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A Course Of Love

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3.1 Your life is already an act of creation. It was created. All of it. It exists, fully realized within you. Your work here is to express it. You are far more than your life here. You created your life here in union with the one mind and one heart, in union, in other words, with God. Everything you have ever wanted to be is. Everything you have ever thought or imagined is and is reflected in the world you see. The only difference between the life you are living and the life you want lies in your willingness to express who you are.

3.2 There would be no need for form if there had been no desire for expression. Life is the desire to express outwardly what exists within. What I refer to so often here as being within, as if “within” is a place in which something resides, is unity and it is the place where being resides. It is the place or realm of one heart and one mind. It is the place where everything already exists fully realized. It is like a trunk full of treasure. Like a menu of possibilities. All you must do is wholeheartedly recognize the treasure you have already chosen to bring to the world. Your heart speaks to you of this treasure and guides you to open the trunk and release it to the world—to your world—to the human world. As I have said, in the realm of unity where your being resides, this is already accomplished. Your link between the realm of unity and the realm of physicality is your heart. Your heart tells you of the already accomplished and bids you to express it with your physicality, thus uniting the two realms through expression.

3.3 Your mind exists in unity. Your heart exists where you think you are, thus providing the means for union between where you think you are and where your being actually resides. Remember always that your heart is where the Christ in you abides and that the Christ is your identity. Remember that it is the Christ in you that learns and raises learning to the holiest of levels. It is the Christ in you that learns to walk the earth as child of God, as who you really are.

3.4 This was stated early in A Course of Love and is returned to now for a specific reason. While the truth that it is the Christ in you that learns may have been given little attention as you began your learning, it cannot now be ignored. Now you have realized your learning. You have begun to see the changes that your learning is capable of bringing to your life. You have felt the peace and love of the embrace. You know that you are experiencing something real and learning something that is of relevance even within the daily life you currently move through. Now you must fully recognize the distinction between the ego-self that previously was the self of learning and experience, and the Christ-Self that is now the Self of learning and experience. You must take on the mantle of your new identity, your new Self.

3.5 It is this recognition that you are now acting and living in the world as your Christ-Self rather than as your ego-self that will aid you in expression. Without expression, the return to unity that has been accomplished will not be realized.

3.6 If you still balk at the idea that the Christ could be in need of learning, then your idea of the Christ is still based on an old way of thinking, as are your ideas of learning.

3.7 Learning and accomplishment are not linear as you have perceived them to be. If we return to the idea of talents this may be easier to explain. If the ability to create beautiful music already exists within you, you do not have to learn what beautiful music is, only how to express it. If you see beauty within, you do not have to learn what beauty is, only how to express it. Expression and creation are not synonymous. Creation is a continuous and on-going expansion of the same thought of love that brought life into existence. The seeds of creation exist in everything and provide for continuing creation. Thus the seeds of all that you can express exist “within” you, in the creation that is you. The power of creation is released through your choice, your willingness to express that aspect of creation. It is quite literally true that the seeds of much of creation lie dormant within you, already accomplished but awaiting expression in this realm of physicality.

3.8 In this same way, then, Christ can be seen as the seed of your identity. Christ is the continuous and on-going expansion of the same thought of love that brought life into existence. Christ is your identity in the broadest sense imaginable. Christ is your identity within the unity that is creation.

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