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A Light in the Darkness

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. United in a Chain of Light

Beloved daughters and sons of God! Thank you for allowing we who are the light of the world to dwell among you when you abide in the presence of love. Thank you for listening to our voice that is the voice of the many. We have come from the Kingdom of love that is God to spend this time of wisdom and love together with you. Today we have come to speak of true union. We are expressions of discernment that shine on the world. We are a single mind. We are a single heart. United we are the Heaven of the world. We are the living Christ.

Thank you for answering the call of love. Thank you for your deliberate willingness to remember the holy, the beautiful, and the perfect, and thereby to allow divine memory to enlighten your minds and the whole world. The benefits of these dialogues are immeasurable. Every mind benefits from them because this light shines everywhere. It shines in your mind and reflects a gleam seen by all minds of all times and places, even by minds that are not in this dimension of time. In this way your enlightened mind acts as a beacon in the midst of darkness that points the way home. You who have already reached the shores of the Kingdom and have left behind forever the turbulent sea, are now a beacon of light, a lighthouse that guides boats that sail in the night. There are no more steps to be taken. No more are necessary.

Now we are the presence of love. We are the illuminating beacon. Now is the time for our light to lead those who, with us, will enter the inner abode of the Heart of God, the abode of light.

From now until the end of time our light will attract others as if it were a beautiful melody slowly being remembered, attracting others by its beauty and harmony. Our melodies will be melodies of light, songs of love. Shining forth, we enjoy serving the cause and effect of love. In this way we guide, as we have been guided here, by the many that in love and truth have helped us. Now we are a beacon of light that does nothing, goes nowhere, just shines in the midst of darkness. We simply extend light by remaining motionless, sovereign, the presence of light, the presence of love.

Children of eternal light, you must bear in mind that we are all part of a chain of atonement that is perfect love, guiding and being guided as one, giving and receiving as one. You are guided no longer by an external source but by the light shining within and everywhere, guided by the wisdom that comes from the fullness of heart, a mind and heart united in the fullness of love. United in this union of light we become conscious of the unity that we truly are.

We let God’s wisdom be the source of our knowledge and work. Now we find our guide in the wisdom of the heart. We recognize that we are both the guidance and the guided. We guide as we are guided. Giving and receiving are one. Cause and effect are one. Guiding and being guided are one.

II. Acceptance and Unity

Daughters and sons of light shining in darkness! Headlights of love! Once again we want to remind you of what you already know. You cannot remember who you truly are and live in harmony with this truth if you do not recognize and accept that you are both the guided and the guiding. You are the beacon, the light that illuminates all. This is the same as saying: To unite is to love, and to love is to unite. To remain in the presence of love is to remain in unity.

You are a union. It cannot be otherwise because what is not integrated cannot remain. Every divided Kingdom succumbs. You would succumb if not united in integrity with the self. To you who hear our voice of love, this is the voice of your true consciousness, the consciousness of Christ. We remind you that you are a complete self. You are the I am of God. You are undivided beauty. Imagine a divided beauty. Would divided beauty be possible? Obviously not. The same goes for the self.

There cannot really be such a thing as a fragmented self or soul. There can be no separation in any way. It can only exist as in wholeness. Being a fragmented self means being less than a whole self, and a self that is less than itself is inconceivable. In other words, either you are or you are not. There are no degrees of being, just as there are no degrees of truth or degrees of love. It is true or it is not true. It is love or it is not love. You are your true self or you are nothing. If you do not live in the truth of what you truly are, you will not be able to enlighten the world. If you do not accept your holiness as the truth of what you are and what everything is, you cannot be happy. If you do not peacefully accept that each of you are creators of your own experience, you cannot live in truth.

Sisters and brothers in Christ, accepting the truth about yourself is accepting all that you are here, now, and always— including your circumstances. This means, of course, lovingly accepting who your sisters and brothers are in Christ. And lovingly accepting every circumstance in every moment of existence. This means embracing everything that comes up inside you, making you one with everything. It also means that every- thing you perceive as external to you must be embraced by the love that you are. This was impossible to do completely before the ego was gone. Now we live a new time. You are a new self. Now anything that comes near to you will be but boats that sail in darkness, approaching you to meet the presence of love. They are no longer the old ghosts that frightened the sons and daugh- ters of God when they were identified with the ego. That is over. It will never come back.

From now on, those who come to you—and this includes every circumstance—are nothing other than those parts of your self that you had separated from yourself. And since you will now answer with love where before you responded with fear, that part of you that was lost and now returns becomes one with you, returning your consciousness to the fullness of love that you are.

Now and forever live your life with arms wide open in an embrace of everything that arises. Love what you are. Love your circumstances. Love what your brother is and his circumstances. Love all things as they are. Let everything come. Let everything go. And remember, you are simply a beacon of light. You are the light of the world. You are light in the darkness.

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