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The Dream of Adam

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Unconsciousness

Beloveds of God, lights that shine forever! Pure souls! We have come together in the consciousness of Christ in which lives all that is real. We come with gratitude, joy, and love. We come as the pure discernment that we are. We thank you once again for allowing us to dwell among you. We thank you for opening your hearts to the flow of divine union through which these words of light and purity flow. Value and honor the gift of these words, but above all realize that these dialogues occur in a mind united in the fullness of love, in one mind. These dialogues happen between you, the reader, and us. They are unique because you are unique and your response is unique. Heaven is calling you in answer to your call.

Creation will be explained in different phases as if it had occurred at various levels: seven days of creation, seven phases, seven levels, seven movements. This story—widespread in your separated minds—symbolically represents the different dimensions of creation. We have, so far, walked together through the story of the creation of pure spirit, pure soul, and the emergence of separation and fear as ideas that split from the spark of light that is the pure soul that sought to be a separate, autonomous self.

But history does not end here because the history of creation is eternal. And now the movement of eternal creation took another step. That part of the soul that split continued to condense or descend. The particles of light that emerged from the soul condensed to the point of creating matter. The physical world emerged. What you call life began. Necessary conditions were provided. Life in matter flowed from pure potentiality and perfect creative intelligence in what we might call a movement of condensation to become a wide variety of forms.

As the creative flow deployed, taking shape in matter, creativity was also increasingly expressed through the energy of fear. We have deliberately used the expression “energy” because we want to remind you that fear as an idea is simply energy, so is neutral, as is the energy behind the idea of every emotion. Keep this memory in your hearts: the idea of fear is energy just as the ideas of love, sadness, joy, or compassion are energy. Everything is energy in the sense that everything is pure thought or consciousness. Life is consciousness.

If the idea of fear is neutral, how then can it be the cause of a whole world? You must understand that there is a difference between the uncreated truth of love and that which you call love. The latter is not actually pure thought but an emotion expressed in the body. The feeling of fear is also an emotion expressed in the body. What many of you call “love” is a distorted reflection of perfect love. While “love” has its source in pure love—it still is not pure love because it is not devoid of fear. Love is the reality of what you are. It is the supreme reality of self. Love is not a feeling. Love is what you are. Love is God.

Fear is also an emotion, and therefore not part of the reality of the divine self who is pure love. How is it that one could give life to a world based on fear? Only through the existence of distorted perception. That perception is distorted by the ego’s self-involvement. This is where the highest degree of condensation or unconsciousness occurred, because the consciousness of ego is completely based on fear. In other words, ego is fear, even though its source is pure potentiality, unlimited creativity.

God does not limit. He is incapable of creating limitation. Therefore He does not limit the ego’s creative power. All the creative power of Heaven and Earth is within the grasp of the ego. You are daily witnesses to how active, and incessantly creative, is the ego mind. You are witnesses to how in the twinkling of an eye the ego can change its mind and create new perceptions about anything. In a single instant the ego is able to change the relative perception of what it perceives with great ease and creative dynamism. The ego never rests.

II. Amnesia of the Self

That the ego has power and that it is creative cannot be doubted. As we have already mentioned, this is because, in its origin, the ego comes from the pure potential of the soul. Therefore, as with all creative selves, the ego seeks to create. Yet what it creates is a separate and autonomous existence, based on its own confused image and likeness. It seeks to create permanence for itself. In this way, it acts similarly to when a cancerous cell decides to grow and function in its own way, disconnected from the laws of the rest of the body. Cancer cells act as if they no longer depend on the body that keeps them healthy and safe. Similarly, the ego’s fear creates disease in the body.

The ego’s distorted, self-involved consciousness decides to blindly attack creation. It is the decision of a part of the soul to create in its own limited image instead of extending the image of the Creator and thus living in harmony with the laws of love. We could say that the ego is an unwise decision or error because it seeks to achieve an unattainable purpose. It is an idea that is unhinged from the divine reality of love. Ego is an attack on love.

The idea of attack and loneliness is born of ego-consciousness, and with it the idea of death, because they are the same. We could say that a state of consciousness is born that allows the ego to know itself as a being that is alone and independent, a contracted self that does not wish to obey the laws of God.

The ego, in its creative potential, seeks to create a solitary reality—a reality in which each individual must cope by himself or herself to understand a world that neither loves, nor protects, nor can be understood, a world in which everyone lives alone, among other solitary selves who, like it, dedicate themselves to fighting each other and everything, a world in which everything has a desire to survive, despite knowing that death, which is the only certainty of that reality, will lead them to total and absolute separation by making them nothing. And all this is for the sole purpose of being able to sing a victory song of triumph over God. Thus the ego-consciousness seeks to create a solitary reality in which it lives without any real connection with anything, with the idea that an autonomous being can be real. For this to have been possible it was necessary to create the idea that God is an illusion. Yet only in illusion, only in a world of childish fantasies, could the reality of a solitary state be achievable. And that is what ego created: the great illusion of the world.

This is how condensation reached its zenith, its maximum expression. This is how fear, or ego-consciousness, took final form. Unconsciousness arose: a state of amnesia in which the self forgot its soul, spirit, and God. An impossible state. A state in which God became unknown to Himself. Adam’s dream was born.

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