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The Fork

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Beloved of the God who is pure love of freedom! Today we have come in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The most Holy Trinity is present because of the triune love that it is. From that love that has no beginning or end, from that circle of infinite love within which is the truth of your self, we extend the love of Christ to Earth, to all. A shower of blessings is poured out from the unity of the heart of the Mother and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a unity with which your heart is in an indissoluble union of perfect peace and strength. From the center of the universe, which is the heart of the Father of Heaven, Creator of all that is holy, beautiful, and perfect, we radiate the healing light of triune love. God is the source of all love.

Each time we are with you in these dialogues we create in the peace of Heaven infinite universes of infinite worlds—concentric rings of pure, perfect creation. Light creates light. Love creates love. Beauty creates beauty. Holiness creates holiness. And you, pure soul, are created in the purity of the Father. You are the Immaculate Conception, for full grace has been given to you in your rebirth, which comes from the resurrection. You create with us a multitude of expressions of love and kindness, worlds, more worlds, and yet more worlds whose foundation is truth eternally.

It is with endless gratitude and joy that we have come to dwell with you. You are the light of the Father’s eyes. Our joy comes from eternally extending the love that God is and from remaining in the eternal presence of love. We thank you, scribe from Heaven, for giving us your fingers, your body, mind, heart, and love, for the service of this blessed work.

We also thank you who receive these messages of purity and tenderness. We thank you because without you the messages would be meaningless, since a message that is not received cannot transform the world. You, the recipients of these words— whether you receive them in their entirety or in part, whether through the written or spoken word or through an image that arises in your mind—are gems of inestimable value.

Without you the world would be submerged in darkness, for the simple reason that everything that comes from God is done in collaboration. The light of the Father always extends in a chain of links of light. You are one of those links. One after another they form a chain of light that we, who live in the pure abstraction of truth and who are the living expression of pure potentiality, can see. We can see your souls light up. We realize how much your inner beauty grows each time you spend a single minute with us, close to Heaven. Your souls shine with the beauty of new peaceful colors that adorn more and more the ineffable beauty of your self. You are becoming more beautiful every minute you spend alone in the privacy of your heart, submerged in the silence of peace that has no opposite. You grow in your dazzling magnificence every minute in which you join through these dialogues in union and relationship with the multitude of angels that surround you. You are like a beautiful rainbow that grows, grows, and grows, embellishing everything with its joy and light.

II. Abolition of Suffering

Sons and daughters of the resurrection, consider that fact that the first rainbow was placed in the firmament after the flood. Today we have come to tell you the essence of the message that this work transmits to the world. Once again we remind you that we are one mind, one single self, one soul, one holy heart. The central message we bring to your present reality is that the time has come to abolish suffering.

Suffering can be abolished. It is your function to abolish it. It is your only function. This work is a precise and effective means to abolish suffering through the union of your consciousness with the love that Christ is. This blessed work has no other purpose because suffering is the only thing unnatural to the self, and therefore the only thing that must be eliminated from your experience. It is the only thing from which you need release. You came to the world to suffer and to cause suffering instead of coming to love and be loved. All the messages that the Christ has shared since time immemorial, including the messages of Jesus Christ, have always been about the abolition of suffering.

It seems a very radical idea to abolish suffering forever from your experience and from the universal experience of the world. Indeed it is. The whole world is based on the premise that suffering will continue in one way or another; that everyone will suffer, some sooner, others later. This thought has been increasingly reinforced throughout history, to the point of it being accepted without question that this is just how things are. Suffering is difficult to eradicate from human experience, true? And yet it is not true.

You are now called to the abolition of suffering. It seems natural to learn many things that are actually quite strange. Yet you learn them. You have accepted many peculiar things. Now, as we speak of the abolition of suffering, your faith is put to the test.

