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The House of Cards

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. The Challenge to Love

Daughters and sons of light that cannot be extinguished! Blessed souls! Try to remember with a memory that is beyond all time and place. Try to reach memories as ancestral as eternity itself, memories before time existed, before the planets existed. Before the wind blew across a barren Earth. Before the sun embraced the Earth with its light and heat. Before the birds of the sky embellished the firmament with their flight. Before the lilies of the field shone in all their glory. Before matter was conceived. Before all that, long before everything that can be perceived existed, the soul was. It was radiant, sublime, majestic. Pure light, pure potentiality.

Before all was the soul. The soul was the light of the Father, emanating from love as a particular extension of true light. In an ineffable movement of pure love, the source of light became particles of light, and spread eternal truth. This is how it is: the light of all light in infinite luminescence, in perfect union, peace, and harmony with its source. There where the pure soul is an infinite space of infinite love, where only pure potentiality exists, is where you live. That’s where you live in radiant and eternal peace, soul in love. There in the silence of peace is where sweetness resides, where tenderness dwells, where you rest in tranquility, where you are in the eternal reality of the Father, where you are who you are in truth, where you abide in the presence of love and are embraced in the light of life.

Everything is possible, nothing is impossible in the pure potentiality of God. Given this essence of divine nature, it was not impossible that what God is not could be conceived by the mind of the pure soul, even when God Himself had extended His I Am to His creation. Fear was not a conception of pure divine potentiality at its source in God, but was conceived of by the soul as part of the pure potentiality that God had extended to it. When the soul was created as an inextinguishable light, it carried in its essence the totality of God. Therefore nothing was impossible to the soul. The soul was, like the Father, pure potentiality. It still is and will be forever. The Father could never limit the soul because He created it as an extension of His unlimited mind. The pure soul is as unlimited as the pure intelligence that gave rise to it. Not only is it unlimited, but it is pure creative potentiality, just as God is.

The soul constantly creates by the mere fact of being. The soul is pure thought, just as life is. As we have already remembered, there is only pure thought. What happened then? The soul decided by its own free will to create a will separate from that of its Creator. It asked itself: “What would happen if I believed in a different way than God believes? What would happen if I created a universe in which I am autonomous? What would happen if I believe the opposite of love? If I create the opposite of truth? God has no opposite, but can I create one? God has no limits, but can I create a limited reality that imposes limits on love and truth? God is totality but can I create a separate part of that totality?”

In short, the soul in its pure potentiality freely chose to be different from what God had determined it would eternally be. The soul decided to create separation. The soul, or rather the part that split from pure soul, chose autonomy.

II. Everything Is Allowed

Once the idea of separation was conceived and accepted, the soul advanced to a new creative dimension. Movement continued. The soul believed in the truth of its idea. Creation continued to spread without interruption of any kind from the creative source that is God. But now more fear than joy was being created. Then a concatenated series of ideas and thoughts, all in perfect harmony with the idea of pure fear, followed one upon another. Now the totally fearful consciousness that is the ego sought to continue its existence, because the self that had emerged from the idea of separation did what every self does: it wanted to be. And it sought to achieve that goal logically, for the ego is logical. Its logic is impeccable, even though it is apart from the truth and love that is the foundation of reason.

The micro-droplet believed itself to be separate sought to enjoy the “harmony” that it remembered as pure soul. The ego is creative, coherent, and powerful. Fear is creative, coherent, and powerful, in the same way as love is, but with a big difference—a big difference, not a subtle difference. The big difference is that the power and creativity of fear are illusory. The power and creativity of love are real.

Fear is contraction, a condensation, and unconsciousness. Love is extension, immutable conservation, and unlimited consciousness. You may wonder why love is said to be an extension of infinite power, whereas fear is said to be contractive and limited. The answer lies in the fact that fear is the opposite of love. In that essential characteristic of fear—whose primordial origin is the pure soul—is its weakness.

Now the conditions were in place to create and build, or rather imagine, a house of cards. A house of fear was erected within the universe of love. At the moment of the creation of pure spirit—which is a movement without end—space was conceived, although not as you conceive of it in the realm of time and space. It was, rather, space as pure abstraction, an unlimited thought, a space where all thought could exist, a space so vast that it allowed pure potentiality to be expressed without limits. The perfect knowledge we have—and that now you are beginning to remember—of that boundless space of pure intelligence is what has led us to tell you once again: “Sisters and brothers, in the universe there is enough space for everyone and everything.”

Nothing can limit your mind. Nothing can limit your heart. You are unlimited always. You can believe what you want to believe. You can feel what you want to feel. You can extend what you want to extend. You are free, always free. Free to create your experience. So free that even when you choose not to extend love you are exercising free will. Sisters and brothers, if you understand it well, here lies the true meaning of the expression, “Nothing is impossible with God,” and also the expression, “You always do the will of God.” For the will of the Father is that you exist eternally within the pure potentiality of love.

