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The Origin of Creation

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Daughters and sons of The Highest, today we have come to talk to you about the origin of creation. Before we develop the topic we have come to share, we would like to ask you to allow us to spend some time together, a time full of love and truth. A time that is transmitted and experienced from a triune heart to a triune heart. I speak to you in the plural so that you know for certain that we are many, many who have come and are, here and now. To you who read these words, we tell you: realize that countless numbers of celestial beings are surrounding you at this very moment. The very Jesus of Nazareth, the human God, is looking at you with loving devotion. The mother of love is embracing you and absorbing you in her Immaculate Heart, giving warmth to your heart and to all that you are. Angels surround you everywhere and the symphonies of Heaven gather in a chorus of praise wrapping your whole self and your whole existence. The harmonies of Heaven flood the Earth with love and mercy through this manifestation that, here and now, becomes present. Feel the beating of the wings of the Seraphim. Feel the sweetness of love.

You who read these words, and you who have been chosen to receive and give these words in an act of perfect creation in the design by Him who is three times holy, you must know that Heaven has descended to you and from that union is everything done. All that is expressed in this blessed work is materialized by means of these word-symbols—symbols that are the manifestation of a dialogue between you and creation, between you and Heaven. You are the one who gives life to these words. Become aware of this union between Heaven and yourself because we are literally surrounding you everywhere and filling your whole self, your life, and your existence with infinite love, light, tranquility and peace. Feel the tenderness of love. Feel the peace and rest that spring from this refuge of divine love in which we are together. Enjoy this time of union. Feel embraced by love, because love is embracing you.

II. The Self As Source

Every creation has a source. It starts with something. You have a source yourself and you must have started from something. Something must have preceded you. This eternal truth is implicit even in form, which mimics content. Everything comes from something or someone. Bodies emerge from other bodies. Flowers emerge from other flowers. Ideas are concatenated one after another, giving life to their contents and creating new ideas, new thresholds of the mind.

The mind is a creative medium. It is a means through which all creation is manifested. Creation is a literal expression of something through both mind and heart. As much as it seems to be, the thinking mind is not a source of creation. Even though feelings and emotions seem to create an emotional state or climate, the heart is not a source of creation. There really has to be something that precedes the mind and the heart for creation to take place and that uses both mind and heart in its expression. Consciousness is also not a source of creation because consciousness is simply that part of the self that makes you aware of what the mind and heart are manifesting. Consciousness is the window of the self by means of which you know yourself. We could then argue that will and its freedom of choice are a source of creation, and that all creation is the result of a creative will. However, the will and its freedom—in the degree that it is, because you can limit it—cannot be the source of creation because will and freedom are means and not ends. The end or purpose of creation is not for the mind, nor the heart, nor the consciousness, nor the will.

If every creation has a source it must have purpose. The mind, the heart, the consciousness, the will, and freedom cannot be the end of creation; they cannot be their purpose. What sense would it make to create all of creation with the only purpose being to give conscious existence to the mind, the heart, the will, the self, and consciousness itself? Can you, with your thinking mind, create a star? Can you, with your human will, create a sun? Can you make the mountains change place and plant themselves in the ocean through your feelings and emotions? How many times do you want something to be a certain way and yet it is otherwise? It is what it is.

III. The Unified Self

Sons and daughters of purity, the thinking and non-thinking aspects of mind—that is to say imagination, memory, feelings, emotions, free will, and consciousness—are simply faculties of the soul. Just as a physical body has feet to walk and a mouth to speak and many other parts that have a function, so too is it with the soul. Do not confuse the faculties of the soul with the soul itself. The faculties of the soul are simply that: faculties. They are the tools that allow the expression of the potentiality of the soul in form. Potentiality of the soul is manifested through its faculties by becoming an act. Creation is the expression of potentiality through its faculties.

Now we replace the word soul with the word Self. For the last time we use the capital letter to distinguish the old self, the false identity or false image of yourself, from the true Self created by God as God created you to be. It is no longer necessary to make this distinction between self and Self since every sister and brother in Christ who has come here has already gone through the process of undoing the ego and is no longer the old self that used to be. The old man or the old woman has been left behind forever and has already been abandoned.

Now you are one: a new self. The real self that God created in His will. Now you are one soul. One self. One heart. You are one with all that you are and with all that is. Yet this new self that you are is what still generates some discomfort, restlessness, and impatience. For the old self has vanished forever—and with it a whole world—returning to the dust from which it had emerged, and a new self has begun to shine like the light of the world. Little by little you will get more and more used to your glory and your power, to the magnificence of the self that you really are. To facilitate this we will not make any more distinctions between self and Self. Now we’re talking only about the true self. We’re talking about you and me and everyone.

The self is the source of creation, its origin, and its purpose. Creation is nothing other than the potentiality of spirit manifested in form. Self expresses itself by reason of being what it is. Every self expresses itself and cannot stop expressing itself. That expression of self is what we call creation. Therefore, the origin of creation is the self, the spirit, the soul.

But what are we talking about? Only the true self, which is love. Love is the self that is the origin of creation. Nothing can be created without love because outside of love there is nothing. To be the love that God is, and to proceed as an extension of God, is the only thing in the universe that possesses within itself potential and true creative power. This nucleus of power resides in every spirit and is its only reason for being. Thus the mere existence of the self causes creation to spread. The power of extension of creation cannot be abolished because it is inherent in self.

IV. Love and Creation

Love is the origin of creation because only love is. The power to be both cause and effect that is characteristic of love is the power behind everything in creation. The power that resides in love is the power that activates the will so that that which is potential becomes active. This is how love manifests, by extension. The origin of creation lies in the very nature of the unstoppable impulse of love to extend itself to be known. That force that created the whole universe resides in you. There is a nucleus within you that is united with the divine nucleus. It pushes your spirit and spurs it to spread, to get out of the chrysalis and start flying.

Daughters and sons of light! Understand this surely: to express love is to create. To express love is to be as God created you to be. To express love is to express yourself in truth. Only compassionate feelings and loving thoughts are the truth about you. Only happy memories. Only images of beauty and harmony. Only the purity of your heart. Only the joy of self. Only holy words are the truth about you. Embrace the love within you. Join with the love that lives in you. Feel the tenderness of love. Remain where love dwells and let love express itself through its power. Love and only love will save the world. Not love as conceived of in a distorted way for centuries, but only true love. The love that you truly are. Your self.

Everything that is love in you is what will begin to expand today.

This is a call to your will and all of your faculties. This is a call to allow the explosion of the power of love that you are. You who read these words are ready to let the love that you are manifest. Do not choke it off. Be pulled by the wings of the spirit of God. Be pushed to extend more love and thus continue to create from your self.

Sisters and brothers in the light, stay in the presence of the love that lives in the undivided union of the three hearts now and always. This will save the world and will create new universes, infinite universes whose foundation will be peace. Eternally enjoy the game of beautiful love, the game of creating as God creates, that is to say, create new love from love, with love, for love. Don’t try to love by yourself. Rather, let the love you are express itself, staying now and always in the presence of love.

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