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The Cradle of Thought

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Where Are Thoughts Born?

Let ́s see if you can immerse yourself in divine memory. To continue to live as if the thinking mind were the whole makes no sense. Expand your consciousness. Leave that tiny bit behind and begin to let consciousness expand to encompass everything. Begin to see with the eyes of the soul.

Let us begin to know with that part of the self that is beyond the thinking mind, that both informs and is informed. Leave all judgment aside. Don’t judge what you’ll see or what you’ll hear because you’ll see what no human eye ever saw and hear what no human ear has ever heard and never will hear. You will see and hear what no one will ever hear or see for you. Only you can see who you are in truth. It is something no one will be able to tell you, and you will not be able to tell it to others. What is beyond the thinking mind has to be experienced to be known.

Where are thoughts born? Where do they reside? Who or what gives them existence? Who thinks what thoughts think? Where does sweetness reside? Where does life live? Where does love dwell?

Every thought must have an origin, a place that might be called the cradle of thought. We return to the consciousness of Self, the center that we really are. Follow the wake of consciousness, not the content of thought but the energy, the feeling of thought—and leave the body behind. Don’t cling to the idea of the physical body. Begin to feel that part of the universe from where thoughts flow. Feel the myriad of thoughts flowing in profusion, coming and going from one side to the other as if an energetic force sprouts from a center and extends outward from itself, like a volcano from whose nucleus in the center of the Earth its heat and its force are thrown outward irresistibly, an explosion of vitality that emanates from the nucleus. That nucleus is a source, an Alpha.

Where are thoughts born? Let your ancient memory be free to go wherever it wants, and let remembrance come to you by itself. This ancient memory knows who created it and its value. It knows where love resides and it is there, to the refuge of divine love, where it will go in search of its safety and its peace. It knows the way. Allow it to live in the Father’s house undisturbed.

II. The Window of Consciousness

There is a place in the universe from which all thought emanates. Thought—not to be confused with the act of thinking—is an effect of divine origin. Anyone who observes thought can know this in a simple, clear way. Thought is a means, never an end. It cannot be an end because thought is not of its own origin. Thought doesn’t create itself. Clearly there is something that precedes thought. That “something” is precisely what we are talking about. Is it a place? Is it just one place? Or is there a place for each person? Why do you each have different thoughts? Is each person an independent source? Are you source in yourself? An individual source that creates its own thoughts—the thoughts you think you think—in itself and by itself? On what basis did you conceive them? If each were a closed system in itself that creates its own thinking unattached to other closed systems of thought, what holds these separate systems together? Where does each individual system get the vital energy that is the source of thought? Are each of you an independent volcano with an autonomous nucleus from which you expand outward?

If you rest in stillness and close your eyes for an instant and suspend judgment, you will see a series of thoughts pass in front of you. This is nothing surprising. It is what it is. You call it observation or witnessing. What happened? Certain thoughts have gone through your mind. In other words, your consciousness is like a window through which you are looking. Everything that goes in front of that window is seen. What doesn’t go in front of that window doesn’t seem to exist. If your consciousness is like the window of a house and you are locked inside the house looking out, then everything you observe is limited. You are not seeing the whole because you cannot see all the relationships that exist. The farther you move away from the window, the less you see outside. The closer you are, the more you see. Who thinks thoughts? What is the relationship between you and that something that thinks what you think? Where do these thoughts— that which is seen through the window—come from?

III. Imagination and True Thought

Daughters and sons of purity and truth, those are not true thoughts. When you sit alone inside the house and contemplate through that window, you are seated in the house of a dream, dreaming a life, imagining you’re thinking, giving pictures to everything, creating dream images. Although they are the result of an activity of the mind, these are not true thoughts; they are imaginations that come from sleep, from the dream of oblivion. Outside the house is life. Outside the house is the truth about you and everything. We said that if you are near to the window you can see more. What would happen if you go through the window and venture beyond it? What would life look like from outside the house?

Go out and rejoice in your glory. To reach the desires of your heart is what we encourage you to do. Going out of the house of fear is what leads you to throw yourself into love.

Children of love, you are sitting inside a house from whose window you observe life without getting involved in it. You are being the created but not a creator. That means your mental activity is not actually thinking about anything true. This means that you have renounced your power to create. Life is thought because true thought is the means through which everything is created. If you have no true thought about anything, you stop creating. If you have no true thought you stop being who you are, in the sense that you stop expressing yourself. If you stop expressing yourself, you lose the consciousness of what you are in truth, which generates a sense of smallness, vulnerability, and wrongness that makes you feel less and fewer.

The time has come to get out of the chrysalis. The time has come to remember again, and thus recognize, that the cradle of thought is the Heart of God. When we return and keep within the refuge of divine love that is God Himself, in the undivided union of the three hearts. Then all thought of God will be true thought in your mind and you will leave forever the limited gaze that arises from seeing everything from the perspective of the senses of the body.

IV. To Think and To Be

We leave the body behind. We observe it with kindness and compassion. We begin to take distance from form and understand that shape mimics content. All loving thought of God is expressed in a rose, in a beam of light, the clink of the crystalline water droplets that splash in a pond where the birds stop to bathe and drink. We begin to see from beyond the window. We begin to discover. We’re out of the house of fear. We venture into the unknown. We begin to discover that all true thought is of God because He and only He can create thought. We remember. We remember where sweetness resides, where love dwells, where truth lies. And then we remember that we rose sweetly, looked through the window, opened it, passed through it and went into the infinity of creation for the joy of our souls. We no longer look at creation from a passive place without relating to it or anyone else. Now we remember that the truth is revealed to us in the relationship of the three hearts. We no longer waste time trying to know ourselves, God, and life; we know in the only way that can ever be known, in solitude.

Now we are the observer, the observed, and the relationship between them. We are the creator, the created, and the relationship between them. We are one and triune. Now we recognize with happy astonishment that what was happening was nothing but this: our self was searching to know itself and looked at all things without realizing that it was in a direct relationship with God, source of all things, cradle of thought, the whole of everything, where we would know ourselves because all true knowledge comes from union and relationship. Now we recognize that we are the cradle of thought and are also the relationship between the mind that thinks what it thinks and the thought that is thought. This relationship is consciousness itself because it is what allows the relationship between the observed and the observer to exist, between the thought and the thinker.

Now the Self who is the son of truth that is always true says joyfully: I think as I think because I am who I am. I am the cradle of my thought. I am the one who thinks what he thinks. If I am one with God my thought will also be one with Him. If I am one with love, my thought will also be love, because of what I am. Thus, children of the Most High, claim your power in creation and return to the refuge of love recognizing that you and only you are the cradle of your thoughts in the same way that God and God alone is the cradle of all truth.

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