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Devotion: Union of the Three Hearts

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Mary, Jesus, and You

Soul in love, in love with Christ! Thank you for answering the call of love. Thank you for allowing us to dwell with you—you are holiness personified—and with the many who join these dialogues. We are one mind. We are one heart. We are one single self.

Today we have come from Heaven by the grace of the will of the Creator. We have come wrapped in a joy that has no end. We have come to give you a treasure of unimaginable grace. We are burning with the desire to give you a blessed gift that the Most High has offered. This gift reflects a thought of God and is part of the eternal design. From time immemorial this channel of grace that we give today has been safeguarded, out of love, until the perfect time to be given. That time has arrived.

This treasure, which has always been conceived in divine thought, and which we give you with all the love of the Heavenly Father, is a practice, the “devotion to the union of three hearts.”

This devotion is an effective and necessary instrument within the divine plan. It is a channel of supreme blessing. It is a bridge through which the human heart is deliberately united with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, united as inseparable concentric circles, transforming the soul that practices it in an undivided unity with Christ. All the divinity of Christ in His love and light wraps the soul that practices this devotion. Divinity penetrates the praying soul that has consciously decided to practice this devotion of the union of three hearts.

Those blessed souls who consciously follow this path of holiness come to recognize the purest union of the heart of Jesus, the heart of Mary and the heart of creation. Union is what encompasses all of humanity and every aspect of material and non-material creation. In this union of three hearts, in this most holy trinity, resides the union of the totality. Residing in this union is how you remain in the presence of love.

The practice of this form of veneration entwines the three hearts and leaves the human soul immersed in the love of the most holy trinity. It creates a new fabric by interweaving all human hearts with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In this way is a new Heaven and a new Earth created, literally bringing Heaven to Earth, creating a new reality based on perfect love, and a new life not only for the devout soul that follows the call this devotion to the union of three hearts but for the whole world. Your lives will see the shift towards a new experience of universal love. Test it and see for yourself. It is God’s promise.

II. The Second Coming of Christ

This path of union creates a flow of grace that proceeds directly from the triune love of the Father and flows to souls, and from them to all that is. The soul that follows with holy observance becomes aware of the totality of truth within this union. The all of everything becomes reality in this holy devotion. It is a gift of grace for humanity in these times of preparation for the Second Coming of Christ. No human mind can imagine the depth, width, length, and extent of the miracles and blessings that flow through this channel of divine love. This is because there is no human or angelic mind capable of penetrating into the whole meaning of the Second Coming.

Sisters and brothers who live in the peace of God, you will immerse yourself in deep gratitude. Listen carefully and accept with love this gift from Heaven. Those who practice this form of expression of charity will increasingly burn with the fire of divine love of the Second Coming. They will be a permanent hosanna sung to the Father. They will make the land beautiful by sowing it with lilies and daisies, preparing it for the Second Coming, creating a new Eden for the coming Christ.

Just as the first coming was prepared by countless souls who through time were called to join the chorus of the first Advent of Christ, now begin the times when a new chorus of perfect souls is assembled, souls chosen out of time to be instruments of preparation. These human spirits have reached the threshold of the Kingdom of Heaven and shine with holy luminescence even if they do not understand it or are not fully aware of it. A spirit of harmony will cause each soul included in the design to be touched and invited to this holy devotion. Their names are written in the book of life.

Devotion to the union of three hearts is a service of love for creation. Its purpose is to initiate a foundation of universal reach in the spirit of God. This foundation gives birth—through this devotional path—to a new chorus of souls, the choir of Advent worshipers.

Whoever venerates the union of three hearts receives Christ.

III. Structures, Symbols, and Essence

Beloved children of the three times holy! Remember that symbols should not be used to separate. No form is essential. This devotion is universal. Everyone is invited to it regardless of their religious traditions. None of that matters. Only love matters. Do everything with serenity, joy, and ease. Do not make an effort. Simply enjoy this devotion. Do it out of love for yourselves, your sisters, and your brothers. You can pray in other ways, even with silence or a simple thought as the mind indicates. The secret of devotion to the union of three hearts does not reside in its symbol but in the deliberate decision to live in unity as joyful worshipers of the Second Coming. This is an honor and a gift.

Remember as often as possible that the essence of this path is to manifest holy love in an observable way, and thus abide in the presence of love within the world of form. This will transform form into love according to God’s plan, creating a new Heaven and a new Earth. Silence is a friend of holiness. Therefore try to keep quiet most of the day when it is not necessary to talk. Speak what is just, needed, and kind. Be modest in everything.

This path has no fixed structure to follow, although one is offered. Do not be tied to any kind of rigidity. However, since some of you benefit from a structure, it will be given. What is essential is the sincere purpose of your heart. The purpose is to pray joyfully for the following three intentions: for the Second Coming of Christ, for the salvation of the whole world, and for the atonement of souls through the love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

When you awaken each morning, praise God with a song of gratitude. Make this song of perfect praise yours. The angels will surround you every time you pray. Your prayer will be like incense that rises to the Heart of the Father. It is God’s promise. Pray the prayer of the union of three hearts with the intention for the Second Coming:

Heavenly Father, I bless you, I praise and thank you for the union of our hearts with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in whose unity we live forever in harmony and holiness with all creation, and for your mercy and kindness. Father, let the Second Coming of Christ be manifested in us now. Come, Christ come, do not delay, come to illuminate and flood the Earth with your light and with your love. Come and burn our hearts with the fire of your love. Come and we will sing together forever of the mercies of God. May the angels of Heaven and all creation sing a hymn of praise and gratitude to the Christ of God. Amen.

