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The Miracles of Love

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Beloved children of love that God is! By the will of the Father we have come from Heaven, united in the purity of your hearts. We thank you for opening your hearts to the call of Heaven and allowing us to dwell among you who are incarnate holiness. A shower of blessings is poured out upon you who receive these words and over the whole world.

Express your gratitude with us—who have come to spend this time in union and holiness with you—to the blessed hand of the receiver of these words, that having been offered entirely to the will of the Father, has become a loving instrument for the ineffable love of God to be embodied in words. Since these words come from the holy, since they come from wisdom not of this world, they traverse time and space to arrive where they must. Thus they are given and received by all. These words now dwell in your united hearts and minds. They emerge in unity from the depths of yourselves. We are one heart, one soul. United, we are the light that illumines everyone.

Today we have come to put into words what is unspoken: the cries and yearnings of your hearts. Listen to this message with love and joy. We have come to tell you that this pang you feel is the call to consecrate your lives to God. The soul that has awakened to love has a single yearning, the yearning to consecrate itself to God. That is why you seek and why you find. Taste what you discover, for in that taste you grow more and more in the desire for union with God, with yourself. That is also the reason why you are reading these words. The deep longing of your soul is what caused these words to be given, received, and written. The longing for consecration to divinity is what makes this blessed hand dedicate himself to writing these words tirelessly regardless of the affairs of the world.

II. Consecration to Love

Blessed soul, what is read, heard, and expressed here are not simply words. It is the living expression of the love that you are in Christ. It is the symbolic expression of a truth that is beyond all symbols but that can reflect the light of holiness.

The human word is not merely a set of symbols. Whenever words remain united to the truth they are a gleam of light reflecting the truth they represent. Thus, together with the truth, words are like luminescent fireflies shining in the night. What would fireflies be without night? What would light be without darkness? Where would beauty be born? Where would radiance dwell?

Every human word is like a little flash of light that illumines. They always illumine in the sense that they always manifest, unveil, that which is in the depths of the heart, in the darkness of the unmanifested. Pure words sprout from a pure heart. Chants of praise sprout from a joyful heart. The human word can be a reflection of the truth, an expression of beauty, a manifestation of love that lives in the immensities of your mind. There’s no reason for it not to be so. As humanity you are embedded with holiness. Remember often that you are light emanating from the Father of lights and that when you abide in the presence of love you abide in union with Christ. Remember that you are the joy of God.

III. The Shout of the Self

Children of a light that is never extinguished! Don’t be afraid of the dark. Darkness can’t hurt you any more. What you perceive as darkness is nothing more than the sacred mantle in which mystery, the unknown, is wrapped. Ever since man has existed on Earth, there have always been women and men who have consecrated their lives to divinity, sisters and brothers in Christ who have answered this irresistible call that impels the soul to be consumed by love.

Children of uncreated beauty! The time has come. Do not block your deepest yearnings. Consecrate your lives completely to God and you will see the birth of the new in your existence. Remember that Heaven begins on Earth. There is no need to keep waiting. Yell to the four winds. Shout your love to God. Dance and sing. Take up the zither. Sing a new song. Sing the song of holiness. Make your life a symphony of love, a prelude to the Second Coming.

You who have grown in the desire to find God, who feel the irresistible desire to follow a call you cannot put into words, realize that your intuition unmistakably leads you to live for the One who is your Source. You know well the call of love heard in your heart. You know because you are a child of love. Let yourself be carried away by that call. Surrender before its majestic music. Let yourself be intoxicated with divine love. Drink the wine of holiness.

You who have awakened to love, now is the time to take a step that naturally follows, the step of consecration. Do not listen to voices that say you are not worthy of the call of God. You are. All are called. All are invited at all times and in every place to devote your lives to love. Consecrating your life to love is simply to live as you really are. You are love and nothing but love because only love is true. You are one with God and God is love. Only love is real.

IV. Be It Done to Me

Dear children of the truth that is always true! You are called now to become part of God’s active and conscious plan, part of His purpose. Do you not remember that I said that I should take care of my Father’s business? I am the consciousness of Christ. I am the voice of consciousness. I am the voice of your true consciousness. That is why you know, in a way that the thinking mind does not want to understand, that what I say is true because it comes from the eternal truth, which is the truth of you. If you recognize my voice, and you know that you recognize it, it is an unequivocal sign. I am the living Christ speaking to you through countless angels who have come together to dwell with you and the whole world, and through the friendly hand that has offered itself as a scribe of Heaven. We do it out of love. We are the one and the many. United, we are the Heaven of the world.

Beloved of God, the time has come to leave doubt behind. The time has come to leave behind plans that lead to nothing eternal. The time has come to devote fully to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in undivided union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is the refuge of Divine Love that the soul seeks. The time has come to say, as did Mary, “Be it done to me according to Your Word.”

Beloved children of the Eternal, live continually in the presence of love. Consecrate yourselves to God. Let yourselves be loved. Give yourselves the sublime gift of the holiness you are. Encourage yourselves to live as the divine beauty that you truly are.

Daughters and sons of the resurrection, consecrate your lives to love and you will see miracles.

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