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A Course Of Love

Hang on a sec…

9.1 This idea is an idea of love. It is an idea that makes perfect sense and it is its very sense that makes it seem meaningless in a world gone mad. It is an idea that says only that which comes from love is real. It is an idea that says only that which fits within the laws of love is reality. It is an idea that says all that love would not create does not exist. It is an idea that says that if you live from love and within love’s laws you will create only love. It is an idea that accepts that this can be done and can be done by you in the here and now. To accept these ideas without accepting their ability to be applied is to change your beliefs without changing your ideas. This many have done. This you surely do not want to do.

9.2 While you cannot now see the chain of events that will make these ideas into a new reality, you can trust that they will be there, spreading out like a web, much as the ego’s ideas of separation once did. Yet, as these ideas are not learned ideas, they will not take time, as did the ego’s ideas, to spread through learning.

9.3 Ideas of love, or the truth, are joined in unity and exist in relationship. All of the ideas within the house of illusion were contained within it and held together by the learned ideas of the ego thought system. Now you must imagine yourself walking outside of the doors of this house of illusion and finding a completely new reality beyond its walls. You might think, at first, that you are in a place so foreign that you must immediately begin to learn again, starting with the smallest building blocks of knowledge, as if learning a new alphabet. Yet you soon will find that this new reality is known to you and requires no new learning at all. You will be tempted, at first, to see things that are like unto those within the house of illusion and call them what you called them once before. But here you will find yourself gently corrected and when this correction is given you will not doubt it but will remember that it is the truth you had forgotten.

9.4 You will see that the house of illusion was just a structure built within the universe of truth and that the universe of truth contains everything within its benevolent embrace. No one stands beyond the embrace of love and you will be glad to see that those who remain within the house of illusion could not escape love’s presence.

9.5 You will be tempted, nonetheless, to re-enter the house of illusion, if only to grasp the hands of those you love and gently tug them through its doors. You will be able to take note of the explosions happening within and will want to return to add your own to those going on inside, thinking that with the force of one more, maybe the walls will finally come tumbling down and those inside be held within illusion no more. This was the work of many who came before you but the time of such work, for you, is past. Many remain to shake the walls of illusion. Few stand beyond it to beckon to those within.

9.6 The paradise that is the truth seems to lie far beyond the house of illusion in the valley of death. Survivors of near death experiences have eased the fears of many but made many more long for life after death rather than life. You who have followed me beyond the walls of the house of illusion are now called to begin the act of revealing and creating anew the life of heaven on earth.

9.7 This is the pilgrimage I set you upon, as real as those who in the time of Moses journeyed through the desert to the Promised Land. That journey remained metaphorical because it did not pass beyond the arena of beliefs into the arena of ideas. The Israelites believed in a Promised Land but they did not dwell in it. You are called to dwell in the Promised Land, the House of Truth.

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