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A Course Of Love

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25.1 Emptiness of mind will now be something that may seem to plague many of you. Where once the mind was searching, yearning, questioning, now it is likely to become still. From the stillness comes its emergence as what it is.

25.2 You need not be content within this stillness, however. As it envelopes you, there is a part of you that will fight back. If there is nothing new to record, nothing new to learn, no new divine inspiration, a part of your mind will attempt to create from this nothingness. Allow this to happen. Allow the stillness when you can. Allow the mind to fight back when you cannot. Resist nothing.

25.3 You are not what you once were. You need not guard against an over-zealous ego-mind. Your ideas in this time may sound crazy, even to your own ears. Let them come. Your feelings may be confused in one moment, crystal clear in the next. Let them all come. Your thoughts will slip from the sublime to the mundane. Let them come.

25.4 You need not, in this time, seek either questions or answers. You need rather, in this time, to come into the practice of letting the new come. It is in the new pattern of stillness combined with non-resistance that the new will come.

25.5 Rather than a time of questions and answers, you might think of this time as a time of sorting and culling. Become used to letting what comes to you come to you without judgment. Let it come. Enjoy your silly thoughts as much as your wise thoughts. Let go your resistance to thoughts that seem of the old pattern. That you know they are of the old pattern is enough. Let them come. Let them go.

25.6 When feeling reflective, sort and cull. Do not do this with an attitude of looking for something. What has come has already come. It does not require seeking. Be a gardener in such times. Separate the harvest from the weeds. Do this as much by rote as you would weed a garden, recognizing that you know the harvest from the weeds. Think of yourself as stockpiling this harvest. It is not yet time for the harvest celebration. It is, rather, a time for gathering.

25.7 This is a time of preparation, not a time of waiting. What you need to know now cannot be gathered except by your own hands. It cannot be sorted except by your own will. I remind you not to attempt this as a task to which you apply the mind or the question of “What am I looking for?” You are looking for nothing. You are tending your garden.

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