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15.1 When you fully realize that sharing is necessary you will have entered the dialogue. When you have fully surrendered to the fact that you can’t come to know on your own you will have entered the dialogue. When you fully accept that the voice of the one can be heard in the voice of the many you will have entered the dialogue. When you fully realize that you are in-formed by everything and everyone in creation, you will have entered the dialogue.

15.2 To inform is to make known. Thus you can be made known by everything and everyone in creation just as everything and everyone in creation can be made known by you. We have just spoken of the unknown and your willingness to accept your relationship with it in order for you to come to know it. The unknown and the known exist together in everything and everyone. Thus your willingness to be made known and to know exists alongside your willingness to embrace the unknown.

15.3 The spirit that animated all things is the spirit that is in all things and that is the great informer. As you are more fully able to maintain Christ-consciousness you begin the movement away from being observed to being in-formed by the spirit which animates all things. You begin the movement away from observing to informing.

15.4 How can the invisible be observed? From within Christ-consciousness, you begin to be able to know and to make known without observation or observance of the physical. This occurs through your relationship with the unknown. You begin to be informed by what is without any regard for your level of understanding or knowing. You do this by taking what is into your spacious form rather than observing it as separate from you.

15.5 Previously, what you did not observe, or see, was not real to you. Through the practice of observance of the physical and the obvious, you began to be able to see beyond the physical and the obvious to what could not be observed physically. This practice had two purposes. The first purpose was the establishment of a new kind of interaction and relationship between observer and observed. The second purpose was your preparation to move beyond observation.

15.6 It has been in the relationship of observation that you have interacted with all other life forms as well as with inanimate forms. In the relationship generated by observation, those forms have been perceived as real. That observation produced the solidity and mass of the forms you observed. Yet it is the spirit that animates form that is real. Informing could be understood as making the spirit known in the form of physicality. It is not simply the bringing of spirit into form but the making known of spirit in form. What you made known through judgment-free observation was but the precursor to what is made known through informing.

15.7 The difference between simply bringing spirit into form and making spirit known through form is the difference for which the time has come. The observation you have practiced has prepared you to move from observation to informing and being informed.

15.8 The animation of form with spirit is an ongoing aspect of creation. It is thus not time bound. It did not take place at the birth of creation and then cease to be. It did not take place at the birth of the body and then cease to be. It is not about life and making form alive but about spirit and informing spirit. It is about making spirit known through the form of physicality.

15.9 In practicing observation without judgment, you learned to be neutral observers. Being neutral observers allowed cause and effect to occur naturally rather than having your judgment alter natural cause and effect. This practice will continue to serve you and will not be replaced, but supplemented by the new practice of informing, until the practice of observation is no longer needed.

15.10 This is the new realm of power that few in physical form have practiced and that has never been practiced by many at one time. It is a major shift because it is not neutral but creative. It is of creation and can only flow through those who have mastered neutral observation because the intent of creation, rather than the intent of the observer, is the creative force, the animator and informer. Yet informing is a quality of oneness and thus the joining of the self with the spacious Self in oneness and wholeness must precede this step. This power cannot be misused because it is unavailable to those who have not realized their oneness with the creative force. Thus while it is not the self who informs and is informed by the creative force, it is the Self joined in union with the creative force that informs and is informed. In other words, in union there is no distinction between the Self and the creative force of the universe, the animator and informer of all things.

15.11 Engaging in dialogue with those who join you on the mountain top is necessary to this next step. One reason is that it allows a starting point for your practice. While it is possible to practice observance in every situation, it is necessary to practice the ability to inform and be informed with others who have reached this level of neutrality along with you. This is why observation is not being replaced. Observation is needed until this level of neutrality is reached by a much greater number. This greater level of neutrality will not be reached until those who are the forerunners have practiced and mastered this interaction with the creative force long enough to realize their oneness with it. While there is division remaining between the self and the spacious Self, the self and the creative force, you remain in the state of maintenance rather than sustenance of Christ-consciousness. This is an acceptable state for this time of limited practice with those with whom you are engaged in this specific mountain top dialogue. It is not an acceptable state for full-scale interaction with the world. Although this power cannot be misused, to have access to this power in one instance and not another as you move in and out of the state of Christ-consciousness will not serve the purpose of creation.

15.12 What does it mean to practice informing and being informed? It means to join together with others who have the ability to maintain Christ-consciousness in your company. This creates the joining together of spacious Selves. It is a joining without boundaries. You become clear pools flowing into each other. You make your spirits known.

15.13 This cannot be explained in great detail, which is why it must be practiced. It is to your own authority only that you must appeal for guidance. The first step is to access your own readiness. Are you able to be a clear pool? If not, what prevents you? Do not be too hard on yourself now, for as has been said, the stones within your pools are like flecks of sands within the ocean. Observe these stones with neutrality and see if they do not wash away. Your willingness to have them gone is all that is required. If doubts of your readiness continue to persist, remember that doubt is caused by fear. Examine what you fear. Is it really the stones within your pool, or is it the challenge of moving with the current that you know will be generated by the joining of spacious Selves? Do you fear your power even though you have been told it cannot be misused? Do you feel unworthy and seek to keep your unworthiness hidden? Do you still fear being known?

15.14 If so, enter the dialogue with the purpose of your final preparations in mind. Bring your fears into the light of oneness and see how the light dispels the darkness. This is what we are here for. There is no time to waste and no protracted length of time will be required if your willingness is true.

