you to be willing to listen to the voice of truth and to follow it no matter where it takes you. Observe, daughters and sons of God, that we have not said to listen to your heart. Nor have we said to listen to your feelings. You are beyond that stage. We know that you who have reached this fork are living in the fullness of heart, an expression that refers to the unity that exists between mind and heart, united in truth. Remember once again that mind and heart are a unit. Do not permit the mind to lead the heart, nor to let the heart lead the mind. Be aware of them always as the unit they are. Love and truth unite forever in you. That is what the heart and the mind united in fullness are to you—your light of the world.

Accepting your feelings and thoughts in unity, without judgment but embraced in love, is what the expression “love everything that arises in you” means. So in this expression is already included all feeling, emotion, thought, and everything you experience. Perhaps you consider this review to be unnecessary. However we repeat it here given the forgetful nature of your minds — a feature that won’t last much longer. You are at the threshold of remembering fully the truth of what you are and of sustaining that memory in a continuous way. Finally that memory will embrace the remembrance of pure light, will enclose it in a chest of pure crystal, from where the truth about the holiness that you are, and the pure potential of your self, will shine in all its glory and splendor. No traces of painful memo- ries or fear shall remain. All that is untrue will be abolished to eternal oblivion; all that is true will be eternally remembered.

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