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7.1 Christ-consciousness will be temporary or sustainable depending on your ability to refrain from judgment. What is flows from Love and knows not judgment. All that you envision, imagine, desire with love must be without judgment or it will be false envisioning, false imagining, false desire. This simply means false, or not consistent with the truth. It does not mean wrong or bad and is itself no cause for judgment. It is simply an alternative that will draw you out of Christ-consciousness and not allow it to be sustainable.

7.2 That you are living in the time of Christ does not mean that you will automatically realize Christ-consciousness, just as living in the time of the Holy Spirit did not mean that you would automatically realize the consciousness of the spirit that was your intermediary. But just as during the time of the Holy Spirit, your understanding of your Self and God grew through the indirect means that were available to you, during the time of Christ, your understanding of your Self and God cannot help but grow through the direct and observable means now available. Just as in the time of the Holy Spirit the spirit was available to all as intermediary, during the time of Christ, Christ-consciousness is available to all.

7.3 Those of you who have acquired Christ-consciousness and are now learning the vision of Christ-consciousness must realize the many choices that will seem to lie before you and your brothers and sisters in this time. The understanding of the unity that creates and sustains all living things will now be as close to the surface of consciousness as was, during the time of the Holy Spirit, the understanding that man is imbued with spirit. People, both religious and non-religious, those who consider themselves spiritual and those who consider themselves pragmatists, will hold this understanding within their grasp. Many will be surprised by experiences of unity and know not what to make of them. Those who attempt to figure them out will come ever closer to the truth by means of science, technology, and even art and literature. Those who allow themselves to experience revelation will enter Christ-consciousness.

7.4 Those who sustain Christ-consciousness will abide within it free of judgment. They will not seek to create their version of a perfect world and to force it upon others, but will abide within the perfect world that is in the vision of Christ-consciousness. This perfect world will be observable to them and in them. It will be revealed to them and through them. It will be revealed to them through what they can envision, imagine and desire without judgment. It will not take the effort of their bodies, but the freedom of a consciousness joined in unity, a consciousness able to envision, imagine and desire without judgment and without fear.

7.5 This is why all fear, including the fear of death, needs to be removed from you despite the radical sounding nature of life-everlasting. You cannot sustain Christ-consciousness while fear remains in you, just as you cannot sustain Christ-consciousness while judgment remains in you. Why? Because it is not in the nature of Christ, it is not in the nature of the Christ-Self to know fear or judgment. What we are speaking of is abiding in your natural state. Your natural state is one free of fear and judgment. This is all that makes up the difference between your natural state and your unnatural state. As your natural state returns to you through a heart and mind joined in unity, your body too will exist or abide within this natural state. It cannot help but do so, as it, just like your heart, exists in the state or reality in which you think you are. The only thing that has created an unreal reality for your heart and body has been the inability of the mind to join the truth with your conscious awareness. While your mind did not accept the truth of your identity or the reality of love without fear, it existed in a reality of fear and judgment, and bound heart and body to this reality. Your heart has now heard the appeal of this Course and worked with your mind to bring about this acceptance of the truth, a truth your heart has always known but has been unable to free you to accept without the mind’s cooperation.

7.6 The mind, once released from the ego’s thought system, has but to relearn the thought system of the truth. Your mind, heart, and body have joined in alignment to bring this learning about. They now exist in harmony. Your mind and heart in union have brought harmony to your body. Sustaining this harmony will keep your body in perfect health, even while the manner of this perfection of your health will remain one of many options.

7.7 You will realize that what is is optimal to your learning. But you will also realize that an end to your learning is in sight. Christ-consciousness and the ability to know what is, once it has reached a state of sustainability in you, ends your need for learning and thus ends the conditions of learning. In other words, being in harmony with poor health and learning the lesson that it has come to impart to you, will return you to good health. Your poor health is no cause for judgment, as it is the perfect health, now, in the past, and in the future, to bring you the lessons you would learn in order to return you to your Self and the unity of Christ-consciousness. The same is true of all conditions of all learning everywhere. The conditions are perfect for optimal learning. This is the nature of the universe. These conditions are perfect not only for individual learning, but for shared learning, learning in community and learning as a species.

7.8 But let me again emphasize that the conditions of learning will be no longer needed once learning has occurred. The student no longer needs to attend school once the desired curriculum is learned, except through their own choice. Again let me remind you that no choice is wrong. Some will choose to continue to learn through the full variety of the human experience even after it is unnecessary. Why? Because it is a choice, pure and simple. But because it is an educated choice, an enlightened choice, a free choice due to the learning that has already occurred, the choice will be one guided by love and thus be a joyous choice and ensure a joyous life. These choices will change the world.

7.9 But the choice many of you will make—the choice to move from learning to creating—will create a new world.

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