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11.1 Consciousness is a state of awareness. The statement “I am” is a statement of awareness. It has been seen as a statement of awareness of the self. Those existing within the house of illusion are aware of the self but are unaware that the self of illusion, the self that exists in illusion, is an illusionary self. This could be further stated as those who exist in the house of illusion are aware of the personal self alone and believe the personal self to be who they are. Further, they believe the personal self to be the truth of the statement, “I am.”

11.2 Those existing within the House of Truth also feel an awareness of Self. Without necessarily being able to put it into words, they no longer feel the statement of “I am” as a statement of the personal self or the self alone. For those existing in the House of Truth, “I am” has become something larger, an all-encompassing recognition of the unity of all things with which the Self coexists in truth and peace and love.

11.3 These words, truth and peace and love, are interchangeable in the House of Truth as their meaning there is the same. These words, like the words House of Truth, represent an awareness of a new reality, a new dwelling place.

11.4 The word house as used in the House of Truth does not represent a structure but a dwelling place. The word house as used in the house of illusion does represent a structure. The house of illusion is a construction meant to shield the personal self from all that it would fear. The House of Truth is the dwelling place of those who no longer live in fear and thus have no need for a structure of seeming protection.

11.5 The house of illusion is the stage on which the drama of the human experience has been acted out.

11.6 During the time I spent on earth I did not dwell in the house of illusion but in the House of Truth. What this means is that I was aware of the truth and lived by the truth. I was aware of the Peace of God and lived within the Peace of God. I was aware of the Love of God and the Love of God lived within me.

11.7 This is what you are now called to do:
Be aware that the love of God lives within you.
Live within the peace of God.
Live by the truth.

11.8 This could be restated as you are love, you live in peace, you live by or in accord with the truth.

11.9 I have called the Kingdom of God the House of Truth rather than the House of Peace for a reason. What you are learning is no longer that the Kingdom of God or the House of Truth exists, but how to live within it. The question of how to live within it is best addressed by concentrating on living according to the truth.

11.10 While a lack of judgment has been stressed many times, and we have adhered to the precept of not judging by denying any right or wrong, the difference between truth and illusion can no longer be denied. To realize the difference between truth and illusion is not to call one right and the other wrong but to simply recognize what they are. This is an important distinction that must be kept in mind as we proceed so that you are not tempted to judge those living in illusion or their reality. Their reality does not exist. Believing in the reality of illusion will never make it the truth.

11.11 Thus we begin to address the temptations of the human experience. Two are spoken of in tandem here: The temptation to judge and the temptation to accept the existence of a reality other than the truth.

11.12 If I can tell you in truth that you are no different than I am, then you must see that you cannot begin to think of yourself as different than your brothers and sisters. All exist in the House of Truth. The house of illusion exists within the House of Truth because it is where your brothers and sisters think they are. The house of illusion is not a hell to which anyone has been banished. It can at times be a chosen hell, just as it can at times be a chosen heaven. Choice and the awareness of the power of choice that exists within is all that differentiates one from the other.

11.13 You must not see your brothers and sisters within the house of illusion but must see them where they truly are—within the House of Truth. As soon as you would “see” the house of illusion, you would make it real, and with its reality judgment would be upon you—not any judgment of God, but judgment of your own mind.

11.14 I remind you here that you are not being asked to see anything that is not the truth. This is why the word see is consciously used here and why we now refrain from use of the word perceive. Perception is gone as soon as you truly see.

11.15 You will, of course, continue to be aware that very few realize that they exist in the House of Truth. You will, in truth, for quite some time, be striving to remain aware even that you have changed dwelling places. There is a reason for this time of varying degrees of awareness. As the old continues to help you to learn lessons of the new you will be seeing how the lessons of the illusion can be useful in a new way to your brothers and sisters as well. Never forget that what was made for your use can be used in a new way and to produce a new outcome. Do not be afraid to use anything available within the house of illusion to promote the recognition of truth. Do not be afraid of the house of illusion at all. What illusion can frighten those who know the truth?

11.16 This first lesson on the temptation of the human experience comes in truth as a warning against righteousness. It comes to remind you, as you replace the thought system of illusion with the thought system of the truth, that having remembered the truth of who you are, you are called to forget the personal self who would find this cause for righteousness. You are not right and others wrong. This temptation will not long be with you for once the old thought system is thoroughly translated to the new, such ideas as right and wrong will be no more. It is only for this transitional phase, that this and all such reminders regarding the temptations of the human experience are necessary.

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