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6.1 Now I ask you to consider the part you play in the creation of this all-encompassing consciousness. Your state of consciousness, be you alive or dead, asleep or awake, literally or figuratively, is a part of the consciousness that is Christ-consciousness. This is why you hear differing reports of the afterlife from those who have experienced temporary death. It is why you hear differing words and scenarios attributed to me and other life-giving spirits, both historically and currently. What you envision, imagine, desire, hold as being possible, is possible, because you make it so. It is your interaction, both individually and collectively with the consciousness that is us, that creates probable futures rather than guaranteed futures.

6.2 The only guarantee I can offer you is the guarantee that you are who I say you are, and that I speak the truth concerning your identity and inheritance. What you choose to do with this knowledge is still up to you. What you choose to create with this knowledge is still up to you.

6.3 Those who believe that only some will be chosen can create a scenario in which it appears that some are chosen and some are not. Those who believe that life-everlasting includes life on other worlds can create a scenario in which it appears that some live on one world and some on another. But I say to you that any scenario that separates my brothers and sisters from one another and the one life-giving energy that unites us all will but continue life as it has been but in different form. The realization of unity is the binding realization that will return all, as one body, to the natural state of Christ-consciousness.

6.4 In this time of Christ, this time of direct revelation and direct sharing, the probable future you imagine, envision, desire, will be what you create. This is the power of the devotion of the observant. A shared vision of unity and a return of all to the state natural to all is what I ask you to imagine, envision and desire.

6.5 I ask you to share a vision of what is, the very vision of what is that is Christ-consciousness. It is a vision of the perfection of creation. It is a vision of unity and relationship in harmony. It excludes no one and no one’s choice and no one’s vision. Your brothers and sisters who do not choose their natural state still are who they are and holy as yourself. Your brothers and sisters who choose alternative visions are still who they are and holy as yourself. All choices are forever encompassed by the embrace. There is no wrong choice. No one is excluded. All are chosen.

6.6 There is room in the universe, dear brothers and sisters, for everyone’s choice. I call you to a new choice, but not to intolerance of those who are not ready to make it. I call you to a new choice with the full realization that your choice alone will affect millions of your brothers and sisters, as long as—and this is a crucial as long as—you do not give in to ideas of separation and disunity.

6.7 Christ-consciousness is not a static state of beliefs any more than singular consciousness is. Christ-consciousness is consciousness of what is. While consciousness of what is leaves not the room for error that perception leaves, it leaves open room for creation. In each moment, what is, while still existing in the one truth of God’s law of love, can find many expressions. You can exist in Christ-consciousness, as have many others of the past, and through your existence in Christ-consciousness, affect much with what you envision, imagine and desire, in love, without changing the world and the nature of the human being any more than have those who have come before. The changes those who have existed in Christ-consciousness have wrought have been great, but they did not sustain Christ-consciousness, primarily because they were unable to share Christ-consciousness directly due to individual and collective choice.

6.8 You have the unequalled opportunity now, because you exist in the Time of Christ, to directly share Christ-consciousness and thus sustain Christ-consciousness. You can pass on the inheritance you accept in this fullness of time. In this time of unity, dedicate all thought to unity. Accept no separation. Accept all choices. Thus are all chosen in the fullness of time.

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