Perhaps you believe that you can reach the goal of attaining a certain degree of peace, prosperity, or wellbeing, according to how you define peace, prosperity, and wellbeing. But your definition does not come from truth, since it does not reach everyone equally or remain eternally. You already know very well that your ideas are simply a degree of apparent tranquility, what you think gives peace of mind. It only reassures, temporarily, certain emotions. This seems to be the most you can achieve. You know it is impossible, but you still strive to achieve those goals. So if you think you are trying to achieve impossible things, such as to abolish suffering—hmmm!—that would be doubtful. And you think that sooner or later, pain will seep through the window anyway. It may make an appearance in your life through the loss of physical health or a loved one, or the fear of such loss, or the loss of anything you love. The list of things that cause pain and suffering is endless. And yet today you will question it all.

Today is the day when you will release your belief in the inexorability of pain. The world is not going to teach you how to do it. The world may call you crazy. What is more likely is that some will ignore you, thinking that what you say simply does not make sense. This is where the road forks. This is where many will abandon us. Many readers or sincere devotees of this work may leave us because of the radical nature of this message. This is where confidence in Christ comes into play. This is where you are put to the test, where you reveal whether your love is unconditional.

Feel the resistance that this idea provokes! The idea of completely abolishing suffering for yourself and the whole world may begin to elicit bodily pain, discomfort, or a skepticism that shows itself as a cynical irreverence that says: “Yes, yes, you’ve told me that millions of times. What will you tell me now that is different? Do you come with another unfulfilled promise? One more?” Perhaps you prefer not even to try to see how things could be different. You wish to avoid a great disappointment. So you say, “For now, no. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe after death, when I do nothing and in a tunnel of light I find whoever created me, to free me from what never freed me before—but by the way, I have no guarantee of it.”

Beloved daughters and sons of God, it is impossible for you to live in peace with that kind of thinking.

If you continue to hold in your mind and heart the belief that pain cannot be eradicated, or is simply unavoidable, then our work together has borne little fruit. We have not come to give you another theory of God, or theories that allow you to seem wiser, or to reformulate a series of mental laws that reconfigure your lives. No, we are not offering a new religion, a new theory, a new theology or philosophy. That is not the goal of this work of love. We only have one goal, one purpose. And we will achieve that purpose together because we know for sure—not with the certainty of the world, but with the perfect certainty of God— that you are ready to abolish suffering.

III. You Are Ready

You are ready! Jump for joy! Begin to feel the joy of what this means. We assure you that you are perfectly prepared to abolish forever the suffering of your lives and of the whole world.

Beloved of Heaven, once again we tell you in love and truth:

Now is the perfect time when, together, we will challenge the world just as one day you challenged love. You will not regret following the way of Christ. We are a countless multitude of angels of God who in a most holy choir have brought to you the voice of the living Christ. Do not separate from us. Do not separate from love. Do not follow other paths than the one presented here. This is your way, created from eternity so that your soul can go peacefully and in a simple way toward the fullness of love now and forever. Here is the answer to all your doubts. Here is the escape from pain and suffering. Here is the answer you have sought so fervently. Do not move away from us. Trust us. Let us continue along this path of light created for those who wholeheartedly seek peace. We assure you that you will achieve the desires of your heart, and you will live forever in true joy. It is God’s promise.

Beings of God, you do not really know that you have arrived.

You are ready to abolish the suffering of your present lives and thereby abolish it for the whole world, now and forever. Do you find it surprising that we are one mind, one heart, one holy self? Now, by your deliberate decision, is when this resurrection will be the only conscious reality of your life. Where before you created pain, now you will create endless bliss. Where before you created separation, now you will create unity. Where once you created tears, now you will create laughter and revelry. Where before you created from separation and loneliness, now you will create love together, in union. And you will continue creating from the pure potentiality of your self.

Beloved of eternal truth! You are one thought away from abolishing suffering and bringing Heaven to Earth forever. Now is when, with sincerity of purpose, you say:

Father, we trust You, we know that Your will for us is nothing but perfect happiness here, now, and always. For that reason, merciful Father, You who are unnameable happiness, we decree with humility and strength, in union with Heaven and Earth, may Your will be done now and always, beloved Father, in honor of the truth that is always true. We allow the happiness that never changes and the fullness of love to be our only conscious reality. Our Father, take us on the right path. Take us back home on the path of love. We are yours, nothing but Yours. We are children of love. We are happiness and fulfillment. We are the redeemed of God, now and always one with You. Amen.

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