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22.1 If we have spoken little of channeling here, it is only because you have been coming to know yourself as channels without the need for these words. Now we must speak of this, however, for there is a confusion that can occur in regards to channeling. Yesterday we spoke of teachers being channels during the time of learning. It was also noted that you realize that all of life is a channel. There is a big difference between seeing a teacher as a channel, all of life as a channel, and the Self as a channel or channeler.

22.2 Let’s look at the idea of channeling as simply an idea of expressing, but an idea of expression that is given and received, received and given. When the word channeling has been used in reference to spirituality, it has often been used to indicate an intermediary function. The channeler was perhaps seen as a mediator between the living and the dead or the world of spirit and the world of humanity. This idea separated the living and the dead, the spiritual and the human into two states, states that could—at their most basic levels—be seen as known and unknown states. The teacher in the example used was also an intermediary with the separation being between the known and the unknown. Thus, a channel could be seen as that through which the unknown moves into the state of knowing. This is the way in which life itself can be seen as a channel. Since the first transition involves realizing that you are the expression of the unknown and the only means of the unknown becoming known, it is important to discuss this in as many ways as possible to make this idea clear to you. You are life, and you are also surrounded by living forces channeling to you constantly.

22.3 Channeling, in the commonly understood spiritual sense, can either promote a sense of separation or a sense of unity. The sense of separation comes when the channeler is seen as having something unavailable to everyone rather than being seen as a means to provide, or channel, availability to everyone. What each person channels is unique and only available through their expression. The availability is there for everyone. The means of expression is there for everyone. What is expressed is different because it is a combination of the universal (what is available) with the individual (what is expressed). Whether one chooses to avail oneself of the channeled or expressed universality of another is a choice and another indicator of the uniqueness of channeling. The universal is everything. The channel is what, from among everything, is allowed reception and expression. Some will find many avenues of channeling available to them, both through themselves and through spiritual channels, without realizing that both are the same because both require a choice, a choice to allow entry or union. In this choice, the universe (what is available) is channeled through the expression of (individual) desires.

22.4 Every choice is thus a means of channeling. It is taking the infinite number of experiences or information available and channeling only what one desires to know. Thus, it is prudent to repeat once again, that you are the expression of the unknown and the only means of the unknown becoming known. You, in other words, are the channel, the conduit, of the unknown becoming known. What you choose to know and how you choose to know it is an act of channeling.

22.5 There is also, however, the idea of a channel as a passage to take into consideration. This we have spoken of previously as your access to union—as a place or state of consciousness through which your awareness of unity passes through your self of form. It is clear, when looked at in terms of process, that there is no intermediary function involved in channeling, but a function of union. This is the very function that you have waited to have revealed to you, the function you have known you are here to fulfill, the function of direct union with God.

22.6 It does not matter that everyone’s function is the same because no one expression of this same function produces the same results. No one who is in union with God is in union with the known. Yet it is as if through this union you have learned a great secret that you long to share. But what is it? And how do you share it? How do you convey it? How do you channel it? Through what means can you express it? Can you put it into words, make it into images, tell it in a story? You will feel as if you will burst if you cannot share the union that you touch when you fulfill your function of direct union with God. How do you let it pass through you to the world?

22.7 The most simple, direct, and uncomplicated answer is that of living love. The simple answer is that you must express the unknown that you have touched, experienced, sensed, or felt with such intimacy that it is known to you because the knowing becomes real in the making known. It is the only way it remains real. You know union in order to sustain and create union by channeling the unknown reality of union into the known reality of separation. You realize that you know the unknown and you desire to make the unknown knowable. You realize that you have known a place where nothing but love exists, where there is no suffering, no death, no pain nor sorrow, no separation or alienation. You sense that if you could fully express this place of union, if you could abide there, if you could share this place in an aware and conscious state, that you would bring this state into existence in the reality in which you exist.

22.8 This awareness of union with God is what is now within you awaiting your expression. Awareness of union with God exists in everything. It is there in every tree and every flower, in every mountain stream and every blowing wind. It is there in each and every human being. It is now time to quit acting as if it is not. It is time to be a channel for the awareness that exists in every tree and every flower, in each mountain stream and in the blowing wind. It is time to be a channel for the awareness of union with God that exists in every living being.

22.9 This awareness is what we have been calling Christ-consciousness, but what you call it now matters not. All the words that have been expressed here, that say so many similar things in so many different ways, are words that are simply calling you to realization of your union with God and to the new world you can create once you accept and make real this union.

22.10 You might think of yourself as a channel through which union with God is expressed and made real here and now. There is no other time. There is no “higher” self waiting to do what only you can do. There is no one else who knows what you know the way you know it or who can express the unknown in the way that you can express it. The unknown can only be made known through reception and expression. Call it what you will for what you call it matters not. Throw out all the words that express the unknown in ways that you would not, and find your own. Each way is needed.

22.11 Remember only the feeling that a place of union exists in which you know God, in which you know love, in which you know of joy without sorrow, and life everlasting. This is the great unknown that you can make known.

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