15.15 You are here to make one another known and in so doing to know oneness. It will be less difficult to know this voice as the voice of oneness once you have listened to the voice of oneness in each other and benefited from its healing properties. To heal is to make whole. To make whole is to become the spacious Self. To become the spacious Self is to become ready to be informed and to inform with the spirit of creation.

15.16 This is a very “individual” stage in the creative process. “Group think” does not replace the consciousness of the One Self with the “one group self.” This is not a time of being judged or of adopting the beliefs of others but one of finally conquering judgment with neutrality or acceptance. Allowing others to accept you as you are is a gift that releases them from judgment and any notion that may have remained within them that Christ-consciousness is a form of “group think.” Never will you feel more like an individual than when you are made known through the informing of spirit!

15.17 Realize how necessary dialogue is. Many resist this stage of development because they feel they have achieved inner knowing. They may still consider themselves to be capable of growing and changing, but feel, in a certain sense, that it is unnecessary. They have achieved a goal consistent with their concept of inner knowing and mistaken this as knowing the Self. Movement is necessary to know the Self. The on-going informing or animation of the physical with the spiritual is just that—on-going. The easiest way of all to slip from knowing to not knowing is through stagnating in a “known” place. To cease to accept the unknown is to cease to come to know.

15.18 Entering the dialogue keeps you in constant contact with the unknown and with unceasing coming to know.

15.19 You thus are not to come together as the known but as the unknown. You dialogue about the unknown, not the known. By keeping in constant contact with the unknown you stay in constant dialogue for you have not claimed a knowing that disallows coming to know. You are in dialogue because in dialogue, coming to know is a fluid exchange.

15.20 Imagine the current of the energy, or clear pools of the spacious Selves, coming together. This current washes some stones clean and washes others away. It changes the clear pool by dredging up sediment that has settled on the bottom. As the clear pool merges with the current of other clear pools it is able to change directions, see new sights, gain new insights. While this is only an initial, or practice stage of movement, it is obvious that movement will always be needed for the clear pool to not become a stagnant pond.

15.21 To be engaged in dialogue with certain others is different than entering the dialogue, but entering the dialogue is not different than engaging in specific dialogues. This is so because entering the dialogue is an all-encompassing state in which everything and everyone interacts with you through the exchange of dialogue. While you are asked to promote wholeness and the sustainability of Christ-consciousness with others sharing this specific means of coming to know with you, you are not asked to disregard any other means of coming to know or to see any others differently than you see those with whom you are engaged in this specific dialogue for this specific purpose or practice.

15.22 However, knowing that you have entered the dialogue does not mean that you will not have an awareness of those who would infringe upon, rather than join with, your boundary-less state. You must but remember that those who still have boundaries have a need for those boundaries. Thus you are not depriving them of anything when you slip into observable states of being. There is a purpose for this time in which both informing and observing, being informed and being the observed coexist. You must respect the boundaries of those who are still in need of them and not offer more than can be received. This is why practice among those who are ready to be boundary-less and spacious Selves is appropriate and acceptable.

15.23 To practice, as to inform, is to make known. To practice, as to inform, does not mean, however, that you know nothing. Practice is the merging of the known and the unknown through experience, action, expression, and exchange. It alters the known through interaction with the unknown. It allows the continuing realization that what you knew yesterday was as nothing to what you know today, while at the same time, aiding in the realization that what you come to know has always existed within you in the realm of the unknown that also exists within you.

15.24 While you have not been asked to remove yourself from life during this time on the mountain, you have been asked to be here and to join with others here for a purpose. As such, this time is also a beginning to the practice of realizing and being able to accept a certain duality. Without necessarily realizing it, your consciousness has been in two places at once without being divided. As you re-enter life on level-ground, this ability to carry an undivided but spacious consciousness with you will be paramount and will have many practical as well as spiritual applications.

15.25 One of the practical aspects has just been discussed—that of engaging in dialogue with some and entering the dialogue with all. This is a demonstration of levels of consciousness at work. It is important to be able to hold the spacious consciousness of the One Self and also to be able to focus—to not exclude while also making choices about where your attention is given. Just as you respect the boundaries of those who are still in need of boundaries, you also must respect your own boundary-less space.

15.26 As you engage in dialogue as the spacious Self and are made known, your purpose here will become more clear. Thus your ability to embrace all while focusing on your own purpose in being here, will begin a new process of individuation. The distinctness of your own path will be made visible and you will see that it may be quite different from the others with whom you are coming to know, and perhaps quite different than you thought it would be. You will be shown that you can enter the dialogue with all and still focus, or place your attention, on areas that might not interest others in the slightest.

15.27 You may, thus, find that there is a time of walking alone approaching, or a time of gathering with many. You will realize that you have felt cocooned by the time on the mountain and by those who have joined you, and that you may have grown less eager to strike out on your own. You may have thought the joining being done here was the joining with a specific group rather than a joining with yourself and with all. This fallacy needs to be brought to your attention now so that as you join in true spaciousness with those coming to know along with you, you do not create false ideas concerning what this is about.

15.28 Remember that this journey has not been about becoming self-less but about realizing your true identity. We have now debunked your myths about your true identity being an idealized form of the self. Now are you ready, through your ability to view your own Self as well as that which you observe with a neutrality that embraces the unknown as well as the known, to reclaim your Self and your purpose here.

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