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A Course Of Love

Hang on a sec…

1.1 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

1.2 I come to you today as co-Creator of the Self you are and the Self you hope to represent with your physical form. I come to you today not as a personal self who is “other” than you, but as a divine Self who is the same as you. In our union we bear the sameness of the Son of God. In going forth with the vision of unity you become as I was during life. You “receive” and you “give” from the well of spirit. You need not prepare or plan, you need only to claim your inheritance, your gifts, your Self.

1.3 What this means in practical terms is that you let the personal self step back and the true Self step forward. Realize that all of your “concerns” are still for the personal self, a self whom you continue to believe can fail to fulfill or live your mission and your purpose. You “see” this failure occurring through ineptness of speech, through inappropriateness of attire, through lack of physical stamina, through lack of intelligence—through lack, in other words, of abilities of the personal self. As long as you “see” such visions, you “see” the pattern of the personal self going forth much as it did before. You do not “see” the new, the new Self of elevated form or the true Self of divine union. You “see” the separated self still “trying,” still “struggling,” still fumbling along. You do not see the natural grace and order of the universe extending into the realm of the elevated Self, the space of the elevated Self. As long as you see in this way, you keep the personal self in the forefront rather than allowing and aiding the personal self in the stepping back that is required in order for the true Self to step forward.

1.4 All of this confusion and struggle is occurring because you do not know what to do to prepare. You have not been convinced that you are done preparing as you are done with learning. You still want to figure out what to do, what comes next, what you need to learn, how to better “prepare” for what is ahead.

1.5 And yet you know that you have been prepared by me, and that in union with me you cannot fail. You cannot fail to be prepared, for you are already accomplished. What will it now take for your mind to accept this truth? For the mind’s acceptance of this truth is what is needed.

1.6 Your heart knows the reality of this truth, knows that this new reality is real and different from the reality of old. Ideally, mind and heart in union together accept this new reality and, with this acceptance, the heart is freed to dwell in the house of the Lord, the new world, the Kingdom that has already been prepared and so needs no preparation.

1.7 This acceptance is crucial to the elevation of the personal self. Without this acceptance the personal self must still struggle and try, prepare and plan. It does not know how to do otherwise. You do not think you know how to do otherwise.

1.8 This is the final surrender. The surrender of the control of the personal self. Even with the ego gone, the personal self can continue to move about within the world, a faceless and nameless entity, a being without an identity, humble and selfless and ineffective. For there must be cause to engender effect.

1.9 These anti-ego tendencies are a real danger in this time. You are not called to selflessness but to Self!

1.10 This is the transition you have felt yourself to be in. The ego is gone but the true Self has not been allowed as yet to dwell within the personal self, thus elevating the personal self. You have thus been self-less for a time and the personal self has floundered from this lack of identity. A person could literally die during this time from lack of identity, lack of cause. To die to the personal self is not what is required any longer as we work instead to elevate the personal self. This elevation occurs through the acceptance of your true identity, not through being identity-less. The reign of the ego began during just such a time of identity-less-ness. You cannot go on in such a way.

1.11 Help is here. Be what you have been called to be. Open your dwelling place to your true Self, your true identity. Imagine this opening and this replacement occurring with every fiber of your being. Imagine the separate self being enfolded, embraced, and finally consumed—taken into the Self of union. The body of Christ becomes real through this indwelling of Christ in form.

1.12 This thought makes you worry about the identity of the one you have called yourself. This has been the purpose of many renaming ceremonies that symbolize the release of the old and the acceptance of the new. This occurs in one form or another in the sacraments you have known as Baptism, Confirmation, and Marriage. Each of these invite a new identity. So, too, do we invite a new identity now. While these sacraments have largely lost their meaning, the sacrament I now call you to restores meaning. Since new names are only symbols of new identities, renaming is not required or expected here. We go beyond what can be symbolized to what can only be known within. It is to this state of grace that I call you now, today: The state of grace of the newly identified child of God.

1.13 Open your heart, for the one who dwells there in union with all will emerge from this opening. What was once a tiny pinprick of light becomes a beacon as you open your heart and allow your true identity to be what is, even within your form. You are in grace and union with the Source and Cause of unity. Be no longer causeless. You and your Source are one.

1.14 I am no longer the personal self who was separate and alone.
I am my Christ Self.
I dwell in unity.
My identity is certain.
This is the truth.

