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Hang on a sec…

10.1 This Course has led you through resigning as your own teacher, to becoming a true student, and to now leading you beyond the time of being a student to the realization of your accomplishment. You were once comfortable being your own teacher. You willingly gave up this role and became comfortable in the true role of learner. You are now asked to be willing to give up the role of learner and to believe that you will become comfortable and more in your new role as the accomplished.

10.2 This is hard for you to imagine because as you consider your willingness to give up learning you will meet resistance and realize, for perhaps the first time, that learning is what your entire life has been about. You cannot imagine how you will come to know anything new, or be anything beyond that which you now are, without learning. Your thoughts might stray to ideas about experiencing, rather than studying, and yet you will quickly see that you merely think of experience as learning through a different means than studying.

10.3 As you have advanced along your self-centered path of learning, you have come to see everything in your life as exactly what it has been—a means of learning. You have encountered problems and wondered what lessons they have come to teach you. You have encountered illness and wondered what learning the illness has come to bring you. You have learned anew from your past. Learned from your dreams. Learned from art and music. In all of these things you have viewed yourself as the learner. You may not have studied your problems, illness, your past, your dreams, or art and music as you studied the lessons that kept you focused on your Self, but you did, in a sense, study every aspect of your life for the lessons contained therein. So how, you might ask, do you quit now, doing what you have so long done?

10.4 In keeping with your new self-centered focus on what life has had to teach you, you have also seen your relationships as teachers. It is here that you can begin to learn to let go of learning because it is here that learning has been least practiced through the means of studying.

10.5 Relationship happens in the present moment. Studying takes up residence within the student; there to be mulled over, committed to memory, integrated into new behaviors. Relationship recognizes that love is the greatest teacher. Studying places the power of the teacher in a place other than that of love. Relationship happens as it happens. Studying is about future outcome. What happens in relationship has present moment meaning. What is studied has potential meaning.

10.6 The outcome of learning or what is studied is the production of things and perceived meaning.

10.7 What we work toward now is to advance from learning and producing things and perceived meaning, to producing unity and relationship through unity and relationship.

10.8 The learning that was applied to anything other than the Self could not help but have an outcome that had to do with other than the Self. Means and end are one, cause and effect the same. Thus this applied learning produced things and perceived meaning.

10.9 The learning you have accomplished in regards to your Self could not help but have an outcome that had to do with your Self. Means and end are one, cause and effect the same. Thus this accomplished learning produced unity and relationship through unity and relationship with the Self.

10.10 The first accomplishment of your learning about your Self was the return of unity and relationship to your mind and heart. This returned to you your ability to recognize or identify your Self as other than a separate being, and led the way to your recognition of the state of union. From this recognition of unity and relationship the production of unity and relationship and true meaning will be revealed.

10.11 Learning has had to do with what is perceived. No longer learning has to do with what is revealed. Learning has had to do with what is unknown. No longer learning has to do with what is and can only be known through revelation. Learning has had to do with supplying a lack. No longer learning has to do with the realization that there is no lack. Learning was what was necessary in order to allow you to fulfill the desired experience of expressing the Self of love in form. No longer learning is the revelation that the time of accomplishment is upon you and the expression of the Self of love in form is what you are now ready to do. Learning was what was necessary in order to know who you are and how to express who you are. No longer learning, or being accomplished, is synonymous with knowing who you are and the ability to express who you are in truth.

10.12 Expression of the Self of love in form is not something that can be learned. It is something that can only be lived. This is the time of the fulfillment of the lesson of the birds of the air who neither sow nor reap but sing a song of gladness. Expression of the Self of love is the natural state of being of those who have moved beyond learning to creating through unity and relationship.

10.13 As I said earlier, some will not be willing to move out of the time of learning. Those who have learned what this Course would teach but do not move beyond the state of learning will change the world. They will make the world a better place and see many of their students advance beyond what they can teach and to the state of leaving learning behind.

10.14 Those of you willing to leave learning behind will create the new. This will not happen through learning but through sharing. You can learn to change the world, but not how to create a new world. Does this not make sense? You can learn about who you were and who others were, but you cannot learn anymore who you are or who those are who have joined you in Christ-consciousness, for you have become who you are and move on from this starting point to creating who you are anew in unity and relationship. You can learn from the past but not from the future. When you build upon what you can learn you build upon the past and create not the future but an extension of the past. You who are called to leave learning behind are called to return to your union and relationship with God wherein you are creators along with God.

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