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A Course Of Love

Hang on a sec…

20.1 Now we begin preparation for your transition to level ground. We depart even farther here from the guidance you have relied upon so that you begin to rely more and more fully on the truth of this dialogue.

20.2 You have realized now your relationship with the unknown and ceased to fear it. You are, perhaps, even eager now, to move beyond the known to the unknown. You are perhaps eager without fully realizing that this eagerness symbolizes a true ending—an ending within you and within your reality—an ending within your conscious awareness. A true end of learning.

20.3 This is the first transition, the transition in which you really “get it” that the unknown cannot be taught, laid out on a map, or shown to you by another.

20.4 When you read what has been written here, you perhaps think this is a contradiction, for surely you have been told much here that you did not previously know. This isn’t quite accurate however. What has happened here is that words have been put on the feelings and remembrances that you have within your minds and hearts and have been sharing in this dialogue. The way of saying this perhaps is new, but the way of saying this is the expression of the human being receiving it. The way in which you are hearing and responding to these truths is perhaps new, but that way too is of the human being receiving it, in this case, you.

20.5 The truth is the truth. It doesn’t change. It is the same for everyone.

20.6 What, then, is the unknown? The reception and expression of truth.

20.7 This is why you can “know” while always coming to know. Why you can know yourself and constantly be coming to know. The only thing there is to know is the One Self in its many expressions. You are the known and the unknown. Everything is both the known and the unknown.

20.8 You are the expression of the unknown and the only means of the unknown becoming known.

20.9 In other words, all the truth and all the wisdom that is available but unknown to you, takes you to make it known. And if this is the only way that the beauty, truth, and wisdom of the One Self can be made known, then you are the source and the power of coming to know and making known.

20.10 Apply the art of thought to this idea and you will complete the first transition.

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