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A Course Of Love

Hang on a sec…

9.1 Learning is not meant to last. This is why even this coursework comes to an end. It comes to an end here and now as we move past study and learning to observation, vision, and revelation.

9.2 All groups who study this coursework must also eventually come to an end. For this end to learning is the goal toward which we now work.

9.3 You have realized that all of your learning and studying has taken you as far as you can go. You complete your study of Christianity and go on to study Buddhism. You complete your study of Buddhism and go on to study any number of other religions, philosophies, sciences. You read books that are channeled, books that tell of personal experiences, books that promise ten steps to success. You go out in search of experiences of a mystical nature. You have tried drugs or hypnosis, meditation or work with energy. You have read and listened and been enthralled by those who have synthesized all of the great learning that has gone on so that they can tell you where it is that all these great teachings are leading. All of these learned works that speak the truth—from ancient times through current times—are learned works that have been worthy of your study. These learned works are the precursors that have shown the way to creating unity and relationship through unity and relationship.

9.4 But now the time is upon you to leave learned works behind in favor of observation, vision and revelation. Now is the time to leave behind study for imagining, envisioning, and desire. Now is the time to move out of the time of becoming who you are to the time of being who you are.

9.5 You have felt this time coming. You have realized that your learning has reached an end point. The excitement of new learning is not lasting because it is not new. You have begun to see that all messages of the truth say the same thing but in different ways. There seems to be nothing new to be said, nothing to move you beyond this point that you have reached in your understanding of the truth. All the learning that you have done seems to leave you ready to change and able to change in certain ways that make life easier or more peaceful, but certainly not able to realize the transformation that your learning has seemed to promise.

9.6 Do not accept this lack of fulfillment of a promise that has surely been made! Rejoice that the new time is here and be ready to embrace it as it embraces you!

9.7 Realize that the self-centeredness of the final stage of your learning has been necessary. Only by centering your study upon yourself have you been made ready finally to be loosed of the bounds of the personal self. This time of concentration on the self is unparalleled in history. It is what has been needed. Be grateful to all of the forerunners of the new who have been courageous enough to call you to examine yourself. Be grateful to yourself that you have had the courage to listen and to learn and to study what these forerunners of the new, these prophets of the new have called you to learn. Be appreciative of every tool that has advanced your progress. But now be willing to leave them behind.

9.8 These have been the last of the intermediaries, these called to a wisdom beyond their personal capacity. Now these forerunners of the new, along with you, are called to step beyond what they have learned to what can only be revealed. These are my beloved, along with you, and this an entreaty meant especially for them.

9.9 You who have provided a service cherished by God, and who have risen in the esteem of your brothers and sisters, be beacons now to the new. You who have gained so much through your learning and your study and your sharing of the same may find it difficult to leave it behind. A choice made by you to stay with learning rather than to move beyond it would be an understandable choice, but you are needed now. Needed to help establish the covenant of the new. Be not afraid, for the glory that has been yours will be as nothing to the glory that awaits you in the creation of the new. You will always be honored for what you have done. But do you want this to be forever the cause of your honor? Be willing to be the forerunners still, to join your brothers and sisters in this next phase of the journey, the journey out of the time of learning that will usher in the fullness of time.

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