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A Course Of Love

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19.1 You must not fear the changes that will occur within your physical form as it begins to be guided by the thought system of the truth rather than the thought system of illusion. You will fear these changes less if you realize that all that has come of love will be kept and that all that has come of fear will fall away. You have no need to fear that the end of the special relationship will separate you from your loved ones. You have no need to fear that the joys you have shared with others will be no more. You have no more need to fear the loss of physical joys than you have to fear the loss of mental and spiritual joys.

19.2 For ages man has thought that spiritual joy diminishes physical joy. While there is no physical joy that is limited to the physical—no joy felt by the physical form alone—the joy that comes of things physical can certainly still be experienced and expressed. This is no call for judgment upon the physical. How could this be true when the physical is now called upon to serve the greatest learning humankind has ever known?

19.3 Put these fears to rest.

19.4 For ages physical reality has been linked to temptations of the human experience. Let us now dispel this link. The physical form has been blamed for choices made from lust and greed, hate and fear, vengeance and retribution. These things have always had as their cause the thought system of the ego or the bitterness of the heart. As cause and effect are one, there is no effect to be seen in physical form without a corresponding cause birthed in the ego thought system or the bitterness of the heart.

19.5 That these feelings can be “acted out” by the body and in the acting out cause harm to other bodies, is the cause for blame and fear of the body. So too is it with actions linked with survival needs.

19.6 For ages the survival needs of the body have gone unquestioned and been held paramount. The will of the body to survive has thus been blamed for all actions that have arisen from real and perceived lack. Yet the body has no will and the survival of the true Self is not based upon it.

19.7 Because the spiritual life has so often been linked with celibacy I will mention sexual union specifically here to put behind you any fear that you may have that an end to sexual union may be called for. While some of you may have less desire for physical joining as you become more aware of unity, some may have more desire for physical joining as an expression of that union. Neither option is reason for judgment.

19.8 There is only one distinction that need be made: what comes of love and what comes of fear. All expressions of love are of maximal benefit to everyone. While you may, for a while yet, not see that all that are not expressions of love are expressions of fear, I assure you this is the case. Thus any behavior, including sexual behavior that is not of love, is of fear. All that comes of fear is nothing. What this means is that cause and effect are not influenced by what comes of fear. You may still think that suffering and “bad” behavior have had great effects but they have not. At times, the love that is received following suffering, or that may arrive due to the reason of some affliction, may be seen as lessons learned from suffering or affliction; but this is no more the case than it was the case in regards to our discussion of extremes.

19.9 There is no longer any time to waste on such illusions. The thought system of the truth sees no value in suffering and so sees it not in truth. The thought system of the truth is a thought system that is not split by varying goals and desires. It is a thought system of unity. It is a thought system of one thought, one goal. That goal is the original thought that began the experience in physical form, the thought of expressing the Self in observable form.

19.10 Leave all blaming of the body behind and see it not as the source of temptations of the human experience. The true source of these temptations has been revealed to lie within the faulty beliefs to which the body merely responded. The body’s response to the new thought system will be different in many ways, none of which will lead you to feel that you have lost anything of value to you.

19.11 While others still remain tied to the old thought system, human behavior will still reflect harmful actions that will seem to arise from bodily temptations. Although you will now represent who you are in physical form in a new way, you can still see that your actions of the past represented who you believed yourself to be. Thus those continuing to express themselves in harmful ways are deeply entrenched in false beliefs about themselves. Because they are not expressing who they are, their expressions are meaningless and have no effect in truth but only in illusion. To live in truth is to live without fear of the meaningless acts of those living in illusion because they will be unable to cause effect in the House of Truth.

19.12 These lessons could not be taught while blame remained within your thought system. No victim is to blame for the violence done to them. No sick person is to blame for the illness within them. But you must be able to look at and see reality for what it is. Just as we are telling you that new beliefs and ideas will lead to a new reality, old beliefs and ideas led to the old reality, a reality that will still exist for some even after it changes completely for you.

19.13 This will seem even more inconsistent with a benevolent universe than it once did because of the difference between one reality and the other, a difference that couldn’t be seen until it was represented in an observable manner, something you will now do.

19.14 You would think that this disparity would be divisive and extremely uncomfortable and even rage-producing for those still living in illusion. But it will be much more tempting to be divisive, uncomfortable and rage-producing for those living in the new. Many who observe the new from the house of illusion will still be able to deny what they see. Just think of how many saints and miracles you have heard of in the past without being moved to believe that they mean anything at all about the nature of who you are. This is why no more time can be wasted and why so many are being called in the strongest manner it is possible to call them. It is only when what is observable is so widely evident that it can no longer be denied that changes of a large scale will begin to be seen.

19.15 You will be tempted to return to the house of illusion to gather those within and bid them join you in the reality of the truth. But in this time of Christ, a new time, a time without parallel or comparison, this will not be possible. It has been said from the beginning that your role will not be to evangelize or to be convincing. You cannot argue the case of truth in the courtroom of illusion.

19.16 While this would seem to leave some without hope, it will leave no one without choice. It will make the one clear and only choice evident. It is a choice to live in truth or in illusion. There are many ways that can still be found to come to the truth. But a way of getting to the truth will become so attractive that few will be able to resist. What will make this choice so attractive will not be martyrs and saintly souls stricken with every calamity and yet remaining to tell those who would listen about the glory of God. What will make this choice so attractive are ordinary people living extraordinary, and miraculous, and observable lives.

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