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Love Everything that Arises in You

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Beloved of the highest who dwells in the abode of light! Daughters and holy sons! Creatures of God! Once again we come to remember together a wisdom that is not of the world and which dwells in your hearts. We thank you for welcoming with love these words of love and truth. We love you with a supernatural love. We love you with a saving love. Our love is pure. It is a love devoid of the compulsion to possess. We are the Father’s love come true. We are light that shines everywhere. We are legion, an uncountable multitude. We are the light of discernment that dwells in Heaven and on Earth. We are bearers of the wisdom of love, just like you.

We have come in the peace of God in response to your call and as part of the divine plan. We have come to remember together the truth that we have already accepted in union and relationship.

By the Father’s design, countless angels of Heaven and beings of light come from the Heart of God to be in union with you on Earth and will remain at your side until the end of time. As never before, Heaven has opened. Its holy beings are united with Earth and with your souls. Can you feel the presence of the angels? Can you feel how close is Heaven? Can you comprehend that there is no such thing as Heaven over there and Earth over here? Can you observe with serene joy how Heaven embraces Earth?

Daughters and sons of God! Now Heaven and Earth unite in the discernment of truth to an unprecedented degree. Whether you realize it or not, you are living in a new time of unity. You can see this on all sides if you observe carefully. Seek unity and you will find it. Remain in the union of the three hearts in whose unity resides the perfect peace of Christ. Live always in the presence of love.

Pure souls who receive these words, you who are conscious of living in the consciousness of Christ have already found truth. You have returned. Remember this always. Keep this recognition very high on the candlestick of your consciences and you will live on Earth as the living Christ that you truly are. You will walk as women and men being God. Remember that your function is to embrace everything that arises in you so that everything is included in the embrace of love.

II. The Option for Love

God embraces all things within Himself. Everything exists in the embrace of His love. Nothing escapes the warmth of His heart. The sun rises upon everyone and everything. The air is given to all equally. Everyone has been given life. You have all been given a consciousness, a mind, a heart, a soul, a spirit—to all the same. Become one with the whole. Do not fear losing your self, for you cannot lose your self. Quite the opposite: you will find your true Christ self. Become one with the wind and the sun. Become one with the stars and the flowers. There is nothing in them that is not in you. There is nothing in the beauty of the song of birds that is not in your soul. There is nothing in the magnificence of the seas that does not reside in you. There is nothing in the angels that does not live in you as well. You are pure soul, daughters and sons of light!

Today we are wrapped in a special joy. Our hearts dance to the beat of everlasting bliss. We vibrate with the heart of love because of the immense joy it brings. Our joy comes from seeing that this day of glory and truth has arrived. Today is a day without equal. You cannot even imagine how sacred this day is for all creation, just as it is for you, that you receive these words. Many will benefit by welcoming them with love and humility. As it is for all who are in time, so it is also for those who have already left time behind and those who will come to choose again what you choose here today, now and forever.

You—all of you receiving these words—are in the plan. You have been chosen to be the first among those on Earth to make the conscious choice to embrace love exclusively. Not in an indirect way but in a direct relationship with God, without intermediaries, without teachers, without a need to learn anything, but simply to acknowledge the truth that is always true and to live that truth. You are ready to make this choice for all eternity. And we know that you will make it because we know your holiness and the perfect discernment that dwells in you. We know that you are pure potentiality. Nothing is impossible for those who live in union with Christ, for nothing is impossible with love.

III. Forget to Remember

Now begins the time to start forgetting to remember. You must become aware that it is through forgetting that you remember. This is because oblivion and memory are actions determined by the mind. Remembering does not require effort, only vigilance—vigilance of everything that should be forgotten so that what you want to remember will live actively in memory until it becomes part of being.

Forgetting is a decision. So is remembering. Both are the same, just as giving and receiving are really one and the same. Both happen simultaneously. In accepting and understanding this lies the essence of this work of love, whose purpose is to prepare the Second Coming of Christ, expanding consciousness through the healing of memory.

If you understand it well, the healing of memory is the only thing that the world needs because it integrates the healing of understanding and will. Memory is intimately linked to both will and understanding. Applying the three faculties of the soul—memory, understanding, and will—the path proposed by this work, we then exercise the will to forget everything that God is not, and put understanding at the service of love. This is true healing. This is liberation. This is truth.

Beloved of God! Today is the day that you begin to live into the healing of your present reality. It is enough to decide to live only and exclusively in the love that God is. Only you can, and must, make this decision. Nothing and nobody can make it for you. But for your peace of mind, know that it is not the will of God that you worry about anything or even make the slightest effort, for this decision has already been made out of time. Out of time you wanted to separate yourself from God. And out of time you decided to return to divine union. Because this decision has already been made, you can now remember that truth. We are only bringing to present consciousness that which is actual. Remember, blessed of God, that the eternal and time are inseparable.

Today is the day when every perceived illness can be abandoned forever. Begin now and forever to live in the healing light of love. Abolish suffering forever. This is what it means to live exclusively in the love that God is. Did not the Father say long ago, “I have designs of peace and not of affliction, invite me and I will put an end to your captivity”? These words were a promise, and God fulfills His promises.

