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The Abode of Light

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Dear children of eternal light! Again we have come to dwell among you. You are the abode of light. First of all we thank God the Father and Creator for allowing us to dwell among you. You must know, or rather remember, that you are in the plan. You are chosen to enlighten the world with your love, with the glow of wisdom that dwells in you.

We thank you for receiving these words full of love. Give thanks for the gift of this work, the blessed gift of these words that come from a love that is not of the world but is expressed in the world— a love given to you who are in the world but not of the world, a love given and received by you who welcome these words. You become the light of Christ by remembering who you really are.

Once again, let us remember what your minds and hearts united in fullness already know perfectly well. Remember, blessed of God, you do not belong to the world. You belong to love. You have been chosen in divine thought to spread love in the world, a new world whose foundation is truth.

Children of divine light, remember that love comes from the Most High, the source of all love, and extends to all creation, including the world you create when you allow the soul to open up to the constant and perpetual flow of God’s love. Remember the love that flows from the union of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary to you and from you to all. We thank God for you. You are the abode of light. You are love incarnated!

We speak to you in both singular and plural and also in both feminine and masculine because we—who are one with Christ and one with all, including you—know that we are one mind, one self, one God, united in the fullness of love. We who live in the eternal truth are the voice of true consciousness. For us there is no singular or plural, no feminine or masculine. There is only the self, which is totality. But given that for you there are still distinctions between singular and plural, feminine and masculine, we speak to you in both ways so that you experience the joy of unity.

Today we—the many who from Heaven dwell among you for love and divine grace—have come to speak of light from a different perspective. We have come to remind you of what you know but often forget. You are light because the Father of light created you in his likeness. The light exists to illuminate. You can only see when there is light. This is true as much in Heaven as on Earth. What you do not see with the eyes of the body is invisible. What you do not see with the light of your consciousness is also invisible. What happens, then, when you make invisible—by not seeing it with the light of your consciousness—your sister or your brother in Christ?

II. Expression and Knowledge

Your deepest fear is a fear of feeling. When you fail to see others or yourself from the light of your consciousness you are not coming from love. Love is light. You who hear these words, remember also that you were created as a unique self and you need to express yourself. The need for expression is an inherent need. In fact, this is the only need of the self because the self needs to know itself and cannot know itself unless expressed. To be known, the self must be expressed, just as God does with you and with everything. God has given everything that He is. You express yourself by the mere fact of being. In other words, you express yourself because you are who you are.

Given the need of self to express itself to know itself, each time you do not express your desires, viewpoints, ways of thinking, or needs, there is part of you that becomes invisible. You need to acknowledge your feelings, at least to yourself, or they will be invisible. There is wisdom in the energy of your feelings.

Since this work is an exercise in self-remembrance, we will use an example of everyday life to illustrate. If you are angry with a person or situation you may suppress your anger because of a prior judgment not to feel angry. Or you may just explode with anger and let that energy go out in a rage, in which case you lost the message it has for you. Alternatively, if you join with that energy within, then you keep united with life. Feelings bring energy of life. Life is like the center of a fire, and the flames of that fire are feelings, always on the move, always flaming. If you want to be united to life, you have to be united to whatever comes to your inner world, including feelings. Each feeling has a message for you.

You may either suppress or unconsciously express any emotion you experience. This is how fear manifests. These emotions do not go away but accumulate, and your true self becomes hidden, invisible. This is the opposite of love because love is given to itself without measure. Now we will remember together how fear leads you to make your true self invisible to both yourself and others.

III. Invisibility

Soul in love! Your true self has been invisible for so long that you think it’s natural. Since time immemorial, humanity’s desire to be special, which is the origin of separation, has subdued everything to its limited egoic self. Humanity had the mistaken idea that it could be separate from God and that it could be independent and self-sufficient. In that egoic self-absorption the true self became invisible. The desire to be special makes invisible everything that the ego fears is not worthy of its love or its recognition. But, sons and daughters of God, how could it extend its so-called love if this desire is itself a lack of love, the desire to glorify itself?

The memory of all unsatisfied needs—whether unsatisfied by people, things, circumstances, or ideas—has accumulated over generations and generations to become a set of memories that, together, are retained as humanity’s painful memory bank. Human suffering is born, grows, and develops from this source.

Every time you perceive your desires and needs to be unsatisfied, every time you feel run over by others or by life, you feel that you live in a world where you are at risk. This breeds fear in two different ways, something like two sides of a coin. One side is the fear of being dissatisfied and experiencing lack. The other is a fear that your will, your desires, your feelings, your very way of being is in danger of being annihilated.

You well know the pang of the shortcomings, which, although illusory, are perceived as real by those who believe that survival of the body is paramount. But remember also the second side of this coin of pain, the annihilated self. In a broader context, this trampling of will, desire, and feeling is the mechanism that, externalized, is exhibited in what you call “accidents.” An examination of what these accidents mean will show that, one way or another, you or the “other” have been invisible. Your world is full of eloquent examples of being invisible.

You live in a world of outrage. Outrage is merely a manifestation of what is inside your souls. You often bump up against each other, and not just in the crowded streets of modern cities. There would be no outrage were there no ability to run others over, nor the desire to do so. You run others over every time you decide not to see. Really seeing means seeing everything you are. It is an internal, not an external matter. As within, so without.

