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A Course Of Love

Hang on a sec…

8.1 In order for this learning to come to completion, you must put into practice the belief that no relationships are special. Your loyalty must be totally to the truth of who you are and not continue to be split by special relationships. While your love relationships will provide a rich learning ground for you now, they must also now be separated from all that would continue to make them special.

8.2 As was said within A Course of Love, the one you come to know through relationship is your Self. This is the learning ground on which you now stand. All that prevents you from being who you are within these relationships must be let go. All that will complement who you are must be received. Thus the nature of many relationships may be required to change. Remember now that there is no loss but only gain, or you will feel threatened by what you will imagine to be loss. Remember too the practice of devotion for in this practice is the truth separated from illusion.

8.3 While your dedication to the goal of being who you are may at first seem selfish, it will soon be revealed to be the most sincere form of relationship. Relationship based on anything other than who you are is but a mockery of relationship. The calls that come to you now as signs and demands will not only aid you in your realization of who you are and your ability to live as who you are, but will aid all others. This is giving and receiving as one. What you gain will take nothing from anyone. What another is able to give you will take nothing from them, and what you are able to give another will take nothing from you.

8.4 These are all calls to know your Self and to act on this knowing. These are calls to truth and but take the form of honesty for a brief time as the truth of who you are is revealed to you and through your relationships to all.

8.5 A new type of acceptance is required here, one not previously asked or expected of you. This is an acceptance that you know your own truth and an acceptance that that truth will not change. As we have said that you are not called to a static acceptance that does not include change, this new idea of acceptance requires further clarification.

8.6 It was said often within A Course of Love that the truth does not change. Thus the truth of who you are has not changed and you are as you were created. Form and behavior are, however, subject to change, as are your expressions of who you are. This distinction must be fully realized here in order for you to accept the truth of who you are and to come to an acceptance of the unchangeable nature of this truth. This is akin to being done with seeking. This is the final acceptance that you have “found” and that you have been found. You need no longer journey onto the paths of seeking. The truth of yourself that you reveal now will not become a new truth as you take a new path. Your path now is sure and its final acceptance necessary. You are the prodigal sons and daughters who have returned home. Your stay is not finite. You are not here to rest and gain strength for another journey in search of something that is not available here. Here is the realm of the already accomplished. This is home. Your expression of who you are may lead you to many new adventures but never again to the special relationships that would take you away from your true Self. Never again will you be away from home for home is who you are, a “place” you carry within you, a place that is you. This is the home of unity.

8.7 How much time will be saved by an end to empty seeking? You have already arrived and need no time to journey any longer. How much time will be saved by an end to the maintenance required by special relationships? When all relationships are holy, you have no need to maintain specialness.

8.8 Thus again is your learning advanced by leaps and bounds formerly reserved for the angels. You are your own wings, your relationships but the breeze that keeps you afloat.

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