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A Course Of Love

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1.1 A split mind does not learn for a split mind is incapable of giving and receiving as one. A split mind does not rest for it can find no peace. A state of peace is a prerequisite of giving and receiving as one. Any state other than that of peace is conflicted by the desire for peace and the ways in which peace is seen as being approachable. Peace is seen as being outside of one’s being and the means are sought for the union of being with that which will provide for peace. Knowing not what this is, is the source of conflict and of all seeking. No one seeks for what they already know how to find or for what they already believe they possess.

1.2 While A Course of Love has led you to a state of wholeness of mind and heart, or wholeheartedness, your realization of this state of being requires further guidance. Thus this Treatise will attempt to give specific examples of what to look for as your learning continues, or how to identify wholehearted responses from those of a split mind. Its further purpose will be to identify the service that you can provide once your wholeheartedness is completely realized.

1.3 The first instruction I give to you is to seek no more. All that you are in need of knowing has been provided within A Course of Love. That your learning does not feel complete is not a failing of this Course or of yourself. That your learning does not feel complete is the result of forgetfulness, which is the opposite of mindfulness. Your further learning then is learning based on mindfulness or remembering.

1.4 A Course of Love has provided you with what you need to know, which is the function of all coursework. This does not mean that you have acquired the ability to live what you have learned, only that you are ready to. The very word “remember,” as well as the concept of memory, implies mindfulness and the ability to reproduce or recall both what has been learned and what has been previously experienced. This reproducing and recollecting are acts of creation. They do not bring back a reality that once was but transform that reality into a present moment experience. It is in the present-moment experience memory provides that truth rather than illusion can now be experienced and learned from. It is in the present-moment experience that you will receive the blessing of being able to respond differently to love.

1.5 All that you have experienced in truth is love. All that illusion provided you with was nothing. Thus your first task as you remember and re-experience is that of separating illusion from the truth. This act will require no effort for what you have learned in this Course has prepared you for this. As each situation that re-enacts a previous learning experience arises, you will, if you trust your heart, be perfectly able to identify illusion and truth. This is a simple act of recognizing meaning. All that you believe you learned from illusion will have no meaning to you now and will allow you to give up any remnants of false learning you acquired. All that you learned in error from identifying love incorrectly will be relearned as love is properly identified.

1.6 Although I have just instructed you to trust in your heart, your reunited mind and heart will now be called to act in unison. That A Course of Love instructed you little in the mechanics of the mind was consistent with the theme and learning goals of this Course. The mechanics of the mind can in truth be left behind now as we concentrate rather on the art of thought.

1.7 The mechanics of the mind were what engaged you in so many daily battles that you became almost too weary to continue. The mechanics of the mind were what were in need of being overcome in order for you to listen once again to the wisdom of your heart. The mechanics of your over-worked and over-stimulated mind were what you were asked to leave behind as this act of leaving behind was the only means by which you could allow your mind to be restful enough for it to even contemplate union or the new learning required in order to facilitate your return to union. Your return to union is your return to love and it is accessed at the center or heart of your Self. Your mind was in need of silencing in order for you to hear the wisdom of your heart and begin your return. Now, in order to complete your return, mind and heart must work as one.

1.8 You are a thinking being. This cannot be denied nor should it be. Thus a Course that left you with an erroneous impression that relying on feeling alone would complete your learning would in actuality leave your learning incomplete. Without this “Treatise on the Art of Thought,” too many of you would become muddled in your feelings and know not where to turn to explain the many riddles they would seem at times to represent.

1.9 A mind and heart joined in union abolishes the ego. The ego-mind was what was once in charge of all your thoughts. Since the ego is incapable of learning the ego-mind had to be circumvented in order for true learning to take place. This is what A Course of Love accomplished. This learning was accomplished in you, making you The Accomplished. As The Accomplished, you now are able to access universal mind.

1.10 The joy that will come to you from the thoughts of a mind joined in union will be unparalleled in your experience here. “Ah,” you will say with a relief and joy that knows no bounds, “this is what it is to experience and know the truth. This is what it is to create, for this is what it is like to think as God thinks.” Where once you recognized only illusion and called it reality, the mind joined in union will now, more and more, recognize only truth and experience only the truly real.

1.11 You can already imagine what an extensive change this will bring, and, as you are still experiencing change in time, without guidance, this change would be seen as quite difficult no matter how grand its outcome and even in spite of your recognition, at first in mere fleeting moments, that it is a change you would welcome.

1.12 Again your willingness is called upon. Be willing now to apply the art of thought to the experience of truth.

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