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A Course Of Love

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7.1 What does the idea of only now coming to acceptance imply but that you were previously unaccepting? And what does being unaccepting imply but the very denial of yourself that you have come to see as your former state?

7.2 Denial of yourself was the precondition that set the stage for the time of learning. The time of learning would not have been needed had you not denied your Self. When you saw yourself as separate and alone, you could not help but suffer fear, loneliness, and all the ills that came from the base emotion of fear. Fear is degenerating. Nothing about fear is life giving. You thus were given life only to have it become degenerated by fear.

7.3 Acceptance of your Self is the precondition for the time of acceptance. You are no longer denying your Self. You are no longer denying unity. You have replaced fear with love. Love is life giving and life supporting. There is thus nothing now degenerating about life.

7.4 Life is now supported. Support is thus a condition of the time of acceptance.

7.5 You must realize here that the pattern of learning is now all that is left that can be degenerating to you. While you always were supported, the idea of learning that you accepted during the time of learning was not one of support but one of effort. You must accept, now, that the pattern of learning is an extension of fear and be willing and vigilant in replacing it with a pattern of acceptance. I say this because so many of you still do not feel supported in your daily life. You may feel supported in your spiritual life, in your progress toward full awareness and the elevation of the self of form, but as in the discussion of abundance, you may still feel unsupported in form. Realize now, that this makes no sense when our goal is the elevation of form. If for no other reason, begin to accept this support of form because it makes sense. It is logical. And realize further that love is not opposed to logic but returns true reason to the mind and heart.

7.6 Love replaces fear and is life-generating rather than life-degenerating. Your bodies will thus regenerate rather than degenerate. Love is, of course, not a condition, as it is not an attribute, but the effect of living from love rather than from fear will have a major transformative effect on form in this time of acceptance. Regeneration is a condition of the time of acceptance.

7.7 Another condition of the time of acceptance that will be of great service to you now is that of the different relationship that you will have with time. This is a time of convergence, intersection, and pass-through of the finite and the infinite, of time and no time. Time has not yet ceased to be, but as you are in a state of transformation, so too is it. Again I remind you, as within, so without. As you let go of time’s hold on you, it will let go of you. Time will seem to expand but will actually be contracting into nothingness. Time is replaced by presence, by your ability to exist in the here and now in acceptance and without fear.

7.8 Again let me remind you that you are in an in-between time. Thus these conditions I have spoken of and those I have yet to speak of, are also in an in-between state. They exist along with the new you. They exist in acceptance and union. They do not exist in learning and separation. They exist in love. They do not exist in fear. As with Christ-consciousness, you are moving from a place of maintenance of these conditions to one of sustainability of these conditions. They do not come about from changes in your external circumstances but from changes in your internal perspective.

7.9 The conditions that affect life are conditions that affect the body. Yet it was only your mind’s acceptance of the condition of fear that led the body to exhibit the conditions of fear in the time of learning. Thus it is the mind’s acceptance of love that will lead the body to exhibit the effects of love in the time of acceptance.

7.10 A further condition of the time of acceptance is that of expansion. The singular self you once believed yourself to be was not capable of true expansion and true sharing. The singular self withdrew into its own little world and created its own universe. The elevated Self of form will expand into the world and create a new universe. This condition of expansion is operative now and beginning to find manifestation through the sharing we are doing here.

7.11 Conditions of the time of acceptance are conditions of creation and include those we have already spoken of as movement, being, and expression; and convergence, intersection and pass-through.

7.12 There are many lesser conditions that are nonetheless extremely transformative, such as the replacement of special relationship with the devotion of holy relationship that we have already spoken of. Another replacement is that of control with grace. This occurs as you give up the control you have but thought you exerted over your life and its circumstances, and live in a state of grace, meeting grace with grace by accepting what is given for your regeneration.

7.13 It is easy to see from here how the dominoes fall and each condition of learning is replaced, always by a far gentler and more compassionate alternative. Thus there is no need for me to list every new condition here. As you become increasingly aware of your relationship with union, each of these new conditions and your relationship with each of these new conditions will become clear to you.

7.14 Obviously your relationship or access to union is of supreme importance, since all else will come of this. However, this is not an “if this, then that” situation even if it may seem so. Is the process of breathing an “if this, then that” situation, just because breathing sustains life? Your access to union sustains real life, the life of the Self, and will come to sustain the elevated Self of form in a way as natural to you as breathing.

7.15 Access to unity is a phrase that will only be used in this in-between time. You have always existed in unity and once this is fully realized you will no more need access to unity than you need access to breathing. Unity will be your natural state.

7.16 When your natural state is fully returned to you and sustained within Christ-consciousness, the conditions of the time of acceptance, like the conditions of the time of learning, will pass. There are no conditions in the state of union as there are no attributes to love. The natural created Self is all that is. Reverence prevails.

7.17 There will be, however, a new stage following the time of acceptance in which the elevated Self of form will be created and come into full manifestation.

7.18 And yet what we are concerned about now is the present. It is here, in this present and given time on the mountain that you must realize that the conditions of the time of acceptance, like the conditions of the time of learning, arise from within. Life has always existed within the conditions of the time of acceptance. The conditions of the time of learning were but imposed conditions that also arose from within.

7.19 The conditions of the time of acceptance that we have spoken of are thus not new conditions. They are conditions natural to your Self, to a mind and heart joined in union. It was the disjoining of mind and heart, of the real Self from the ego-self, that created the need for learning and the imposition, from within, of the conditions of the time of learning.

7.20 The condition of the time of acceptance that will most clearly reveal to you your status in regard to maintaining or sustaining your access to union will be that of the replacement of doubt with certainty. Certainty is a condition of the present. Realize you may say you are certain of the future or the past but that you cannot make it so. Thus your ability to maintain and then sustain your access to union and thus your certainty, goes hand-in-hand with your ability to live in the present. This ability is also contingent upon your recognition of what certainty really is.

7.21 There is an acceptance of the present that some of you are finding difficult and a false sense of certainty that some of you may be experiencing. Thus these will be the subject of our next dialogue.

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