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A Course Of Love

Hang on a sec…

11.1 The future is yet to be created. This is why I stated at the onset of this Treatise that this Treatise would not be predictive. Many predictions of the future have been made, and many of them have been called prophecy. But the future is yet to be created.

11.2 The future depends on you who are willing to leave learning behind and who are willing to accept your new roles as creators of the new—creators of the future.

11.3 Can I teach you to do this? My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, as you once willingly resigned as your own teacher, I now willingly resign as your teacher. In unity there is no need for teachers or for learners. There is need only for the sustainability of Christ-consciousness in which we exist together as creators in unity and relationship.

11.4 Thus I will conclude this Treatise with a prelude to the sharing that is our new means of communicating and creating, a sharing that replaces learning with what is beyond learning. I conclude this Treatise by sharing that which will assist you in sustaining Christ-consciousness.

11.5 As I do so, I bid you to read these words in a new way. You are no longer a learner here and what I reveal to you must be regarded as the equal sharing between brothers and sisters in Christ, the sharing of fellow creators in unity and relationship. This is the beginning of our co-creation. Do not seek for me to impart knowledge to you in these concluding words. Absorb the following pages as a memory returned to your reunited heart and mind. No longer regard me as an authority to whom you turn, but as an equal partner in the creation of the future through the sustainability of Christ-consciousness.

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