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Fear is Born

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Divine soul, created by the love of the Father of all true creation! Once again we have come for love to remind you of the origin of all origins, to fully satisfy the natural impulse of the soul to know where it comes from, where it resides, and where it goes.

Everything was created by love, including you.

Before explaining what the memories of the soul reveal, be still. Stay very quiet in the presence of the love that you are. Five minutes of your time is more than enough. Even one minute. Just stay in the stillness of your soul, in that peace that you are, where the sweetness of love dwells. Enter that refuge of your minds and hearts where the world is left behind and only the radiant knowledge of truth remains. You are alone but not lonely. There, in that sacred space of your heart, you are one with us, with everything, and with God. There is regained the memory of the joy of union. There you remember that you are a soul. You are light. You are peace. You are perfect discernment. You are the solace of love. You are a drop of crystalline water emanating from the ocean of infinite love that is the Father. Remain very quiet in that sacred place. Be silent and listen with your heart to that of which we have come to remind you.

Now that you have been silent and are reconnected with the source of your being, your soul, you are in perfect condition to receive with your heart what comes from above and is given as a gift of eternal love.

Maybe some of you believe that talking about these things is meaningless. Some may not understand everything said here. It does not matter. The purpose of this work is to expand your consciousness through the healing of memory. The word of God is effective. It always fulfills its purpose. These words are no exception. We remind you that when we say “this work,” we refer to everything received and given through the scribe “A Soul in Love,” a pencil in the hands of love. Do not get distracted by the form of humanity who receives these messages but focus on the messages themselves. You are each receivers of these words. They were written for you. By your will you are receiving them with love. When you receive them, you make them one with you.

What each of you do with these words is unique because you each respond in your particular way to the word of God, reflecting the individuality of your own being. No two souls are identical. These words spring from the depths of a soul and are said for the soul. Understand this as a true act of humility of one who lovingly knows that these words are not his but Christ’s, even though they are expressed in his mind and heart just as they are in every mind and heart thirsting for love and truth. Children of love, this is humility. Never forget to be humble of heart, as is he who, for the simple reason of charity, shares these words to give light to your soul.

II. The Memory of Who You Are

We assure you in spirit and truth that once you finish receiving these words and welcome them with love, whether or not you understand—and as you apply no effort but do it for the simple joy of being alone with us as we enjoy being in divine union with you—that little by little you will begin to remember God because you will begin to remember your self. First it will be a small flash of light, a feeling of bliss. You will feel intuitively that you are much more than a body and a personality. It will be like a small musical note from a beautiful melody that, although loved, was forgotten. Then you will open yourself to mystery. And in less time than it takes a rooster to crow three times you will meet yourself and be surprised. Almost without realizing it, you will remember more and more the boundless truth of the self that you are, and joyfully accept that you do indeed know the voice you hear.

Once spiritual memory is healed, words or messages of any kind will no longer be necessary because, when you remember who you really are, you know. You know without any mental activity, without the effort of thinking.

Every moment you spend receiving the words of this work— either through the eyes reading the words, or through the ears that hear the spoken word—you are returning to the consciousness of the truth of what you are. You are returning to the Father’s house. You are being reborn in the presence of love. You are becoming aware of your resurrection. And so you return to the place that corresponds to you, the place that has never been usurped or annulled, where you continue to dance the majestic dance of creation. There in your sacred place, within the immeasurable immensity of the universe, you are a subtle drop of light that shimmers with the rhythm of love, just as atoms dance to the rhythm of life. There you are an atom of God, a molecule of love. There you are the immortal soul, particle of divine light.

Beloved divine souls! Do you realize how much joy it brings us to spend time in union with you? You are our joy. That is why we are burning with the desire to be together every day, united in this work of Heaven that, with you, we are putting into words, making a beautiful melody become a song. We are experiencing being one mind, one being, one soul, one holy love. We, your angels and your friends from Heaven, thank you for being as God created you to be and for expressing your love of your Creator by remaining united to us and to your own being. Remember once more that together we are the Heaven of the world. United we are the sacred heart.

III. The Idea of Fear Emerges

Now, within the crystalline drop of water, arising from the ocean of love that is the spirit of God, emanating from the divine body, within the particle of light that emanates from the ray of light that emerged from the perpetual sun, a thought split. A micro droplet cleaved from the pure drop. The thought of separation was born in the soul. It is as if the micro droplet said, “I am separate from the drop and the ocean. I am not that ocean. I am me, just me.” And from the thought of separation the thought of fear emerged, which is different from a feeling of fear.

The physical universe had not yet been born, nor had the consciousness that allows fear to be felt and perceived. At this level of creation, a level of pure abstraction, of pure thought, fear is neutral. It simply followed from the thought of separation. It was God thinking of being separated from God. Since God is unlimited, he would not put a limit on the thoughts of a particle of light. The soul is free within the pure potentiality of God. There was no reason to limit thought. God did not prevent the idea of fear, still abstract, from being created by that little part that separated from the pure soul, just as you cannot prevent your mind from conceiving ideas. The mind is unlimited.

In the pure potentiality of the divine mind a part of this mind could temporarily separate itself from itself and conceive the idea of being separate from God—an idea of an autonomous self, of a creative autonomy, of a self-sufficient being. The idea of a God separated from God was an unparalleled, daring, creative move, the fruit of the limitless potential of infinite mind. It arose in the firmament of peace that has no opposite. And in this way, the joy of eternal creative extension continues, the joy of creating eternally for God’s simple purpose of extending Himself in the love that He is.

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