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The Call of Love

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prayer As Union

Daughters and sons of light that will never wane! This time we have come as light, the light that illuminates every man and every woman. As children of light we are in perfect equality of love with you, who, when abiding in the presence of love, are also the light of the world. We have not come to criticize or to tell you things that we know and you do not., That would be impossible. We come as beings in Christ from all the universes created, from the perfect creation of the Father, to dwell with you in love. The world is tired of critics and teachers. Let this fatigue tell you something. Let yourself be carried away by that fatigue. Embrace the boredom that the soul feels. Embrace that genuine tiredness of all that is coming from an external wisdom that purports to tell you what you are and how you should act—as if someone external to you could know more than you of who you are, what you must feel, and how to act. That could not come from Christ, especially in these times when the Immaculate Heart of Mary is in perfect unity with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and both are united to your heart, becoming as one heart, one soul, one God, one holy will. This is the union of the three hearts that we refer to again and again so you remember our source and our purpose, our alpha and our omega.

Today we come again to talk heart to heart. This message is for you, for love. Listen to this urgent call of love and rejoice, for it is call to live and stay in the presence of love. It is an invitation to live in constant prayer. Prayer must be your life. Prayer must be your way of being so that you can move from the state of loving or being loved to that of being the presence of love— from the state of praying to a state of union that is true prayer. Prayer is the life of the soul. Prayer is the nectar that makes the soul a soul. It is its essence. Prayer is union arising from your deliberate decision to join the Christ in you and with us who are Christ.

True prayer is divine union. True prayer comes only from a state of unity, and hence from love. It is a dialogue between you and your God, between you and your self. It is the direct relationship between you and everything you really are—a union with all your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, memories, desires, and more. In that loving union, in which you embrace all that you are, and thus embrace all that your sisters and brothers are in truth, you remain in constant prayer. Prayer does not imply words, thoughts, or effort of any kind, even though it may include them. Such union encompasses the desire to remain in unity.

II. The Healing of Memory

Prayer is not only a vehicle of miracles but also a great healer of memory. There is a direct relationship between prayer and divine memory. That part of you that knows God but has deliberately forgotten can be peacefully reversed, undoing the amnesia in which your mind has been wrapped, allowing a return of the glorious memory of who you really are. Divine memory can be known now, waking you from the dream of oblivion to remember who you really are, to remember the love you really are, to remember you are not alone even for a single moment, to remember your union with us and allow us to have a sensitive relationship with you every moment, joyfully knowing for certain that we are all united by an invisible thread that makes us one with everything. This is an umbilical cord that unites us all with our Divine Mother and with each other. That invisible cord allows the flow from us to everything that is beautiful, healthy, good, and holy.

You can interrupt your connection by cutting or obstructing the cord. But those who lovingly receive these words maintain the umbilical cord of life, no longer separated from God. You are children of the resurrection. Hence there is no need to consider the terrifying prospect of a child in its mother’s womb without the flow of life. It is not necessary to think of anything that had caused pain since you are now the children of the resurrection.

This is the call of love. It is the call to remember only and exclusively the love that you have received and given. Let memory be illuminated by the light that shines everywhere, the light of the living Christ. This is how you join in the joy of being and release the state that was fear. Let it go by deciding to forget any offense received, all pain experienced, all sin perceived. Let divine memory return to your enlightened mind and allow the miracle of healed memory. In this way memory will become perfect prayer born and developed in union, in joy. In this filial trust of knowing, our union is the imaginable and unimaginable beauty that we are. In this union with all that we truly are, we unite with the whole and experience the perpetual joy of living and being who we are. We don’t judge anything. We are only the presence of love, and thus we respond to the call of union, the call of love, now and forever.

III. Union and Creation

Prayer, or union, is creative, and only union creates. Only from a state of love, only from a state of unity, can you join in prayer. In other words, prayer that does not come from union arises from the fear of separation, which is not prayer at all.

Children of light shining everywhere! You have to remember that creating a new reality for your existence here and now, for yourself and for everyone, is both possible and necessary. That is why the urgency of the call of love. It is a loving urge to create a new experience based on perfect love for you and the whole world. It creates a new Heaven and a new Earth. Creation is that which arises from prayer in union, a constant dialogue, a loving acceptance of all that is, in Christ, our self. From this unconditional acceptance in the love of all that you are will emerge a new reality expressing the beauty of what you are in truth, expressing the perfect, the healthy, and the holy. In short, based on the love that you are. You will see a loving transformation emerge before you, leaving your soul full of peace and happiness. Beloved children of God, this will work! Miracles shall flood the Earth with their light and benevolence. Pray, pray, pray. Accept all that you are in love and truth. Embrace everything that arises within the love that you are and you will see the birth of a new Heaven and a new Earth. You will see the sun, that is love, and sing a hymn of joy and gratitude that never ends.

Blessed are you—soul in love—who has responded to the call of love.

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