Children of God, to make invisible a sister or brother in Christ or any part of creation is to mutilate the consciousness of the self. To ignore feelings or desires in yourself or in your sisters and brothers creates a world of darkness in which you deposit everything you do not want to see. Everything invisible, everything ignored, is sent to these gloomy vaults of unconscious memory. These are the vaults of ignorance. This is dreaded hell. Not because it is scary, but because it becomes fearsome in your decision not to love part of yourself and therefore life itself.

IV. The Desire to Be and to Know

Perhaps you ask yourself: Why? Why do we who have already transcended the ego and dwell in the abode of light now speak of this to you? Because the mechanism of making invisible persists. It is a pattern of thought and emotional response. The habit of closing your eyes to what you have judged as fearsome or undesirable is your attempt to eliminate what you do not like from creation.

Love everything that arises. Follow your feelings wherever they may take you. If you bury your desires and needs, if you resist what arises, you cannot recognize that the self has only the desire to love and the need to be loved, and the desire to be yourself and the need to know yourself. There are no desires and no needs other than these.

If the desire and the unique need of the self is to love and be loved—which is the same as saying to be and to know—then why do you perceive countless needs, shortcomings, and desires? From where does the dissatisfaction arise but from unmet needs? Yet what needs could be left unsatisfied by a loving Father?

Children of love! Your Heavenly Father has created your self, with its inherent need to love and be loved, to be, to know, and to have full satisfaction. He never leaves you unsatisfied. In truth, only God is enough. God is the fullness of self because God is love. Recognize that only the confused identity of the ego— false needs disguised as being real—are what make you restless, anxious, and dissatisfied. There is no dissatisfaction whatsoever in your true being. All dissatisfaction is the effect of the mental mechanism and emotional response that still remains active as a pattern of memory. Release forever this mechanism. You don’t need it. You never needed it.

Do you really believe that God created you with needs that could not be satisfied? Condemned to unhappiness? Trapped in a greedy and desperate race whose unattainable goal is to satisfy insatiable needs? What an absurd belief! What joy to know that this is only a belief that, although rooted in the depths of the mind and the heart, can be let go of completely and forever to live in the fullness of love!

V. Distinguishing Your True Feelings

To distinguish true needs and true desires from the confused identity of the ego is the foundation of abundance and peace. Once you transcend all false needs and desires you will recognize that you need nothing else because all real need is fully satisfied, all real desire is always fulfilled. This is how you become aware that you are a perfectly complete self. You are a being without shortcomings. You are a full self.

The way to distinguish between true feelings and those that come from the ego lies in your ability to feel their energy. That is why it is so important that you are not afraid to feel. This is why you are asked, again and again, to love everything that arises, so that you allow yourself to feel the energy of whatever it is that you experience. You must learn to discern clearly between the feelings that come from love and those that do not.

Both the true feelings, which are those that come from your heart, as well as those that do not come from it, are vital energy. You know which come from truth and which do not by the energy that they elicit in you. The feelings that come from love are the true feelings of your heart. They bring certainty; the others bring restlessness. The true feelings of your heart bring peace; the needs and desires of the ego take it away. The first come simply; the second are accompanied by a confused swarm of emotions, a swirl of energy, a “mixture of emotions.”

Listen only to the voices that bring you joy and peace. The rest do not come from God.

VI. Providential Love

To fully express yourself is the only way to know yourself as God knows you eternally. For this to be a reality here and now we must retrace our way of being. This means that we must begin by lovingly recognizing and accepting all feelings, desires, and needs, respecting and honoring all that arises, and remaining in the silence of the heart. In this silence, where we observe without judgment, we lovingly look forward to the universe giving the answer to our desires.

Daughters and sons of God, be aware of the limitations of the ego, those needs that do not come from your true self. Do not suppress anything you feel or think. Do not censor what others feel or think. Rather, respect and honor your needs, your desires, your emotions, your feelings, and your ways of thinking. Love all that you are now. Love what arises. Become the unbiased observer who quietly embraces all that arises in your heart. Be aware that the need to love and be loved is the only need that exists in everything. It is a need fully satisfied by love.

Dissolve the painful memories that have accumulated for centuries. Abolish suffering completely. Fearlessly embrace everything that arises. Nothing can happen to you that isn’t perfect. Any experience you have from now on will be the perfect means for the dissolution of pain. Everything will grow more and more in happiness and fulfillment. Now you are ready to let everything be seen, everything be manifested. All is embraced in the tenderness of love. Everything is included in peace.

Allow your whole being to remain in the light of truth. Make nothing invisible. Stay awake in the light of holiness. Be lovingly attentive. Stay in the silence of love. Leave nothing outside your abode of light. Enlightening your inner world will illumine the outside world. Enlightenment means to stop succumbing to the fear that seeks to protect itself. Listen exclusively to the call of love. It is the call to union, to the union of all that you are in truth. This is the call to love and be loved, the jubilant recognition that only in light can you see, and only love is light. It is also the happy acceptance that all true light comes from the wisdom of the heart. It is the full recognition of the holiness you are.

Holy sisters and brothers, love your feelings, whatever they may be, for they will take you back home, back to the abode of light. Thank you for allowing us to dwell among you and to answer the call of love.

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