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A Course Of Love

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12.1 Now we listen to feelings. Now we listen to feelings and understand what they have to say to us. Now we listen with a new ear, the ear of the heart. Now we recognize the thoughts that would censor our feelings, calling them selfish, uncaring, or judgmental. We examine. And we realize it is our thoughts and not our feelings that are selfish, uncaring, or judgmental. We realize this because we realize the sacred space we have become. Our space is the space of unity. It is the space of ease because thoughts are no longer allowed their rule.

12.2 Imagine the air around you being visible and your form an invisible space within the visible surroundings. This is the reality of Christ-consciousness. Consciousness may seem to be embodied by form but the reverse is true and has always been true. The body is now ready to know that it is embodied, enclosed, surrounded, taken up, by consciousness. It is your feelings that now will be the sense organs of this spaciousness. Not feelings of sight or sound, smell or touch, but feelings of love of Self. Feelings of love of Self are now what hold open the space of the Self, allowing the space to be.

12.3 The merging of form with Christ-consciousness is this merging of the Self with the unconditional love of the One Self. The One Self loves Its Self. There is nothing else to love. The One Self is the All.

12.4 The space of the One Self is everything. Space is neither divided nor separated nor occupied by form. Space is all that is. Christ-consciousness is the space of all that is.

12.5 Navigating this endless space as an expression of love is the simplest thing imaginable. All you must do is listen to your Self. Your Self is now a feeling, conscious space, unhindered by any obstacles of form.

12.6 When an obstacle of form, be it human or material in nature, seems to present itself, all you must do is remind yourself that space has replaced what was once your self of form. Feel the love of the space that is you. All obstacles will vanish.

12.7 All obstacles of form are only real in the world of form, a world that is perceived rather than known. Christ-consciousness replaces perception with knowing, form with space.

12.8 Not all forms will be met as obstacles. Forms are only as real as the perceiver perceives them to be. Thus your space will effortlessly join with the space that is free and open to joining. There is no boundary between space and space. There are only perceived boundaries. When a perceived boundary is perceived as solid, it is an obstacle, for it has no space available for joining. What is a boundary to a perceiver is met as an obstacle by the spacious Self. Obstacles need not be avoided for space encompasses all obstacles, making them invisible. The mind would say that making obstacles invisible is uncaring. The spacious Self knows no obstacles for it knows no uncaring. It knows only love for the One Self. It feels the obstacle but does not know it. The feeling that is the sense organ of the spacious Self then remembers its spaciousness and calls upon it. The obstacle is thus enfolded in the space, becoming one with it. The perceiver knows not of the enfolding but feels no hurt nor lessening of spirit by becoming invisible within the space. The solidity of the perceiver is, in this manner, deflected from the One Self, becoming not an obstacle. The open space of the perceiver who sees not with perception only, and holds not his or her boundaries solid, is joined rather than deflected. The open perceiver may or may not know of this enfolding, but may realize a sense of comfort or of safety, a feeling of love or of attraction.

12.9 Non-human obstacles have no need of being deflected for their boundaries have not been made solid by perception. A seeming obstacle of non-human form is easily enfolded in the space of the One Self and can be moved or passed through.

12.10 This is joining in relationship.

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