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2.1 Why would we begin “A Treatise on Unity” by talking of treasure? To pave the way for talking of calling. What is it in you that recognizes talents that lie fully realized within? The practical mind is not the source of such imagination. The practical mind makes of imagination a fantasy. It is the heart that sees with true imagination and the heart that speaks to you in terms that are consistent with the idea you currently hold of hearing a call or having a calling.

2.2 Having a calling is spoken of in lofty terms. Few outside of those who feel they have a calling for something beyond their ordinary, limited view of themselves use this phrase. But many recognize that they have a calling even unto things the world considers mundane.

2.3 How does a farmer explain that she or he cannot be other than a farmer? That rising and setting with the sun is in their blood, in the very nature of who they are. That being one with the land is essential to them.

2.4 What bravery it takes in today’s world to follow a calling to teach. To set aside other careers that offer far more prestige and economic gain to instead be a sharer of knowledge, a shaper of minds.

2.5 What overriding kindness calls one to take care of another’s body, to be a healer?

2.6 How does one explain a joy that is like no other and that comes from the simple act of caring for a child, preparing a meal, bringing grace and order to a home?

2.7 This list of different callings could be endless, and each could be considered unexplainable. Those who seek an explanation before following a calling, who look for reasons of a practical nature, who would seek guarantees of the rightness and outcome of following such a call, seek for proof they have already been given. The call itself is proof. It is proof of the heart’s ability to be heard. Of the heart’s ability to recognize the unseen and to imagine the existence of that which will reveal its true nature and its joy.

2.8 All of you are capable of hearing the truth of what the heart would tell you. All of you are just as capable of believing in that truth as of doubting it. All that prevents you from believing in truth is a mind and heart acting in separation rather than in union.

2.9 You think that what prevents you from being who you are is far broader than this simple idea of hearing and following a calling would indicate. You think what prevents you from being who you are is far broader than a division between mind and heart. Some of you would say you feel no calling, or that you feel many. Others would cite practical reasons for doing other than what they feel called to do. All of these ideas illustrate your belief that something other than your own willingness is necessary. Only in your own willingness does anything exist because only in your willingness is the power of creation expressed.

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