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34.1 Power is of creation, not of destruction. Yet creation and destruction are two sides of the same continuum as are hot and cold, darkness and light. Seeing in wholeness includes seeing the opposites that seem to exist at these two ends of the same spectrum. If the new way of seeing the Self just spoken of—seeing the Self as being in relationship—is key to creating a new world, how does this relate to the seeming opposite of creation? How does this new way of seeing relate to destruction? Does creation of the new have to include destruction of the old?

34.2 Creation simply does include destruction in much the same way all includes nothing. Without relationship, all and nothing are the same. In relationship, the difference between all and nothing is everything. So too is it with creation and destruction. Without relationship, creation and destruction are the same. In relationship, the difference between creation and destruction is everything.

34.3 Relationship is needed to create difference. However, relationship with everything creates sameness—or the very oneness in being that we have been talking about.

34.4 The wholehearted desire that is upon you now is the desire to know and experience this oneness of being in relationship rather than the difference of being in relationship—the wholeness of being in relationship rather than the separation of being in relationship.

34.5 This wholehearted desire can be fulfilled in you—it is being fulfilled in you. As it is fulfilled in you, you will create a new world—a world based on sameness rather than difference. You have faced and admitted your willingness to leave striving for specialness and differences behind. Now you need only realize that your wholehearted desire has made it so and begin to see and create this change in the world around you.

34.6 This is your world and your experience. This is your life and your experience of life. Now you must believe that you are its creator and powerful in your relationship to it.

34.7 If you do not make real your power, you will experience yourself as powerless. If you experience your being as powerless, you are negating the power of God who is one in being with you.

34.8 Thus we continue to draw to the close of our time together by asking each other to experience our power—the power of sameness of being. Are you willing to experience the power of God? To let it flow through you? Realize how many have said no to this request. Realize the importance and the power of your willingness to say yes.

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