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The Origin of the Soul

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. The Alpha and the Omega

Daughters and sons of God! Once again we have come in our countless number to dwell among you who are the abode of light. We thank God who in His infinite kindness bestows the ineffable gift of this union with you. You who are beauty personified, we love with a perfect love. You are the human God. We thank you for accepting and receiving us in your hearts. Feel the presence of our love that surrounds you everywhere, and remember: You are not alone, you never were, and you never will be. You cannot be separated from the love of God. You cannot separate yourself from eternal life, nor can eternal life be separate from you. Remember also that wherever divine love dwells, there we are, because love created us. You are one with the Father. You are one with us. You are one with all that is true. Your Father and you are one.

Worry for nothing. Leave all worries in the hands of the one who gave you life. There is no reason for concern. Concern is a thing of the past. Abandon that pattern, for it has no foundation in reality. You have the right to lay your yoke on the shoulders of love. Do it! Love can make miracles at any moment without your need to ask. It requires only that you make at least a small space in your tired mind and allow love to enter and do its work. It is enough to say wholeheartedly, “Come, Christ, come.” And in less time than it takes to ignite a coal, love will transform everything into love and holiness. Rest in the arms of love. There is nothing in your life that cannot be given to love and miraculously wrapped in the light of love. Be quiet. Dwell in peace. Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing affright you. Live in the consciousness of unity with Christ and with all that is beautiful, holy, and perfect. In short, live together with that which is in harmony, with that which you are in truth, with all that comes from God.

You have come alone to our union that is a dialogue of love and truth, alone in a solitude in which you are one with everything, alone in the eternal wonder of being who you really are. You have come alone in the solitude of completion that is the fullness of self. Now that you dwell in the abode of light, you are in the perfect condition to remember, once and for all, the origin of your soul. This is what we have come to talk about.

Although there are no levels in God—because everything exists in unity and therefore everything is simultaneous— in order to understand more easily the origin of creation and creation itself, we will speak of its stages. We will begin with the first and second levels of creation, the pure spirit and the pure soul.

II. The Joy of Creating

God, for the infinite joy of creating, eternally extended Himself from Himself, without failing to be what He is. In an act of unsurpassed joy, an act that is not an action but pure creative potential, He extended into a creative movement. In a game of creative beauty and ineffable joy—for there is no greater joy for the Creator than to create eternally— pure spirit came forth from the eternal matrix of God Himself. God created Himself as pure spirit in an inexplicable and indescribable movement of divine self giving birth to itself. All-embracing substance began a subtle movement from which a wisp of wind emerged. A soft, subtle ray of light emerged as pure spirit from an unchanging brilliance. The uncreated was born. From within the unshakable came a movement that emerged as pure spirit.

Spirit is formless. It is. It has no attributes. It just is. This is the same as saying that love is. This attribute-less spirit emanated from the origin of creation and hence the origin of life, that which has been called God, Abba, Yahweh, the divine mind, and the infinite thought of pure love. Spirit is unlimited and encompasses everything. It has no beginning and no end. This pure spirit dwells in the abode of love that is God Himself, within which everything exists, moves, and is. In spirit is consciousness, unlimited yet not without self-awareness. In spirit is self. Just self.

Even when in solitude, pure spirit is not alone. It is never alone, for it is in the pure fullness of itself, full of God, full of love, full of life, full of being. This first level of creation emerges subtly from the immutable. Even though it is pure movement, it never changes, like God Himself. It dwells in pure abstraction, in the pure potentiality that God is.

This first level of creation was only pure spirit. There were no planets, no galaxies, no matter, no time, no water. There was an idea of space but not space as you know it. The idea of space was pure abstraction from the unlimited thought of God, which provided space for the self into which spirit could extend. In this space was only pure spirit, only pure love unlimited space, pure freedom. In this first level there is only the purity of self. Pure spirit is pure thought, unlimited consciousness, unconditional mind. It is at this level that you are the one you truly are, pure spirit in full self-awareness, extending eternally by the mere joy of creation: radiant, unlimited, resplendent, one with God.