Even believing that you can be separated from love is allowed. Do you remember when you were told that everything is allowed, but that not everything is convenient? He who spoke those words almost two thousand years ago spoke from the mind of Christ. Is it surprising to see what happens every moment when you either create from love or its opposite?

III. A Time for Fear

Now, remaining in the silence of your hearts, you are in the perfect condition to observe without judgment how the house of cards was built, to observe the strength of fear within the realm of love. You can observe the house of shadows within the abode of light, the palace consecrated to illusion within the infinity of truth, the house of fear inside the house of truth.

See if you can remember with a mind that goes beyond all time and place. See if you can bring the imagination to uncreated truth. See if you can let yourself embrace the totality of love that extends without limit into the eternal multidimensionality of creation. Open your mind, at least for a few minutes, while you receive these words. Leave behind all mental limitations, all preconceptions of a reality so limited, so cold that everything puts on a coat.

Did you really believe that the boundless intelligence that is the divine mind would only create a reality limited to three dimensions? Did you really believe that the pure potentiality that is unconditional love could only create a world of “if this, then that”? Can you begin to remember that God is infinite and therefore His creation is a multidimensional reality that exists in unlimited abstraction and pure endless potentiality beyond all understanding?

In silence let yourself be embraced by love. Let the light of truth shine in you. In peace, remember the tenderness of the love in which you live, the fullness of self that you are, the reality in which the soul, the spirit, and God exist in perfect peace and unity. In the stillness of self begin to remember the pure eternal potentiality of love. Feel the joy of the soul that lives united to its Creator in the light of eternal truth. Experience now the ecstasy of the soul that dwells in the unity of spirit with God. Rejoice in the perpetual happiness of creating forever in love.

The house of cards needed to be “created” in order to give reality to the idea of fear and separation. In order to be, a space is required. Creation is always thought because reality is pure thought. Given this, the ego created within God’s creation a kind of sub-creation: the separated self, an individual, a personality, an autonomous self.

If a foreign thought of love was conceived and crossed into the Heaven of God, then the idea of fear could also be created or extended within the divine creation that stretched without end. So, next to the creation of matter, which is condensed consciousness, then fear could exist too. There had to be a world in which fear and love were seen face to face. These opposites were necessary to make the idea of separation possible. In this sense, the micro-particle of light—that part of the soul that conceives itself as separate from its Creator and everything—created a world of fear in its own way. Not the Earth, but a world that would rule the lives of its inhabitants.

Thus arose identification with body and personality. That psychosomatic self, the body and individual mind, would live next to another individual self, yet each isolated from the other: incomplete selves who would seek completion by themselves, seeking from outside what they lacked within—fractions of incomplete selves in search of their completion, so that their belief in separation, which is also a belief in lack, could be justified. That external world would be the living witness that would constantly remind the ego of its separation, autonomy, and cruelty.

Thus was born the house of cards that is your world, whose foundation is the desire to be special. It is a castle that in due time will crumble from the breath of truth that shows the perfect equality of everything. The ego was given a kingdom in which to be, a kingdom outside of the paradise of love. And at the same time it was prevented from accessing the tree of life—it cannot be eternal because it has denied the truth.

IV. The Battlefield

Everything born in time disappears in time. Time was created to give time for the experience of separation. Everything conceived by the ego is temporary because it is an idea of limitation. In this way God, in His perfect intelligence, accepted the idea of separation, the idea of fear, the ego, without violating freedom or truth. The ego is simply an option. Fear is a choice, as is love. Neither of these options is sinful. They are simply options.

Because it was desired to make separation real—which in reality is impossible because it is impossible to create an opposite to love—a temporary world was created in which separation seemed to be true. This experience is strictly temporary. The ego wanted to create the experience of being autonomous and separate from God, so a world of opposites was created within the matrix of pure potentiality—the world of good and evil, the world of love and fear, not in created reality but in the dream of forgetting the self. Now Adam—the molecule from which everything arose in the universe of matter, the particle of the soul that, having split, created multiplicity—fell into a dream. The dream of forgetting God, the amnesia of the soul, began. The soul fell asleep in the arms of the God of life. It began to dream a dream of its own creation. It began to create a nightmare of a world separate from the self, a world of fear, and limitation, a world without love, imagining that it was God and creating without God. For this to happen it has to first or simultaneously create a condensation that allowed it to entertain a limitation of lack and death. That is the body.

The body is where the ego lives in the house of cards. It is the perfect creation of the ego. In itself the body is perfect because it is the medium that allows you to perceive the full range of human experience in time and space. Just as an actor is the perfect medium for a play, the body is the perfect medium to represent separation.. This is how the tragedy was born, of the man who believes he is a body and lives inside it. He is trapped in a house of cards. He does not want to recognize that it simply is not true. It is true for him.

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