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33.1 As we begin to speak of power, we must return to the initial idea put forth in “A Treatise on the New”: That all are chosen. To embrace an idea of some having power while others remain powerless is to embrace an idea laden with conflict. The power of God exists within everyone because all are one in being with God. And yet this power cannot be used. It can only serve. What does it serve? The cause of holy relationship.

33.2 Relationship is the interconnective tissue that is all life. The answer of how to respond to each and every relationship—and remember, here, that situations and events are relationships too—lies within your own being. Being in relationship. This is what you are and what your world is. Being in relationship.

33.3 All relationship is holy because it is within relationship that being is found and known and interacted with. Relationship is thus the route or access to being and being the route or access to relationship. One cannot exist without the other and thus both are one in truth. This is the divine marriage, the divine relationship of form and being.

33.4 While these may seem like simple words, or like a theory being proposed, these words are at the heart of the new way of seeing yourself—a way of seeing that will create a new world.

33.5 Say to yourself, as you confront the events and situations of your world, that you are being in relationship. It is to your being that the people, places, events and situations that make up your world appeal. It is in your response that who you are being is revealed.

33.6 You are being a who. Your who is your individuated Self. But your who is also your representation of being. The two becoming one—the individuated Self becoming one in being—is the aim toward which we have journeyed together.

33.7 You might think of being as what you are, and responding as who you are. You have been told that these words are being given to you so that you do not respond to love in the same way again. This wording may make love sound as if it is an event, something that comes to you or happens to you. Yet if relationship and being are one, and you are one in being and different in relationship, what is being said is that being and relationship are of one piece, one whole, and that whole is love. In other words, every relationship, everything that comes to you, every event, every situation, is of being, which is God, which is love.

33.8 How, then, do you respond? If you respond as who you truly are, you respond with love. Love is the only response.

33.9 Yet the response of love can look as different as the events, situations, people, and places that populate your world. How can this be? And how can you look at each event, no matter how horrific, as a response of love?

33.10 The only way that you can do this is by always knowing and never forgetting who you are. You are being in relationship: The creator of events as well as the experiencer of events, the creator of relationship as well as the relationship itself. You either know this or you don’t. It is not about “believing” that this is so, but knowing that this is so. It is when you know that this is so, and you also know who you are, that you know with certainty that the only response is love.

33.11 All relationship is with love because all relationship is with God, who is one in being with you.

33.12 Being is power. Relationship is powerful. In other words, relationship is the expression of power—all the different expressions of power. In the time of Jesus, the powerful were seen as being blessed by God and the powerless as not being so blessed. This way of seeing has gone much unchanged. All are powerful. But, since all are powerful only in relationship, your relationship to power must be realized. Those who are powerful have realized their relationship to power. Those who see themselves as powerless have not realized their relationship to power. They have not made it real and so it has not served them.

33.13 And yet, since no one can exist outside of relationship and relationship is where power is expressed, everyone does have a relationship with power. Power is one in being with each and every one of us. Every single individual has within them the power to affect, change, or recreate the world. Every single individual does so to the extent to which they realize their power. A baby realizes the power of its cry within moments of being born. Many a teenager develops full realization of the power of their independence. In other words, you each have claimed some type of power for yourself, some means of exerting that power, which is the same as saying some means of individuating the Self.

33.14 This is the power of being. The power to individuate the Self. The power to be who you are. This is power and the source of power. This is the force of creation, the only true power.

33.15 But again, despite that we each hold the power of creation within us, it is only in relationship that it is expressed and that we become powerful. To realize that you are in relationship with everything and everyone all of the time, is to realize the full extent of your power. You cannot realize that you are in relationship with everything and everyone all of the time and retain the desire to use your power. This is impossible. The realization that you are in relationship with everything and everyone all of the time is the realization of oneness and unity, the realization that you are one in being, creator and created. This is a realization that only comes of love because love is the only “condition” of union.

33.16 Thus when you realize your relationship to all, you are all powerful.

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