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26.1 It has been said that you are the source and the power of coming to know and making known. It naturally follows, then, that you are capable of self-guidance.

26.2 Let us talk a moment of the concept of guidance. When you have sought guidance, you have sought because you have not known. You have sought externally because you have not known of a source of internal guidance. You have been guided by teachers, counselors, and leaders of all kinds, through words spoken and read, through dialogue, through example. If you had known, you would not have sought guidance. Thus your idea of guidance is likely to hinge upon this concept of the unknown.

26.3 Now let’s speak a moment of the Self as guide. This simply means that you turn to the Self as the source of coming to know of the unknown. While simple, this idea can be expanded upon.

26.4 A guide shows the way, creates movement, gives direction. These things too the Self can do if allowed to do so. The Self will guide you if you will allow it to. Your Self will lead you down from the mountain top and through the valleys of level ground. There is no other guide. We are One Self.

26.5 You can trust in your Self. Will you? By tending your garden you will develop this trust and prepare for your descent to level ground.

26.6 Your self-guidance can be thought of as an internal compass. It will not necessarily know the answers as each answer is sought, but if paid attention to, it will show you the way to knowing.

26.7 This alchemical transition, this passing of the unknown into the known, this moment when the unknown becomes the known within the Self, is the birth of creation. It is the culmination of all that has come before, the All of Everything realized in a single heartbeat, a single instant of knowing. This is the One Self knowing itself. This is not knowing that comes with a great ah ha, but knowing that comes with the awe of reverence. Creator and created are one and the homecoming experienced is that of union.

26.8 Self-guidance is the propulsion, the fuel, for the One Self to know itself. You are ready to be so known.

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