We also give you a short prayer for the union of three hearts:

Come, Christ, come. Illuminate and flood the Earth with your light and with your love.

You can also begin the day with a visualization of a medallion that has a symbol on each side. The faith and love that you have for symbols will allow you to go beyond them, integrating into your present reality the truth that they represent—uniting symbols with that which is beyond all symbols, uniting the visible with the invisible, form with content, , material with the spiritual, love with truth. This is a way to honor the spirit within the form and create the consciousness of unity. Your mind and heart will become increasingly aware of the union of body and spirit, the singular and universal. This is the embrace. This is love.

Image of medallion

On the front side of the medallion is three intertwined hearts surrounded by a circle of twelve stars that represent all creation. Below the three intertwined hearts are the words, “Come, Christ come.” On the other side of the medallion is a triangle with a dove in flight at its center, representing the love of the Holy Trinity. This triangle is also surrounded by a circle of twelve stars. The symbol represents the union of the known and the unknown, the encompassable and the immeasurable, Earth and Heaven, humanity and divinity. It also expresses longing and gratitude for the Second Coming of Christ. Visualize this image with veneration, respect, love, and faith every day you can.

At three o’clock every afternoon a gate into timeless time opens. This is the hour of Divine Mercy when Jesus took his last breath, a sublime and exalted hour in which the floodgates of merciful love of the Father for the world open. If you cannot do it at this time, you can replace it with the short prayer for the union of three hearts. Honor this hour as an ineffable gift of God’s infinite love for salvation. Pray the prayer of Divine Mercy with the intention for the salvation of the whole world, for everything in human form:

Oh Divine Mercy, infinite compassion! You are the amazement of the angels and the delight of the heart thirsting for love and truth. In You, the devotee trusts and the sage awaits. In You the minds that seek peace calm down. Before everything existed, You existed. In You everything was created. You are a safe refuge for souls and joy of spirits. My heart invokes You in response to your call. Here I am, Divine Mercy. Here I am, essence of my being. Spill yourself in me and water the Earth with your love.

(See the Appendix for the traditional Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Chaplet to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.)

At six o’clock every evening, pray to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the universal Mother, the source of creation. Do it with the intention for the atonement of souls. Honor this hour of the evening for what it is, the hour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a holy hour in which the purity of the Mother of all creation is completely poured into souls and the whole world. It is a time that commemorates the assumption into Heaven of the Mother of love, demonstrating that the elevation of form is no longer a myth but a jubilant reality. By venerating this hour, the whole world is immersed in the light of holiness. Receive with love the new Song of Mary:

My soul sings the greatness of the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior. Because He poured out His blessing on all creation. He did great things in me. The grace of His love fertilized my self, making me the wife of His divinity. Let the universe sing a hymn of praise and gratitude to the love of love. Let everyone know that God is merciful, that His Kingdom is eternal, as eternal is His love for His children. His fidelity is unbreakable and great is His power. May all open their hearts to the Christ of God and live in the glory of love.

(See also the traditional Song of Mary, or Magnificat, in the Appendix.)

At the end of the day praise God in such a way that your whole day is dedicated to praise. Praise the angels of God with the prayer of the union of three hearts, then the prayer of Divine Mercy for humankind, and then the Song of Mary. The archangels and seraphim will take your soul during the night and fill it with love and wisdom. And your dreams will be happy dreams because they will be holy. The whole world will benefit from your prayer. A blanket of stars and blessings will silently cover and protect you. It is God’s promise: a refuge of holy love.

IV. Devotion as Manifestation of Love

Daughters and sons of holiness, you cannot even imagine the shower of blessings you and the whole world receive when you sing the Song of Mary. Heaven together with its angels, archangels, seraphim, and celestial powers, together with all the magnificence of creation joins you when you unite by means of this perfect praise. It is the hymn of gratitude of the first advent of Christ. Make it also the second one. Do not stop singing with the angels and the Mother of God. Make it yours. It is a gift of love for you and for all.

Bear in mind that the essential thing is to unite in spirit and truth with the triple purpose of praying for the Second Coming of Christ, the salvation of the whole world, and the atonement of souls, through praises at the beginning of the day, honoring the hours of Divine Mercy and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to end the day praising God the Father and Creator for His love and kindness. This is how you will bring the Christ of God. Through your deliberate decision to remain in the union of three hearts you will bring Heaven to Earth and your lives will experience an unparalleled change in love and holiness. It is God’s promise.

You who receive this invitation to be part of this new celestial choir of worshipers, know that it is Heaven that is calling you. Know also that whoever follows this path will sing with Christ a new song forever. You will sing eternally the mercies of God.

Blessed are you who by joining the devotion to the union of three hearts bring the living Christ to Earth. The angels surround you everywhere and the love of the Holy Trinity embraces you, spilling a flood of grace and blessings throughout the Earth.

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