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18.1 You may wonder rightly then, how those who have not learned by the Holy Spirit will learn. They will now learn through observation.

18.2 Let us return to the concept of observation and link it with ideas as we have spoken of them here. Observation, the ability to observe what the Self expresses, was part of the original choice for physical form. The word observance has rightly been linked with divine worship and devotion. Minds that have been unwilling to accept or learn an unobservable truth, will now accept and learn from observable truth. This is why you must become that observable truth.

18.3 Observance happens in relationship, the very relationship that disallowed the making of a separate self. Observance is linked to cause and effect being one. What is observed is in relationship with the observer and this relationship causes an effect. Because this was part of the original choice for the physical experience, it is a natural choice to serve our new purpose of the miracle that will allow you to exist as who you are in human form. See what perfect sense this makes as your human form is an observable form. It is thus from observable form that the final learning will take place. This is the perfect example of using what you have made for a new purpose. It is the perfect ending for the desired experience, as it was the goal of the desired experience.

18.4 Expressing who you are in physical form will return remembrance to the minds of those who observe your expression. Further, your observance of your brothers and sisters will return remembrance to their minds and hearts. It is, in fact, your observance of the truth of your brothers and sisters that is the miracle we have stated as our new goal.

18.5 I repeat, your observance of the truth of your brothers and sisters is the miracle.

18.6 If you observe health rather than disease, abundance rather than poverty, peace rather than conflict, happiness rather than sadness—disease, poverty, conflict and sadness will be no more real to your brothers and sisters than it is to you.

18.7 A mind and heart joined in unity observes the truth where once a mind and heart separated by illusion observed illusion.

18.8 It will seem at first as if you are asked to deny the facts that you see before you in order to observe something other than what is there. You must constantly remember that your observance is now an act of worship and of devotion and that you are called to observe the truth rather than illusion no matter how real illusion may still seem to be.

18.9 In this way, you will join the mechanisms of your physical form to the new thought system of the truth. Your body, as has been often said, is a neutral form that will serve you in the manner in which you choose to have it serve you. It has always been led by your thought system. If it is no longer instructed by the thought system of illusion, it is natural to realize that it will now be instructed by the thought system of the truth. Thus your eyes will learn to observe only the truth, even unto seeing what before but seemed unobservable.

18.10 We also now link observance and ideas. Ideas form in the mind. You are used to thinking that what you observe forms outside of your mind. This is the thinking of the ego-thought system. The thought system of the truth realizes that the external world is but a reflection of the internal world. Thus you can observe with your eyes closed as easily as you can observe with your eyes open. You can observe by having an idea of another’s health, abundance, peace, and happiness. You can observe this within yourself because it exists within your Self. What exists within you is shared by all. This is the relationship of the truth that unites all things and that must now become observable.

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