IV. Challenge to the World

Today is the day when you can challenge the world. Today is the day when you can challenge the laws of science and all the rules of human knowledge. Today you can stand face to face with the wisdom of the world and not allow those who explain everything to hold you in the hell of suffering and death. No, today is the day when the energy of your liberation—the spirit of freedom—is within reach.

No longer are there obstacles to the end of suffering. Stretch your arms, lift them to Heaven, and open your hands! Close your eyes and stay in the stillness of the soul. Embed yourself in the peaceful solace of God. Feel the sweetness of love. Let the angels of God deposit in the palms of your hands the divine grace you need to end the suffering of your human experience, of your life, of your memory, of your soul, and of your heart. This is how you will end it for the whole world. Today is the day when you will challenge the world, just as one day you challenged love.

The connection between memory and suffering is direct, not casual or random. It is within memory that you preserve every trace of pain, every offense received, every fear experienced, and every perceived danger. With each painful memory—which you have jealously guarded from the moment of separation—you have built the house of cards. That is how you hide from God.

In the gloomy vault of painful memories you store an entire arsenal of poison arrows and darts you use against the sweetness of love as soon as it approaches. This is your ammunition. Your memory is what helps you win your argument that you are different from God, from everyone, and from everything. In that vault you retain what you think will keep you sufficiently protected, so that each time the tenderness of love is felt you can say, “Look at everything I have suffered! How can you tell me of love?” And you will take her to the top of the mountain and show her all the pain of the world. And there you tell her, with the cries of pain as tragic background music, “Look at all the suffering in the world! How can you speak of love?”

Beloved humanity! There is a reason that you so jealously guard your painful memories. Think! What could be so valuable that you would to retain suffering in your memory, even beyond what you can bear? Daughters and sons of Heaven, you retain in your memory all the pain of the dream of Adam with the sole purpose of preserving that which seems to make you special, different, unique. That is your well-kept, hidden secret. That is what you fear to be exposed. You believe that pain makes you unique. God does not suffer, but you do. Suffering humanity is a unique identity. Now you have something that God does not. In that, you are greater than Him. Pain has whispered to you: “You will not only be like God but you will be even more than Him. That is why He did not want you to eat the forbidden fruit.” This is your triumph. Now you can say with certainty, “God and I are different. I am more than God. I have different myself from God. I am me. I have achieved an identity of my own. I may be suffering and unhappy, but I am. God may be a self of love, but I am a suffering self.”

You managed to differentiate yourself through the path of pain, fear, and separation. But this does not have to be the case.

V. The Identity of the Suffering Self

Pain cannot be shared. That is why you cling to it when you are identified with ego-consciousness. Ego-consciousness never wants to share. Attachment to pain is the essence of ego. Without pain there can be no ego. Without ego there can be no pain. They are in an immemorial alliance, and it is precisely this alliance that you break today and forever.

You have already transcended the ego. Now you can decide to release the mental mechanism inherited from the time of the ego’s reign. Its reign has passed. You are no longer identified with it.

You have left the ego behind forever. What remains is only a habit of searching, through pain, for a special identity that you neither want nor need. The ego-pain-identity alliance is a profane alliance. It was dissolved in the resurrection. It was nailed to the cross and died forever. Abolished. And because the resurrection dissolved that alliance, you can free yourself from its mental mechanism. Forgetting to remember is that of which we speak: forgetting everything not true about you, remembering everything that is. Forgetting your false self, remembering your true self. Forgetting fear, remembering love.

When God extended to creation, He extended His I Am. And at the same time—outside of time—what God is not was also extended. But the history of creation did not end there. Jesus, the Son of God, would continue to spread the I Am of God, drawing to himself all that God is not and taking it to the cross to abolish it. And since that has already happened, there is no real need to retain pain in any of its guises, except for the habit of doing so. But releasing a mental mechanism, a mental program, is as simple as being willing to see it, observe it without judgment, recognize it without guilt, and make the decision to abandon it. To let it go, to forget it completely. This is why we have said, “Forget about what you have lived and throw yourself confidently into the arms of love.” Letting go seems difficult at the beginning, but remember that you are not alone. You are never alone. Angels and Heaven itself will be with you to make sure you will achieve this in union and relationship.

VI. The Power of Evocation

The time has come to forget forever what is not true in you simply because it is not God’s will for you. God’s will for you is perfect happiness. Nothing more. God’s will was never for you to suffer, and it never will be. Once again: “I want mercy and not sacrifice.” Believe us when we tell you that every time you suffer you are going against the will of God in some way. This is not a reason for guilt. Quite the opposite: it is a loving revelation that allows you to free yourself from pain forever.

Those who try to find meaning in pain are trapped by it. Pain does not make sense simply because it is not part of what God is. Christ does not suffer and never has suffered. God does not know suffering. If He knew it, it would be eternal and infinite. But precisely because He knows nothing of suffering, you can never identify with Him in pain, which is why you can let go of suffering and let the house of cards collapse. Simply blow gently on it and you will see how it silently falls apart. The wind of love will take it away, never to return.