III. Soul Is Created

There is that in you which is spirit. There is that which is beyond the planets and the universe and within which everything exists, moves, and is. That is pure spirit. That is what you really are. Compared to the infinite vastness of the self that spirit is, the material universe is like a small mustard seed at the center of perfect spirit. That is where the Kingdom of Heaven, the divine reality, the abode of light, dwells—the only reality that is eternally true. There the self rests in the full knowledge of itself. The self knows. The self knows it is immutable and embraces everything within God. Creator and created are one. God and spirit—created as an extension of Himself—are one. Spirit is pure thought, unlimited, formless, the extension of God. It is one with God. It knows God.

Remember, now, beyond the material universe with all its galaxies, atoms, and particles. Right there spirit contains the universe. Right there the Father and the son are one. The son knows. He does not have a thinking relationship with the Father in which he observes him and says, that is my Father. Rather, in that reality is the perfect purity of the potentiality of God. In that reality—which is pure love—pure spirit knows. It knows the Father without the need for thinking. It knows oneness with the Creator. Herein lies perfect knowledge.

Now the pure spirit, the self that resides eternally in the perfect knowledge of its self, which never moves and which is immutable stillness, continues the dance of creation. Pure spirit, in an endless movement, continues to dance with the same God from which it emerged and continues to emerge eternally. The subtle ray of light continues the dance with the sun in perpetual, joyful creativity. Creator and created, Father and son, go on in the eternal joy of creating and extending themselves into all eternity.

Now begins the unimaginable. Pure spirit began to condense and descend. In the infinite ocean of love, in a subtle movement within its crystalline bowels, a drop of pure water splashed and leapt out of the body of the ocean itself. A pure drop was created. A particle of light arose from a ray of light as the effect of the dance of creation in which Creator and created eternally enjoy being known without limit. The pure soul was born.

IV. Pure Potentiality of Love

God in his infinite and pure potential conceived the idea of individuality. God, in a creative unequaled daring, by the pure joy of creating in love, extended the pure thought of love so as to know Himself as a uniqueness in which the part remains the whole. Thus pure soul was born from the bowels of perfect spirit like a ray of light emerging from the sun. The pure soul—which is light, which is love, which is God—rests in the fullness of being one with God, while yet remaining itself. God becomes individual without failing to be fully conscious of being the whole. Now God is both the one and the many. In that way, God Himself extends to the pure soul in all His divinity. At this level angels, cherubim, seraphim, and celestial beings exist. At this level they are particles of light that dance the merry dance of life in space without limit. Particles of light emerge from the subtle movement of the ray of light that arises from everything.

Each particle of light, each pure soul, contains in itself the pure potential of divine thought. The part contains the whole. The particle of light is essentially the same as the ray of light that gave it origin, the sun from which it emerged. The drop of crystalline water contains the ocean within itself, because its essence is identical and also different. What is different is still the same and yet not different. This is the audacity, the paradox, of creation—a creation still without planets, Earth, sun, or water.

Here still is only the Creator, the pure spirit that is pure movement, pure thought, created as the pure extension of the love that God is. Here too is the pure soul in all its magnificence, emerged from the subtle ray of light that is the unlimited spirit that emanated from the unshakable. Here, before time, emerged the soul in love, the beauty of God, your true identity, in oneness with the Divine All which you are, too. This is the pure soul as conceived by God, spreading infinitely, extending the love that God is. This is why no soul is equal to another. This is why your uniqueness, the soul you are, is sacred, holy, and perfect. This is why you must honor and love what you are because you are a unique face of love. Your soul is that unique aspect of God that only you can make known. This is why I truly tell you that you are one with God. You are true light. You are holiness personified. You are a soul dancing the dance of creation.

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