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A Course Of Love

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5.1 Life-everlasting in form is not your only choice. As many of you believed that I was the Son of God and more than a man before my birth, during my lifetime and after my death and resurrection, so are you. So are all who came before me and all who came after me. All that being a Son of God means is that you represent the continuity of creation and that your fulfillment lies in the acceptance of your true inheritance.

5.2 This could as easily be stated as your being a Song of God. You are God’s harmony, God’s expression, God’s melody. You, and all that exist with you, form the orchestra and chorus of creation. You might think of your time here as that of being apprentice musicians. You must learn or relearn what you have forgotten so that you can once again join the chorus. So that you can once again be in harmony with creation. So that you can express yourself within the relationship of unity that is the whole of the choir and the orchestra. So that you can realize your accomplishment in union and relationship. So that you can join your accomplishment with that of all others and become the body of Christ.

5.3 The many forms are made one body through Christ-consciousness. The one body is one energy given many expressions in form. The same life-force courses through all that exists in matter in the form of this energy. Awareness of this one Source of energy, and thus this one energy existing in everything, and creating the life in everything, is Christ-consciousness. It is also what we have been referring to as heart, as the center of your being. What would the center of your being be but the Source of your being?

5.4 In order for your body to live, this one Energy had to enter your form and exist where you think you are. This is the Energy of Love, the Energy of Creation, the Source that is known as God. Since you are clearly alive, this Energy exists within you as it exists in all else that lives. It is one Energy endlessly able to materialize in an inexhaustible variety of forms. It is thus one Energy endlessly able to dematerialize and rematerialize in an inexhaustible variety of form. But form does not contain It and is not required for Its existence or expression. How could form contain God? How could form contain the Energy of Creation?

5.5 Your form does not contain your heart, or the energy of creation, or God. Your form is but an extension of this energy, a representation of it. You might think of this as a small spark of the energy that has created a living universe existing within you and uniting you to all that has been created. You are the substance of the universe. The same energy exists in the stars of the heavens and the waters of the ocean that exists in you. This energy is the form and content of the embrace. It is within you and It surrounds and It encompasses you. It is you and all who exist with you. It is the body of Christ. It is like unto what the water of the ocean is to the living matter that exists within it. The living matter that exists within the ocean has no need to search for God. It lives in God. So do you.

5.6 God can thus be seen as the All of everything and life, or the Body of Christ, as all that makes up the seemingly individual parts of the All of everything. Christ-consciousness is your awareness of this.

5.7 Just as your finger is but one part of your body, without being separate from your body, or other than your body, you are part of the body of Christ, the body of energy that makes up the universe.

5.8 And yet your finger is governed by the larger body, intricately connected to signals of the brain, to the linking muscles and bones, to the blood that flows and the heart that beats. Your finger does not act independently of the whole. You might say that your finger does not, then, have free will. It cannot express itself independently of the whole.

5.9 The same is true of you! You cannot express yourself independently of the whole! It is as impossible as it would be for the finger to do so. And yet you think that this is possible and that this is the meaning of free will. Free will does not make the impossible possible. It makes the possible probable. It is thus probable that you will use your free will in order to be who you are. But it is not guaranteed! It is your choice and your choice alone that is the only guarantee. This is the meaning of free will.

5.10 To align your will with the Will of God is to make the choice for Christ-consciousness, to make the choice to be aware of who you truly are. To know your Self as my brother or sister in Christ; to be the Body of Christ.

5.11 I am calling you to make this choice now. This is not a choice automatic to you in human form or even upon the death of your human form. When you die, you do not die to who you are or who you think you are. You do not die to choice. At the time of death you are assisted in ways not formerly possible to you in form, to make the choice to be who you are. You are shown in ways that the body’s eyes were unable to see, the glory of your true nature. You are given the chance, just as you are being given the chance now, to choose your true nature with your free will.

5.12 Because you have now made a new choice, a collective choice as one body, one consciousness, to end the time of the intermediary and to begin to learn directly, you are given the same opportunity that was formerly reserved for you only after your death. It was formerly only after your death that you chose direct revelation by God. Think about this now and you will see that it is true. You hoped to live a good life and at the end of that life to know God. Your vision of the afterlife was one in which God revealed Himself to you and, in that revelation, transformed you. The direct revelations that will come to you now will transform you as surely as did those that came to so many others after death.

5.13 If you have believed in any kind of afterlife at all, you have perhaps thought of the afterlife as having two sides. Some have thought of this as heaven and hell. Others as all or nothing. Many of you have thought of it as a time of judgment. But I tell you truly; it is no different than the time that is upon you right now. The afterlife has simply been a time of increased choice because it has been a time of increased awareness. Loosed of the body and the body’s limited vision, real choice has been revealed to those having experienced death. At that time it is your judgment of yourself and your ability to believe in the glory that is yours, that determines the way in which your life will continue. The same is true right now! For this is the time of Christ and thus of your ability to choose Christ-consciousness, the consciousness returned to those loosed of the body by death. Being loosed of the body by death was the chosen means of the time of the intermediary, the chosen means of attaining Christ-consciousness and direct revelation. The elevation of the personal self in this time of Christ can be the new choice.

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