Now you wonder: How can I forget? We will give you an answer that is practical enough so that you begin to forget right now, and at the same time be able to penetrate the layers of resistance that still remain in your mind—layers that take the form of skepticism and the value you still put on the virtue of suffering. Perhaps you think you are not among those still attached to pain, but do not skip this part. Let me remind you that even if you believe that about yourself, the pattern of thought, the mental program, is there still. And before you know it, your attachment to pain will activate like a silent thief who enters a house to steal. In this case it will rob you of your peace and happiness. We beg you, therefore, in our love for you: Do not underestimate the power of the habit of being a victim of suffering. Do not overestimate it either. Just acknowledge it for what it is.

How to forget to remember? Evoke the opposite.

As long as you remain in duality consciousness, you have a very powerful mechanism: the power of choice. Perception prevents opposites from being perceived simultaneously. Therefore, you can easily let the Holy Spirit living in you heal memory by acquiring the habit of evoking the opposite of fear, which is to say, evoking love. This mechanism is the same one you have used to try to forget love. You have used it so systematically and continually that you have made that habit part of your way of being. What you have done is continually evoke fear, so that creation as you perceive it has become your enemy. That habit became a permanent, trustworthy witness to evoke fear so that you would forget love.

VII. The Memories of Love

Everything you fear you put in front of you to keep it in sight. You don’t take your eyes off of fear for a single moment. You even take it to sleep with you and see it face-to-face in nightmares. Fear is your great companion. But you can say goodbye to him today and forever. He will let you go when you let go of him, for the simple reason that he is not part of God, not part of your self. In this lies the great difference from love. Love will never let you go. Whatever you may do, you can’t say goodbye to her because nothing can separate you from God. The most you can do is try to forget her, but even that cannot be done completely. You cannot abolish love because you cannot abolish God. But you can abolish fear because fear is what God is not, and therefore has no reality. Only love is real. And to abolish fear is to abolish suffering.

Beloved daughters and sons of the truth! Insofar as you are willing to evoke everything holy, beautiful, and perfect, in that measure you will be sweeping the house of fear. In that measure you let love shine again in your holy mind with all its glory, sweetness, and beauty.

Forget the experiences.
Forget the offenses.
Forget what one day made you suffer.
Forget what you think you are.
Forget what you have learned.
Forget the future.
Forget everything, including yourself.

Evoke love given and received.
Evoke beauty, peace, and joy.
Evoke happy stories.
Evoke loving thoughts.
Evoke noble feelings.
Evoke the Christ in you.
Evoke God.

Beloved soul, live life submerged in peaceful vigilance, in constant observation without judgment, effortlessly attentive.

Remember always who you really are. If you discover yourself experiencing the slightest trace of bitterness, the slightest tension in the body, or a fit of anger, say to yourself:

Come, Christ, come. Come to remind me of the truth, the
truth of who I really am.
I am the living Christ who lives in me.
I am holy.
My Father and I are one.
I am the anointed of God.

Above all do not judge anything. Remember to love all that arises, whatever it is.

VIII. The Return to Love

Now we offer a prayer of healing with which to let go of fear forever, and to welcome the love and infinite kindness of the Father who takes us home.

Heavenly Father, one day I wanted to separate myself from you. I did it to find my own way, far from your presence. I wanted to be myself. I wanted to be different from you. That’s why I created the experience of fear, death, and pain. That’s how I opened the gates of hell for myself. I created my own nightmare. I wanted to be myself, but I did not know that I would end up suffering so much on the path of fear. I tried to be myself in my own way and stopped being myself.

Oh Father of lights, how much foolishness! Look at me, Father, in what I became. Having been created to be the face of love, I have turned myself into embodied suffering. Eternal Father, I no longer wish to suffer or make others suffer. I no longer wish to continue with this decision. I just want to love and be loved. I have made a mistake! I recognize my mistake. I do not feel guilty for all the damage I did to myself. It was a foolish choice that I made. But not any more. Now I want to go home. I am tired of so much pain and nonsense. I just want to go home.

Loving Father, your memory follows me wherever I go. The memory of your love envelops me. I ask and I accept the forgiveness of Christ that you have created for me. From now on and forever I abandon myself in your arms, the arms of love. You and only you are my refuge, my beloved, and my temperance. Now I have understood my Father and my Creator. I have understood that you are my true self. I no longer need to separate from you to differentiate myself.

I have understood that only love is what I really am and what I want to be, because only love is real, and because You are the love in which I am. Only of late have I understood, my Father! Only of late have I loved you! Now I have returned, because you brought me back to live forever in the house of truth. Merciful Father, I shall live uniquely and exclusively united with Your love.

Thank You, Father, for Your infinite kindness. Thanks for taking me back home. Thank You for giving me eternal life. Thank You for making me know the way of life, satisfying my heart with joy in Your presence, living with eternal happiness at Your side.

And now we say, Amen.

The universe lovingly receives this prayer of healing which is the most sacred dialogue that the soul can have with creation. It is the missing dialogue, the dialogue between the daughters and sons with the Father, the dialogue of the return to love.

Blessed soul, may the peace of God be in you and in all souls. Come to rest in the arms of love.

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