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A Description of the Manifestations

When the Archangels come, they come without wings. They are like humans wearing tunics. Raphael’s tunic is green, edged with gold. Gabriel ́s tunic is pink, almost white, edged with yellow. Both tunics are majestic, appearing as if made of a very precious silk.

Their faces are cheerful and radiant, with very light yellowish skin. Both have shoulder-length, golden blond hair and their eyes are green. They each have unique facial features. Their bodies are radiant with serene glowing light that generates peace and a great sense of beauty and harmony.

Many of the angels in the Chorus of Angels have light pink and light blue tunics. Others have light gold, but all are in pastel colors, again with a serene luminosity. A few have green robes as if they were emeralds but a little lighter.

The permanent happiness that angels exhibit is remarkable. Everything is joy with them. One day they told me that they radiate perpetual happiness because they always share happiness.

The angels are always surrounded by white and majestic light, as if they live in an eternal midday of love and light. They are accompanied by music, as though a celestial choir is singing in all corners of the universe, like the sound of millions of harps playing in unison, forming a harmonious symphony of great beauty.

The angelic vibrations are of such a degree that they calm the mind and the heart, and give peace. One knows, without knowing how, that this vibration is simultaneously prayer and praise. Each part of the universe (creation) sings a song of gratitude for it having been called into existence, as though it has music inside that is a prayer to the Creator. The soul had stopped hearing this celestial music but will begin to hear it again when it returns to the Father’s house. Though forgotten, this song is forever loved by souls that love the Father and Creator.

The ineffable, inexpressible beauty of these visions of angels and archangels, submerges the soul in an ecstasy of love and rapture in which one’s whole being participates. No joy or happiness on Earth compares with the ecstasy that a vision of the greatness, magnanimity, and beauty of the angels and archangels generates.

Angelic intelligence is of such a degree that it surpasses all worldly understanding. Their thoughts occur at an indescribable speed, even faster than human thought. Without distortion of any kind, their thoughts are pure without contradiction, with perfect clarity and express only holiness. As lightning crosses the firmament, so too do angelic thoughts pass through my mind.

I clearly perceive the difference between human thought and thought from the Wisdom of Heaven, due to the way I experience them. Thoughts from Heaven feel like light and breath; they are full of certainty, can never be forgotten, and bring a great “amount” of truth in the blink of an eye. In an instant I understand the full meaning of each manifestation that comes to me.

Humility, prudence, and simplicity are central features of the angels. Their greatest joy is to serve God by being servants of all creation. They love human beings, animals, plants, stones, the elements, and every material and immaterial aspect of creation with a love and tenderness that, when experienced, is capable of melting even the hardest heart.

While the beauty and magnanimity of angelic visions are indescribable, they are a pale flash compared to the magnificence of those of Jesus and Mary. Nothing in the universe resembles the eternal, unnameable beauty of the hearts of Jesus and Mary. They are God Himself made man and woman. They are the joy of the angels and have the veneration of creation. From Them springs all harmony, greatness, and holiness.

The looks of Jesus and Mary, radiating such tenderness and love, melt the entire universe. Their smiles are purity itself. In Their presence the soul is entranced in an ecstasy of veneration and contemplation, leaving it speechless. The soul exhales a moan of joy that says something like Ah! For me personally, contemplating the looks and smiles of Jesus and Mary is Heaven.

I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say as I try to describe the indescribable. I only say what I see, hear, and experience. Heaven exists, God exists, and God is love. This is what was given to me to see, hear, and understand.

I hope with all my heart that those who receive this manifestation let themselves be the beloved of God, more and more every day; and in this way be transformed by the beauty of a love that has no beginning or end.

With love in Christ,

Sebastian Blaksley,
A Soul in Love
Buenos Aires, Argentina
January, 2019 and October, 2020

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