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Triune Love

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. The Refuge of Divine Love

There is a refuge in creation, in the created universe. That refuge is the threshold of essence and is essence itself. It is all light. It is beauty, formless, and multi-formed. It is colorless and at the same time full of nuances as if it were a color palette with which a rainbow is painted. That refuge of light, of beauty, of fulfillment, of union is all life. From it comes life. In it is held all existence. It gives shape to universes of created universes and those yet to be created. Nothing disturbs the peace, tranquility, security, and solace of this refuge in which the perennial breeze refreshes everything. All creation is created within this shelter. Every process of infinite processes, in perfect union of infinite worlds, is constellated within the bosom of power and glory. Within this shelter all security is given and cannot be threatened by anything or anyone.

In this refuge fly freely and forever the birds of the sky, shine in all their glory the lilies of the field, sing eternally the angels who chant their hymns in praise of the immortal human spirits. Everything is a rhythmic sound of beauty and a melody of song and gratitude. Everything is light. In this refuge, in whose solace everything exists and nothing can be threatened, waters dance and amethysts shine, giving joy to everything in everything, in endless existence. A bee creates honey that sweetens life. A caterpillar, wrapped in its silk, begins to weave a new cocoon that will start a new life. Everything vibrates to the beat of the eternal harmonies in this refuge of Divine Love, where words are muted and astonishment and reverence replaces language. Silence, expectation, astonishment.

All is an ecstasy of love and truth in this ineffable place in the universe. Everything wraps in peace in this sovereign refuge.

Daughters and sons, in this way I try to describe the indescribable, with a hand that gives shape to these words in the same way that a painter gives life to a painting by brushing his work, serving me with a mind and heart that, united in fullness, act as a forum and pulpit from which I want to reveal a new dimension of Divine Love for the joy of your souls. In this way I try to express in words the beauty of the refuge of divine love which is the union of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, united in a whole as concentric circles of light and truth. In the union of both Hearts rests the security of the human heart and everything created. In its unity rests the strength of God, in all His power and all His glory.

II. Holy Trinity

The heart of Mary, the heart of Jesus and the united human heart are a Holy Trinity within which everything is created and beyond which nothing exists that is true.

This circle of Triune Love is a circle of infinite love that extends itself to the love of God the Father, making it one with Him and with everything created. In this union lies all creation. In this union everything is just as God created it to be. In this union you are the co-creators and co-redeemers of the universe. Staying in this union is how you abide in the presence of love.

Daughters and sons of holiness, these words are directed from a Triune heart to a Triune heart, from the Heart of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to the heart united in holiness, the heart of Mary, the heart of Jesus and the united human heart. From the union of these three Hearts I have come to speak to you today and always. In the union of the three Hearts lies the truth of all that is true. In this unity lies the holiness of your Self. In this union you are the light of the world. In this union, all together, we create a new Heaven and a new Earth. When we return to this union we return to the house of the Father and in it we exist in the eternal unity that is perpetual creation, an extension of love.

Feel the tenderness of love within this unit of refuge. Make yourself one with it. Merge in its light. Let the self disappear in the “us,” into the whole. Fly with the flight of your Self to this refuge where you are and where the space is so large that nothing can limit you. Nothing escapes the light of this refuge of Divine Love that encompasses everything. Feel the joy of the union. The bliss of love. Let every fiber of your self engage in its crystalline waters and cool with the wind that blows from the tenderness of peace. Begin to remember the divine memories. Remember all the love that you have experienced in this refuge, the embrace of your Creator Father, the joy of union and the ineffable joy of creating the beautiful, the good, the holy.

A song of joy begins to be heard from above. The angels and your own united human hearts’ holy creations sing a song of love and gratitude for being recognized by the love of their Creator. The movement of this song creates a new song. From its notes emerge a new creation. By giving birth to a new creation, a new Holy Trinity is created. Now you join your creations, and they to theirs, and thus creator, created, creation are again made one in a new triad of eternal creation. Always three. Always one. Always triune.

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