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A Course Of Love

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23.1 Forget not that who you are is what you are here to make known and thus you must be a being who knows love without fear, joy without sorrow, and life-everlasting. You must be this. A Course of Love gave you the understanding you needed in order to realize that you are this. The Treatises gave you a way to apply this understanding. This dialogue is meant to give you the means to carry what you have been given.

23.2 As air carries sound, as a stream carries water, as a pregnant woman carries her child, this is how you are meant to carry what you have been given. What you have been given is meant to accompany you, propel you, and be supported by you. You are not separate from what you have been given, and you do carry what you have received within you.

23.3 As we spoke earlier of being a channel, today we speak of being a carrier. Your instruction has been given. Now the task before us is to come to understanding of the means by which you will carry what you have been given down from the mountain and onto level ground, the ground of the earth, the place where you are connected and interconnected to all that lives and breathes along with you. We are coming metaphorically and literally out of the clouds, out of the illusion, surrendering the mist that was all that separated one world from another.

23.4 The clouds of illusion, even those that have gently surrounded our time together on the mountain top must now be surrendered, much as a woman surrenders her body to the growth of a child within. This is a willing but not an active surrender. It is a surrender to the forces that move inside of you. It is a knowing surrender to the unknown. It is a willingness to carry the unknown into the known and the known to the unknown.

23.5 Surrendering to the forces that move inside of you is surrendering to your own will. It requires full acknowledgment that you hold within yourself a will to know and to make known. This will is divine will, your will, Christ-consciousness. It is alive within you. All that is required is that you carry it with awareness, honor, willingness. From this will the new be birthed.

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