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6.1 The source of what we have been speaking of as “calling” is your heart. It is what alerts you to the treasures that lie within. There is no time in the place we are calling within and your heart knows not of time even while it adheres to the rules of time you would place upon yourself. Cease adhering to the rules of time and see how much more the language of your heart becomes known to you.

6.2 I speak here not of the rules of time that govern your days and years but the rules of time that you believe govern your days and years and that you thus allow to govern your thinking. If time is but a measure of learning, and if your learning is now at the stage at which it occurs in unison with unlearning, then the end of time as you know it is close at hand. If you can begin now to think without the barriers of time you but place upon your thinking, you will advance this process and more quickly bring about the end of the pattern of learning that you refer to as time. The end of the pattern of learning that you refer to as time is the beginning of the time of unity.

6.3 This return to unity is reliant upon the changes in your beliefs that this Course has brought about. Let us review these beliefs and how they relate to your concept of time.

6.4 Only you can be accomplished and your accomplishment is already complete.

6.5 What does this mean in regards to time? You might think of being accomplished as all of your work being done. If there is no work to be done, nothing for you to do, for what do you need time? Have you ever conceived of accomplishing anything without taking into account the time that it will take? Relate this question to our discussion of treasure and you will understand what it is of which I speak. You believe that your treasures only become accomplished abilities within time. You believe that your treasures only become part of your identity when you have passed beyond the time it takes for those treasures to become abilities. Thus all that you might wish to accomplish stands separate from you and beyond you in time. That your mind projects what you desire to accomplish onto an unknown future time is what would seem to keep you from accomplishment. I say that it is what would “seem to” purposefully. If you are already accomplished, this trick of your mind has not worked. And yet, if you believe that this trick of your mind has worked, you act as if you are being kept from accomplishment by time, and this “seems” quite real to you. This “seems” quite real to you because of what you believe.

6.6 Accomplishment is not an end point but a given. It is not an outcome but a certainty. It says I am rather than I will be. I will be is a statement that presumes a future in which you will be someone other than who you are in the present. Unity exists only in the here and now of the present. There is no will be in unity. There is only what is. Thus the limits you would place on the concept of something being what it is, must be part of this discussion.

6.7 Your mind would tell you that a chair is a chair and regard it as a fact. Through the learning you have done since your birth, you have come to recognize a chair as having certain properties, the most essential of which is that it is a structure on which to sit. The exercises of A Course in Miracles began with asking you to call into question these beliefs in known, observable, facts. You may have regarded these exercises as silly or you may have thought of the lessons of physics and felt as if you understood these exercises on an intellectual level. But what these exercises have prepared you for is an acceptance of the ongoing change that is creation; an acceptance that something can be what it is, a known fact, an object with an identity, but also part of the ongoing nature of creation. Could this be true of a chair and not be true of you?

6.8 It is your belief that change and growth are indicative of all that can be accomplished rather than of what is already accomplished that needs adjustment now. As a tree exists fully accomplished within its seed and yet grows and changes, you exist fully accomplished within the seed that is the Christ in you even while you continue to grow and change. Physical form and action of all kinds are but expressions of what already exist within the seed of the already accomplished.

6.9 The recognition that you are already accomplished is a condition of your recognition of the state of unity. It is a recognition that you exist in unity outside of the pattern of time. Miracles create an out-of-pattern time interval. Thus living in a state of miracle-readiness is the creation of a new reality outside of the pattern of ordinary time. Although this state exists as the already accomplished, it is up to you to create it for yourself. You must create it for yourself only because you believe you replaced what was already accomplished with what you made. This is what is happening as you unlearn and learn in unison. You are creating the state of unity as a new reality for your Self even though it is actually a return to what has always been. You are changing the world you perceive by perceiving a new world. You are changing from who you have thought yourself to be to who you are.

6.10 As I have already said that your heart must exist where you think you are, you can begin to see that this change in thinking will release your heart, returning it to its natural realm. Thus does mind and heart join in unity in the present, in the here and now, so that you exist—even within form—as the only Son of God, the Christ, the word made flesh. Remember that the phrase, the Son of God, and the name Christ, but represent the original creation and are not to be mistaken for heavenly deities separate from you. The Christ is your Self as you were created and remain. The Christ is the accomplished Self.

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