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8.1 I was proclaimed to be the Word incarnate, the union of the human and the divine, the manifestation of the Will of God. I have told you that you are no different than I was. Now I call you to be no different than I am.

8.2 As a man, I suffered, died and was buried. As who I Am, I resurrected. “I am the resurrection and the life.” What I was in life was the manifestation, in form, of the Will of God. Thus too have you been. God is the giver of life, thus life is God’s Will. But with my resurrection, which was accomplished for all, the meaning of life, the reality of life, changed, though you have known this not. The great experiment in separation ended with the resurrection, though you have known this not. For the resurrection and life are now one and the same.

8.3 That they are the same has not meant the automatic realization of this change of enormous proportions. The very nature of change is one of slow realization. Change occurs all around you every day without your realization of it. Only in retrospect are the greatest of changes seen. Thus the understanding of the truth of an historical event changes over time and it may take a hundred or a thousand or even two thousand years for the real truth to be realized. Even though many versions of the truth have been accepted previously, there is only one truth. There was only one truth at the time the event or change took place, and there is only one truth in time or eternity regardless of the variety of interpretations of the truth.

8.4 I have come to you now to reveal the one truth that has existed for the past two thousand years without your comprehension of it. The nature of life changed with the resurrection. I am the resurrection and the life. So are you.

8.5 As I no longer suffer the separation, you need no longer suffer the separation. Even though the resurrection returned not life to the form I once occupied, it returned me to you in the form of the resurrected Christ who exists in all of you, bringing resurrection even unto your forms. I became the Word incarnate upon my resurrection rather than upon my birth. This will seem confusing given your definition of incarnation as the Word made flesh. You took this to mean that flesh took on the definition of the Word or the almighty when I became flesh and bone through birth. But neither my birth nor my death were consequent with the Word as the Word is I Am, the Word is Life Eternal. My resurrection brought about the Word made flesh in each of you. You who have come after me are not as I was but as I Am. Does this not make sense, even in your human terms of evolution? You are the resurrected and the life.

8.6 How does this relate to your thinking? You have been reborn as god-man, as God and man united. The resurrection is the cause and effect of the union of the human and divine. This is accomplished. This is in effect the way in which the man Jesus became the Christ. This is in effect the way.

8.7 Now, how could one man’s resurrection be the way or even a way? How can resurrection provide a path or example for you to follow? You must see the link between resurrection and incarnation, the link between resurrection and the birth of the god-man.

8.8 The heart and mind joined in union accomplished the reunion of the separated self with God. The resurrection was evidence of this accomplishment. It laid aside death’s claim and with it the claim of all that is temporary. The resurrection was witnessed as the proof required, much as proof has been offered to you now in the form of miracles. How could one rise from the dead and others not follow?

8.9 Illusion is the death you need but arise from. Arise and awaken to your resurrected Self! There is no longer a god-head to follow into paradise. Take not the example of any of these and know instead the example of woman, of Mary, Mother of God.

8.10 What is a mother but she who incarnates, makes spirit flesh through her own flesh, makes spirit flesh through union. That you have, in your version of creation, made it necessary for woman to join with man in order for new life to come forth, is but another example of how your memory of creation was made to serve what you would have come to be. The separated self could not exist in separation and so created a way in which other separated forms could come into existence and live with you in separation. That you recognized union as a prerequisite to creation is proof of your memory’s tenacity and the failure of illusion to completely rid you of what you know.

8.11 The virgin birth was thus a necessary step in the reclaiming of the real act of creation, the bringing forth of the new through union with the divine Self. Whether you believe the virgin birth was reality or myth matters not as myth and reality have no concrete distinction in the illusion within which you live. In other words you live as much by myth as by truth and myth often more accurately reflects the truth than what you would call real. This is not a call, however, to embrace myth, but to embrace the truth.

8.12 Mary is called upon now as the myth to end all myths for in this example life alone is the key to the riddle provided.

8.13 You are each called to return to your virgin state, to a state unaltered by the separation, a state in which what is begotten is begotten through union with God. It is from this unaltered state that you are free to resurrect, as I resurrected. It is through the Blessed Virgin Mary’s resurrection in form that the new pattern of life is revealed.

8.14 The new pattern of life is the ability to resurrect in form. The ability to resurrect in life. The ability to resurrect now.

8.15 Thus is the glory that is yours returned to you in life rather than in death.

8.16 The male provided the manifestation or the effect of the cause created by the female in the virgin birth. My mother, Mary, was responsible for the incarnation of Christ in me as I am responsible for the incarnation of Christ in you. This union of the male and female is but union of the parts of yourself expressed in form and story, expressed, in other words, in a visual pattern that aids your understanding of the invisible. It is one more demonstration of the union that returns you to your natural state. It is one more demonstration of cause and effect being one in truth. It is one more demonstration of what needs to occur now, in this time, in order for the truth of the resurrection to be revealed and lived.

8.17 We have talked thus far of union of heart and mind. Lest you think that this union is not all-encompassing, we will reflect a moment here on how the art of thought brings all you have seen as parts of the self, such as male and female, conception and action, inspiration and manifestation, together into the wholehearted.

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