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7.1 As you have seen by now, we have moved from talking of beliefs in “A Treatise on Unity,” to speaking here of ideas. God’s thought of you is an idea of absolute truth. Your existence derives from this idea and this truth. The ego’s existence derived from your idea of a separated self, a thought, or idea, of absolute untruth. The ego’s thought system then formed beliefs that supported the initial idea of the separation. Where is there a corresponding belief system that formed around the idea of God?

7.2 A belief system is not needed for the truth. Thus you can see that the beliefs put forth in “A Treatise on Unity” are necessary only to return you to the truth. Since there are no beliefs that represent the truth of who you are and who God is, we speak now of ideas or thoughts. If you believe that God created you with a thought or idea, then you can begin to see the power of thought. If you can believe that you created the ego with a thought or an idea, you can see where the power of thought is your power as well as God’s.

7.3 While there is no need for a belief system and no belief system that can represent the truth, you have been told that you can represent the truth here. You cannot do this with beliefs but you can do this with ideas. Ideas leave not their source, and thus your inaccurate ideas about yourself have their cause within you, as does your ability to change this cause and its effects.

7.4 You are who you are and remain endlessly who you are, even here within the human experience. This is the idea that is beyond compare as you are beyond compare and the truth is beyond compare. This is the only idea that holds true meaning and so all meaning is found within it. Thus we start with this idea.

7.5 The only thing within the human experience that made you incapable of representing who you are in truth was the ego. The only thing within the human experience that deprived the human experience of meaning was the ego. Thus, with the ego gone, you are perfectly capable of representing the truth of who you are and returning to an existence that is meaningful.

7.6 You have formerly been capable of representing who you are only within illusion for this was the abode in which you resided. Illusion has been to you like a house with many doors. You have chosen many doors to the same house and but thought them to offer different things, only to find that the house you entered was still the same house, the house of illusion. You took yourself into these many rooms and in some you were even capable of representing your true Self. This representation of the true Self within the house of illusion was like an explosion happening there. For a moment, the floorboards shook, the walls quaked, the lights dimmed. All those within the house became aware of something happening there. All attention turned toward the explosion but its source could not be found.

7.7 In the aftermath of the explosion, the representation of the true Self settled like dust, and all the attention fell upon it. A great scrambling ensued as the recognition dawned on those who looked, that treasures were to be found there. One found art and another religion, one found poetry and another music, one seized upon a single thought and through its extrapolation founded one science or another. In all of the excitement the matter of the source of the explosion was dismissed.

7.8 Thus has been the best of what you call life within the illusion.

7.9 Now you have seized upon even this idea and called it not treasure but theory and related it to the origins of the universe, and still you see not the source. There is a reason for this. The reason is that the Source cannot be found within the house of illusion. The Source can only be found from within the House of Truth.

7.10 The home of truth is within you and we have just unlocked its doors.

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