I am not less than I once was, but more.
Where once I was empty, I now am full.
Where once I dwelt in darkness
I now dwell in the light.
Where once I had forgotten
Now I remember who I Am.

Now I go forth
To live as who I Am within the world
To make cause and effect as one, and
Union with the Source of love and all creation the reality.

1.15 These Dialogues are for everyone because we exist in unity with everyone. No one will be forced to join our conversation. Only those listening will be ready to hear. Only those ready to hear will listen. Remember that you cannot be taught what unity would freely give. The goal is no longer learning. The goal is accepting the identity that has always been yours and that has newly been revealed and returned to your remembrance. To “know” and not accept what you “know” to be the truth is a continuation of the pattern of insanity that must be replaced with a pattern of sanity.

1.16 Insanity is acting as if the truth is not the truth. Sanity is accepting the truth as your reality and acting from that truth. Once the truth has been learned, the nature of untruth remains only as an acceptance of insanity. What I will help you now to do is to reject this insanity and to accept the perfect sanity of the truth.

1.17 This cannot be done through learning, for as you have been told, learning was the means of the separated self’s return to unity. These lessons have been given. They can be reviewed and reviewed again. They can be used as continuing lessons until you feel that learning is fully accomplished. They can serve as reminders as you continue to become the Self you have learned that you are. But further learning is not what will complete the transformation of the personal self to the elevated Self. Learning will not sustain Christ-consciousness.

1.18 So what is it that we will now do? If I do not teach, and you do not learn, what is our continuing means for completing this transformation? As you have been shown, this will not occur by means of preparation but by means of acceptance. This will not occur by means of trying but by means of surrender.

1.19 As you begin this Dialogue, questions naturally arise. You might think that for the receiver, or transcriber, of this Dialogue, this Dialogue may, in truth, feel like a dialogue, an exchange, a conversation, and wonder how you, as a reader of these words, can feel that same way. You can feel that same way by realizing that you are, as you read these words, as much a “receiver” of this Dialogue as she who first hears these words and transfers them to paper.

1.20 Is a piece of music not received by you even when you may be one of thousands or millions who hear it? Does it matter who is first to hear the music? This is, in truth, a dialogue between me and you. Wish not that the “way” of the transcriber of these words were the way for everyone, and think not that to hear “directly” from the Source is different than what you do here. This is thinking with the mindset of separation rather than the mindset of unity. What I say to you here, I say to you. It matters not that I say these same words to many, for you and the many who join you in receiving these words are one.

1.21 These Dialogues begin with prayer to remind you of what you have learned in unity, a learning that has been different from all learning you but thought you accomplished as a separated self. You have achieved an incredible feat by allowing and accepting the state of unity even though you could not learn how to do so. This has been the difficulty with every curriculum that has sought to teach the truth. In order for the truth to be truly learned, you first had to enter a state in which this learning could occur, a state that could not be taught but only accessed through your longing and desire.

1.22 You who have joined mind and heart in unity have returned to a natural state of knowing in which learning is no longer needed. You have now come upon a curriculum that is impossible to learn. No teacher is available for none is needed. And yet many of you still feel what you would describe as a need for continued learning and a continuing relationship with a teacher who will guide you through the application of what you have learned. You dare not, as yet, to turn to your own heart, and trust the knowing that has been returned to you as you begin to live in the reality of the truth.

1.23 This is akin to thinking of a god who exists outside or apart from yourself. If you fully accepted your true identity, you would no longer look outside of yourself for guidance for you would realize that your Self is all there is. We are one body, one Christ. We are One Self.

1.24 Your Self is not the person you have been since birth. Your body does not contain you. What you are going to find happening, as you accept your true identity, is a transference of purpose concerning your body. What once you saw as yourself, you now must come to see only as a representation of your Self. You are everything and everyone. All that you see is you. You stand not separate and apart from anything.

1.25 We are one body.

1.26 Learning accepts that there are those separate from you who know things that you know not. This is not the case. When you fully accept this, you will see that it is true. Like the acceptance of unity that could not be taught, but was the condition of learning, acceptance of your true identity cannot be taught but is the condition necessary for being who you are and the realization that learning is no longer necessary.

1.27 Thus we work now toward acceptance of what you have learned in unity. We work towards your acceptance of sanity and your rejection of insanity. We work together in love and unity for what can only be received in the love and unity in which we truly exist together, as one body, one Christ, One Self.

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